Is this worth it???

dellasJuly 7, 2007

Have gotten a lot of great advice on the kitchen and bath forums, so thought I'd try here - we are in the midst of a remodel and planning to install a "home theater" in the family room. We are not HUGe audiophiles and are not brand-snobs, but want quality, as we tend to buy electronics every 10+ years (just replaced a 20-year-old bedroom TV). The company suggested:

Sony KDL52XBR2 52" HD LCD TV

Yamaha RXV661BL Surround Recvr

Sony DVPNS90V DVD player

Yamaha CDC697BL CD Changer

Speakercraft BB275 Amplifier

Speakercraft AIM Wall and Ceiling Speakers

Speakercraft BassXDual6 Subwoofer

Any thoughts?? The Speakercraft seems, from this forum, fien for our needs - what about the components (by the way, there's also lots of line surgey things that I don't knwo what they are but assume are important).

If anyone has any recommendations that would be less expensive for the same effect, I'd welcome them!!

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Dont know what your paying so I can't tell you if it's "worth it."

I personally do not like the Sony Bravia TV's. After much comparison in multiple stores putting sets through all types of testing, I find the Samsung to be superior and as a bonus, they're less expensive.

Sony DVD. Again with the Sony. If you're partial to Sony, go for it. The best I can say here is that you'll have similar remotes. I think you'd be better off getting a unit which not only records but can play back the Divx format.

I have the same surround receiver and it rocks! Excellent choice. My cd player is Yamaha as well but older than your model. You wont be disappointed.

I have Paradigm speakers. I have heard of Speakercraft but I've never heard them.

What you've picked would satisfy an audiophile, so you'll be satisfied and you wont have to upgrade any time soon.

I've read in these forums that you shouldn't spend a lot on high end HDMI and fiber optic cables but don't listen to them. I assume you're spending a nice amount on this equipment (I did), don't short change yourself with crappy cables and lose the sound and video quality your paying for. It would be like putting 89 octane into a viper. You just don't do it.

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Thanks - I'm really glad to hear that you're happy with the surround receiver, as that is probably the component that I know least about. I will certainly check out the Samsung TVs - we aren't wedded to any brand and at least the picture quality is something that a novice like me can judge - appreciate it!

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I strongly suggest you find a store that has the atmoshpere that closely resembles that which the TV will reside. Usually stores that sell high end equipment have rooms set up for this purpose. Believe me that it makes a difference with how the set will ultimately look to you. A television will not look the same as it does in Circuit City - unless your home looks like that, lol. Also, all sets on showcase in stores have their settings set unrealistically. Make sure the store lets you make adjustments to the contrast, brightness, color temp, etc.. If they don't let you, then find a store that will. Most stores have the brightness and contrast set as high as they will go, which is ridiculous. You should see make adjustments even if you think the picture looks good, you want to see what the set is capable of. The first thing you should do after installing your television at home is to use a test DVD and adjust the settings for the room.

Good luck.

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Sorry I am not really familiar with Speakercraft, however I do like that television that you mention, the Sony KDL52XBR2 and the Yamaha receiver was also a great choice. Also instead of getting separate speakers why donÂt you get a package like a home theater system? I think that way you might get the products cheaper and better. With the excess money you can get a HD DVD player. It makes the picture quality better and clearer. Also get a wall mount or install the TV in wall because you want to make it look good. I found a site from where I did my last electronics upgrade (last month) which has great products and great services I recommend this site to you. It might actually be worth it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have the 46" Sony that I like a lot but did you know that Sony is coming out with a new line called the XBR4.

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Really? When is it coming out? Besides what is the difference between the XBR2 and the XBR3?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sorry, couldn't resist.

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