Transfer albums & tapes to CD...can I do this?

schoolbelleJuly 17, 2009

I know this has been covered earlier, but I'm pretty much behind with all the new technology and need some specific advice for the equipment I have.

I've got an old Panasonic Stereo Music System turntable & dual tape deck (SG-D16) with everything working fine but no speakers any more. The system has red and white (R&L) terminals for connecting to a CD player which I've never used with this outfit.

Would it work to buy some sort of CD player/burner combo and connect with what I have to play the old records and tapes and burn them to CDs? If so, any recommendations?

My computer is a Mac with OS-X and iTunes and while it does copy and burn CDs I suppose it would be too good to be true to have some sort of way to directly connect the Panasonic to the USB port of the computer.

My ultimate goal is to backup old records and tapes to CDs or for possibly loading music from these old formats onto an iPod so there may be even newer (better) ways to do this that I've not thought of.

Any help you can give me (in basic, non-techie lingo) would be greatly appreciated!

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> I suppose it would be too good to be true to have some sort of way to directly connect the Panasonic to the USB port of the computer.

Behringer U-CONTROL UCA202 USB-Audio Interface

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THANK YOU! This looks like something that would do it although I'm not understanding how the gadget plugs into the two ports at the back of the old Panasonic (perhaps it just needs another cord with the red and white plugs at each end).

I also did more web searching and came up with the Ion u-Record Music Archiver at Think Geek

I'm not sure how it it too just seems to connect the computer with the old music outfit, but this one seems to need software installed and I'm wondering if it is for more complex stuff than I'm trying to do. Has anyone used this?

As I said before, I'm not very computer savvy (I'm from the old LP era) and appreciate being able to do this without a lot of frills and hassles. Thanks again for any and all input.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ion u-Record

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I checked the info on the Panasonic SG-D16, and it doesn't have "line out" connectors.

It has speaker outputs, and CD "line input" connectors.

Do you have/borrow/ buy (Goodwill, etc) any other LP/cassette stereo system with "line out" connectors ?

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Shoot! I thought I might be on to some solution. Thanks for checking for me. I told you I was electronically challenged! I assumed that by connecting to a CD player/burner that the connection would allow me to do IN or OUT. Perhaps I'd be better off to look into one of those turntables that cable directly into the computer. Thanks again for taking the time to help set me straight...your understanding of this sort of thing is much appreciated!

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yes, the USB Turntables, but then you couldn't transfer Cassette Tapes (if you have any)

ION TTUSB05 USB Turntable

"Documents & Downloads"

Audio Technica AT-LP2DUSB LP-to-Digital Recording System with USB

Under "Support", "Product Literature Search" LP2DUSB
LP2DUSB manuals

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Perhaps my kids are right...I don't have a huge collection, just look for the old songs I like and buy them for download online. I might get more $s into electronics than I would in buying what I want that way. In the meantime I can watch for something at Goodwill that would have "line out". Makes me sort of wonder if technology has gone so quickly from LPs to 8-tracks (think mine all melted in a car window probably) to cassettes to now all this digital stuff where it's going next and how one ever stays up with it all! Thanks again for your help...I was just hoping there might be an easy fix (which I guess there could be if I can find the right old stereo system).

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