Weekly Weigh-in, Week of 6/28/09

harold14370June 28, 2009

It's Sunday again, and time for another episode of Weekly Weigh-in. Without further ado, I will proceed to the summary of last week's results.

Harold - Weight 216, lost 2, total lost 59

Silver - Weight 129, lost 0, total lost 26. Showtime on the Beach opened to rave reviews, as Silver soaked up a week's worth of compliments and scarfed up a week's worth of wedding food without gaining a pound.

Eklektos - Weight 140, lost 2, total lost 12. Lost the 2 pounds from last week and got a glimpse of the 130s, but not in time for weigh-in.

Jasmi - Weight 140.8, gained 2.3, total lost 7.2. Jasmi is not worried because she knows, with the confidence that comes from counting calories, the weight gained is not fat.

Betty - Weight 163, lost 1, total lost 17. Just like clockwork.

Helen - Weight 164.4, lost 0.4, total lost 35.6. With splinter removed, Helen is ready to kick it into high gear this week.

This week's result for me:

Weight 214, lost 2, total lost 61

Average calories - Food 1794, exercise 373. Calories creeping up a bit. I'll have to watch.

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Good job again, Harold. It's really great that you can continue to lose 2 pounds a week after all the early weight is gone and your calories have crept up a little. What is your goal weight, again? You must be getting really close now.

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Hi, Eklektos. I still need to lose a couple more pounds to get out of the obese category. To escape the overweight category, I'll need to get down to about 177.

Supposedly, at my current weight. I can eat up to about 2450 calories without gaining, even I were in the light exercise classification, so I should still be able to lose some by eating 1800 calories. Nevertheless, the scale scared me a little bit today by jumping up a few pounds from my weigh-in weight.

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I'm afraid the wedding food caught up to me. Stay tuned for tomorrow's weigh in!!!

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Weight 163.8, lost 0.6, total lost 36 pounds.

I still have about 20 pounds to go and it is taking forever it seems. I feel kind of stuck in place. But hey, why am it b!ching, after all I did lose and not gain. Sometimes I am so anal !! LOL

"With splinter removed, Helen is ready to kick it into high gear this week."

I sure do hope that's the case. I am off to Fall Creek Falls with my friends on an all day hike on Thursday. It is a beeeeutiful place and should be lots of fun.

We are taking along our own lunch, so that will be nice too. I am looking forward to this trip for sure. But I sure wish I had a digital camera to carry with me. Oh well, perhaps next time.

Hang in there everyone and keep on losing !!


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Walk of Shame...

It would be so easy to lie and go strolling off into that golden sunset of success...

But I'm not gonna do it. Stepped on the scale this morning to a 135 shocker.



Guess it's time to stop the party, put down the dessert spoon and dust off my running shoes.

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Silversword--Yowch. That hurts. But in my experience, pounds put on that quickly are often largely water retention and also come off quickly. You'll be back under 130 very quickly, I'll bet.

I was 139 this morning. That's progress. Slow progress, but progress. I admit to hoping for a smaller number because I had seen 138.5 and had stayed on track very faithfully after that point. But I felt smaller, so I took measurements, and sure enough, I have lost fractions of inches on all my midsection measurements in the last week. My waist was 3/4" smaller! I can tell it in my pants and skirts. So, it's going. It does seem like it is taking me forever to fully break into the 130s to stay. Helen, I know just how you feel!

152/139/119 20 more pounds to go here too.

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Good Morning,
I was sort of bummed out when I weighed this morning because I thought I weighed 162 last week and that is what I weighed this morning.
But, when I got here Harold made me happy because I weighed 163 last week. So, I managed to lose 1 pound again this week.

Not earth shaking, but steady. Still can't get back to the treadmill. If I'm not cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry DH's Aunt expects me to sit and entertain her.
I believe that she truly is starting into Alzheimers. Every day she asks the same questions. I had to put a large clock and a calendar where she can see them and check them repeatedly during the day. She has many health problems also. Sad to watch.

But, one thing that has improved immensely is her appetite!!
She is eating me out of house and home! Her being a diabetic has kept me busy trying to find enough of the right kind of foods to give her that will finally fill her up!!. I am scared to see the scales when she gets on them.
Before long there will be 2 people here on a diet!

OK. Back to our weigh-in.

I'm grateful for the 1 lb loss, but would really like to bump it up a notch to be able to wear a bathing suit with the Gkids before summer's end without being ashamed.

Harold, As usual you keep me motivated with your steady progress. Great job with the 2 lbs again this week! My scales always scare me in the afternoon. I will only count what I weigh first thing in the AM. They get too crazy later in the day!!!
I can't remember how tall you are, or if you even told us. I've always been envious of tall people when I am concentrating on dieting. They can carry more weight and don't look overweight because of their height.
Then I think of my poor daughter who took after my Mama and barely stands 5' tall. So, I won't complain!

Silver, We have all been there. If we can't enjoy a special week or so of indulging on special occasions, life wouldn't be any fun. So no shame. Just memories of fun and good food with friends and family.
Soon this bump in the road will be gone.
Glad you had a good time. I'm jealous. I wanna go to the beach NOW!!!! ( I would probably gain 6 or more there!! All of that ocean air gives you an appetite!)

Helen, Have fun on your hike. The splinter incident must be just a memory for you to be ready to take on an all day hike at the Falls. That will definately take off the pounds.

Jas and Ek? How were your weeks? Did we lose Karen and Peg?

I'm still dreaming of those magical 130s.

Have a great day everyone.

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My weigh-in this morning was dissapointing. I was hoping to see something below 137.
But I was 138.

Still aiming for my mini goal 129.

Cheers !!!!

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Jasmi--that's 2.8 pounds below last week's weigh-in. So even though last week was up a little, you're still down at least a half pound. That's not bad at all! It is a loss. And if I remember correctly, your BMI is now below 25, isn't it?

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I was 138.5 last before week.

Last week, I was 140.8, a gain of 2.3 pounds from water retention. I knew it was water retention.

Today , it was 148.

yes, it is a half pound loss. But I usually lose ateast 1 pound after the water retention week.
The reason I did not lose much this week is because of the salty roasted nuts I have been snacking on through out the week. I love roasted pea nuts and have been living on them from past 10 days. I should hide that planter's box from my sight:-))))

yes, my BMI is just below 25 which technically makes me a normal weight person.. Woohooooo.. Thanks for reminding me that, Ek.

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I mean , Today I was 138. it is not a type, a big BLUNDER...:-)))

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If it's true that misery loves company, you will be happy to know that 3 of the lbs I gained after weigh-in have stuck with me. I may be headed for my first plus weigh-in if it doesn't turn around soon.

"Harold made me happy." Women say that to me all the time, LOL.

I recently measured myself at 5'10 1/2" which still seems strange to say because I have been 6'0" all my adult life, or thought so. I'm shrinking. I wish I still were 6' 0" because then I wouldn't be obese any more.

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CONGRATULATIONS to Jasmi for getting her BMI below 25!!!!! That is such a big accomplishment!

Betty, thank you. I need reassurance. :)

Harold... misery does love company, although I'm not gleeful that you may have a poor weigh-in too :( I think y'all were right about the water retention. I stepped on this morning and it was 131. So maybe a lot of it had to do with being dehydrated, riding on planes for hours, climate shock, etc.

Am not motivated to work out. All I want to do is sleep. I think DH will go hiking with me this weekend, which would be a good start to him getting more physically active too. The guy is thin, and works hard, but using your body for yard work is not the same as continuous exercise, IMO. I want to get his endurance up.

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That's good news, Silver. I, too, have dropped a couple of the spurious pounds, and may still break even or better.

Do you want to stick with 135 as your official weigh-in, or are you changing it?

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Well we won't be hiking after all. We had a death in our church family and tomorrow is the funeral. It will be such a sad event. A young man was killed in a bad wreck early this morning on his way to work. He was a passenger in the car that wrecked. The driver is in the hospital in critical condition, but expected to pull through. She was also a member of our church family.

Harold, I find you to be such an amazing man. I so admire you and your tenacity. You are da bomb !! LOL


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Hi Silver

That was water retention. You may have actually gained 1 or 2 pounds from all the food you had ..But it doesn't make sense to gain 6 pounds.:-))

Anyway, cheer up. In no time, you will be back to your 120's. To keep you motivated and put you back on the track, don't start with intense work outs.. Start something like walking for 45 minutes or so for a week and you will be on track in no time. Also , make sure you are counting your calories :-))

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hi guys

I was 137.2 this morning :-)))))))))))))))))))))))

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Helen, my condolences. I am so, so sorry for the family of those children.

Hi Harold,
I stepped on again this morning and was still at 131, so I think I'll keep that as my weigh-in, if I may.

Jasmi, thank you!!! I was getting a bit depressed thinking that if I just went off a little (well, a little more than a little) that I would gain so much, so fast, especially when I still adhered a bit to my diet, for example, even though eating cream pie I would leave the crusts. I only had half the hot dog bun when eating a hot dog. I used mustard instead of mayo.

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I stepped on the scale this morning early since I was up and waiting for the coffe maker to finish gurgling that delicious brown liquid of life and I had a lovely loss. I am not telling how much, but it is really a nice one. (Hugging myself here and grinning like the Cheshire Cat !!)

We attended the funeral and it was huge. There were so many people that they had to park on the lawn surrounding the funeral home and on down the street. The chapel was filled and lots of folks standing. This boy was truly loved by one and all. The boys parents (divorced) hugged each other for the first time in years. Everyone came together in a bond of love for one another and for the boy that died.

It was a beautiful service and the day was beautiful as well. Sunshine and 85º and big billowy clouds in the sky and a breeze blowing. Perfect weather for a perfect send off.


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My condolences for the boy's loved ones. May his soul rest in peace .

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