Need help making DIY potters wheel

knight2255July 31, 2010

I'm planning on powering the potters wheel with a 3/4hp Frigidaire washer motor. I see on it that it can do 1750, 1150, and 850rpm. Can I wire up a switch that will allow me to change between the three speeds?

Also, the output shaft diameter on my motor is 7/16" and the input on the 40:1 gear reducer is 1/2", how can I hook these up?

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Washer model number ?

or Motor part number ?

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The motor model number is: C68PXGJN-4554

As far as wires, I have white, white/black, yellow, red, and a blue one and then 2 wires that are capped off, they are white/purple and white/orange.
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3/4 HP motor may be too powerful?

The speed may be too fast for a potter's wheel?

What kind of gear box do you have?

I think a potter's wheel may be nice to have continuous variable speed control.

Have you considered using an electric drill to power your potter's wheel?

An electric drill can have continuous variable speed contrl also is reversable.


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I was told anything under 1hp fine for a potters wheel. I will be reducing it down 40 times with the gear reducer. I want to build a 3 way switch so the final rpms would be 20, 30, and 40. Drill won't have enough torque.

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I still think any thing over 1/2 hp is too much power.

I still think you need variable speed (foot control) control to go from o to 250 rpm.

In any case, to couple the motor to the gear drive, you need a universal coupler which will allow you to link the motor without absolutely centering to the drive. You may go cheap and use a short section of thick rubber hose and hose clamps to link the two.
Or you can use pulleys and belt. You can also get variable speed pulleys.


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Forgot to answer a couple of things:

To switch the motor speeds, you may need to find a rotary switch. It is not easy to find a four-position high-current rotary switch.

Or you will need to find a four-position break-before-make high-current push-button switch.

Being working with water all the time, whatever you end up doing, you must plug in a GFP outlet, or you will be in great risk of electrocution.


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I'm a little late to this thread, but I just wanted to add that there's no problem using a 3/4 horsepower motor. Some commercially available potter's wheels use motors rated twice that. As long as you can successfully step down the rpms as you planned, you'll be fine.

A lot of DIY potter's wheels utilize treadmill motors, which are typically at least 1hp or more. The nice thing about treadmill motors is that they are designed for variable speed control.

I have found that the best ones to use are older model treadmills. You can often find them for free, and the older models have simpler speed controls that can be more easily adapted for other purposes. Newer, more expensive models have digital controllers that aren't as DIY friendly.

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Oops, I just realized I'm a LOT late to this thread. Sorry...

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