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nhsuzanneJune 1, 2004


Hello everyone, back to work and back to reality today. At least for me. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I will check back in today.

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Good TUESDAY Morning!

Thanks for getting us started, Suzanne. Rabbit, Rabbit to you, too! LOL I hope this is the start of a great week for you professionally and personally.

I got into the office at 7:30am. Checked and answered the 6 e:mails I had. Now, I'm just hanging out on the internet and I just don't want to get into budgets and resource allocation. Those tasks do, however, pay the mortgage! LOL

Amy, I hope you get your keyboard fixed. Mine broke several months ago, so I don't have a spare one that I can send you, but I don't think they cost too much. Good Luck! It was great to see you post, despite your setback!

Patti, I'm still concerned about you and Dave. Hope that Memorial Day was not traumatic for him. Please check in and let us know how things are going.

Well, the scale has not moved down, but the way my clothes fit is awesome. I can see the difference in jeans and slacks. It's not my imagination, so I don't give a #&$@( what the scale says.......for now, anyhow! Haaaaaaaa!!

Marci, can you please e:mail me that info for the album again? I got a new laptop here and lost the links.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Back to reality???!!!!! ACK! When did I leave?????

My friend w/ the twins is having a meltdown. I'll be there all day.

Take care!

Amy- Hope to hear from you. What's too carby about WW? There are several options on it. Let's work it out....!

Besh-Can't wait to see the sandals!

DeeMarie- Right! Who cares about the freakin' scale---this week--------------

Jen~ How're the punkins? Did everything go okay?

Raeanne: You can check in now.

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Besh - I want to see those sandals too! Hope you are still feeling good.

I had quite a workout yesterday. We drove to Providence, only took 1 1/2 hours to pack up DD and then off to lunch and home by 5:30PM - less than a 12 hour day, but I was totally exhausted last night. Slept in a little this morning and then off to Aqua Strength.

BJ - you are a good friend and I know you will be a great source of comfort to her.

NH Suzanne - if you didn't see my previous post - I need a restaurant recommendation in Providence (preferably Federal Hill area) from you. I wanted to try to make reservation by tonight, so DD knows what our plans are. I will do an internet search in the meantime.

Rabbit, rabbit didn't even cross my mind today :9(

DeeMarie - My dad is still alive, but since he is in such an advance stage of Alzheimers - it is like he has already passed - and sometimes I find myself thinking of him in the past tense - then I feel guilty about that. He was a very proud WWII veteran too.

I have my 2nd golf lesson tonight!

I will check in later.

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Hi goils!

I'm here, and had a killer post about my vacation and some other things, and then poof!! Off into cyberspace, never to be seen again--

I'll redo it in word, and save it this time--



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Hi, I'm back with a new keyboard! I'm just posting and will have to come back to read more.

I guess with WW, I try to include things like whole wheat bread and skim milk, which is OK, but being a carboholic, the carbs make me hungry. So I can do 1700 cal on a low carb plan, but get hungry on the same amount of calories if that includes a higher amount of carbs. Also I don't lose weight. I used to actually gain weight on 1500 calories when that included bread and canned soup. My metabolism just doesn't work normally. It hasn't for a long time, even before I couldn't exercise. I used to dance and walk for miles and still had the same problem.

My family is coming to visit July 5. Finally, after almost three years. It seems longer. Originally he thought 6 months, and I wondered how I could hold out. For the first year here I would wake up in the night or early morning (2 or 3) and feel so lonely I thought I couldn't stand it. At those times I would have reversed my decision if I could. But I also had prepared myself for it, knowing I would have those times when I wished I hadn't done it.

Now things are better and I have some things in the garden - beans, cherry tomatoes, radishes, green onions, and lettuce mostly. I have zucchini planted, but so far the fruit flies get it before I do.

I'll come back later and read more. It's already noon here and I've accomplished some things, but neglected others. I've been very pressed for time since last December because I got involved in more things. Have a great day, and thank you for thinking of me.


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Hellllllloooooooooooooo, anybody out there???????????????

I was just checking in but the question is where am I checking in?

Hotel California or The Twilight Zone?

I am here. Maddie good to hear from you finally. Do tell about your trip.

Amy, good to hear from you too. You sound upbeat and positive which is always nice.

Raeanne, sorry, I have no recommendations for Providence restaurants. My only choice would be Al Forno's although I am sure there are lots. My guess is that you probably couldn't go wrong picking anyone on Federal Hill.

I am in the middle of deadline and in the calm before the storm so I thought I would see what everyone is up to! Obviously everyone has much more of a life than I do today!

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Hi MADDIE!!!!!!!!!! We missed you, so please give us some news. I just know you have some great stories about your vacation. Please spill the beans.

Amy, it sounds like you know your body better than anyone. Hope you find a plan that's right for you. How wonderful that you are getting some company! Should be fun for you, and we will expect to hear all about it.

Suzanne, hope your week improves. It's only about 48 hours until weekend again. LOL!

Marci, I'm missing you. My youngest DSD has her last choral concert tonight (don't know whether to laugh or cry about that!). It should be sort of sad because, as a Senior, she says goodbye to a wonderful teacher that has been with her for 5 or 6 years. This woman directs the middle school and the high school, so some of the kids are with her for 7 years.

Today, I went into the fitness center to do my circuit training and the scale looked good so I hoppped on it. Says I'm down about 1/2 pound, but what was more amazing to me was this. BEFORE I stepped toward the scale, the trainer said to me "did you lose more weight? you are looking good". Oh boy, I felt good. I told her it was only another 1/2 pound, but she explained that it takes a while for things to settle in with a significant weight loss. So I am holding steady at about a 22 lb loss, and I'm feeling it. Right now, I seriously don't care about the scale, but what the h*ll? LOL!!!

Gotta get ready to leave this office on time so that I can get dinner ready early. We leave for the concert about 7:00.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Everyone sounds SO chipper today!

Amy, good to hear you're going to get a visit! That's very exciting!

NHSuzanne, I was waiting for you to check in before I did! lol! Hope your totals go well this month----PUSH!

Well, I spent yesterday at my girlfriend's with her 2 kids, as well as her twins. She got a nap in and I watched the babies, did laundry, and cleaned the house. Then I took the older kids to the park---much fun! Felt kind of nannyish. But I'm no Mary Poppins. :( Taught the 8- yr old how to use the can opener and cook Spaghettios in the mic, so she could feed herself in a pinch! Next week, CORNDOGS! She's excited---me too! Ended up taking 3 bags of laundry home with me; got that done last night and took it back to her this morning.

Then, picked up the deck wash solution for cleaning my new deck. I have to do that TODAY; we're having 70's weather. Then on Friday, I'll stain the deck myself. The painters wanted a cool grand to do it, so El Cheapo here is doing it herself. Over to the deck forum I go!

Gotta pack my 8 yr old for camp this weekend and I am having my 16 yr old's Sweet 16 party on Saturday. It's ceramic painting, dinner, a movie, and spend the night at our house, then drop everyone off on Sunday. Should be FUN!

Maddie~ Write the book and post it here. We want to relive your vacation with you, sis. Missed you SO much! Glad you're back!

DeeMarie!!!!!!!! WTG!!!!!!!!! I think I found that 1/2 pound you lost! Your muscle is shaping your bod and people are noticing----that's a GREAT feeling!

Raeanne~ Busy girl, you. I'll probably have a dial-up connection in Alaska, but I'm still online! When is your next trip?

Marciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii- How's your "summer" going? Yee-Haw!

Didn't eat much today and came home famished---almost grabbed a peanut butter -n- jelly sandwich, but my conscience said NO! Ate broccoli/ lite pasta/ lite dressing salad instead.


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Hi everyone! I started my summer vacation off with a bang! Or rather a snap, crackle POP! Sunday, I was bending over putting sheets in the dryer and I felt and heard something in my lower back go POP. It brought me to me knees and I couldn't get back up, so I crawled to the nearest chair. My back kept locking up on me when I tried to move, so I stayed there for a few minutes. DH came home and found me on the floor and helped me into the spa. Trouble is I stayed in too long and almost passed out! So I hope this isn't a sign of how my summer is going to go! LOL

I kept moist heat on my back all day Monday and started feeling better yesterday. I ventured out and ran errands, but have basically been taking it easy. I did pick strawberries this morning and I am regretting that move. So I am back to the moist heat.

DeeMarie - Thanks for missing me!! I am so proud of you for that 22 pounds lost! WTG girl!! Now can you "pound" some sense into me?! I have been grabbing whatever is handy to snack on and I am feeling the effect in my clothes. And I haven't been exercising, first due to no time and now to my back. I do hope to start walking again next week at the local track and then ease back into Curves after I am sure my back is strong enough.

BJ - I never did get those pix of you and Maddie. I sent you an email with my new addy, but I wasn't sure if you ever got it. Let me know.

Besh - How did the sandals turn out? Can't wait to see a pic of them. I was so glad to read your positive report on Pete. Thanks for keeping us posted.

I think we all need to submit some new pictures of our summer activities and update the album. How about it girls?

NHSuzanne - You can take your camera with you the next time you ride Sweet Pea and let us see that glorious countryside you are always telling us about.

Maddie - You can give us a pictorial essay of your vacation trip!

Raeanne - You can have someone take a picture of you on the golf course!!

Jen - How are the girls and how did surgery go? We need some new pictures of our favorite "nieces".

Patti - I have another Jodi Picoult book to send your way. How are you guys doing?

Gretchen - I spent some of my B&N gift certificates yesterday and got Perfect Match by Jodi P. Did you get My Sister's Keeper? I saw that but didn't want to duplicate it if you planned on buying it. I am in the middle of a quilting series by Jennifer Chiaverini. I found volume 5 at bargain prices, so I started with that one. Then I found volumes 4 & 6 at the library. Hopefully I will be able to find 1,2 & 3 soon. I hate reading things out of order, but that is the way it goes.

Amy - Glad you got a new keyboard. Your garden sounds wonderful.

I am beginning to stiffen up, so I am going to change positions and put the moist heat back on. DS is gone until the weekend, so I should be able to check back in tomorrow.
Has anyone heard from Joanne, KYSusie or John lately?? I wonder how Joanne's health is.


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Good THURSDAY morning, everyone!

Good to hear from BJ & Marci. I am tired just from reading about there activities.

[[[[[[[[[[[[[MARCI, feel better!]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Last night was that last choral concert for my youngest DSD, and it was touching. She tried to act like it wasn't emotional for her, but I could tell she was feeling the loss. She kept looking around at her friends while she was on stage and smiling at her director. Very different for her; she was really "in the moment" last night. Brought me back to my high school days....wondering why I never joined the choral group there. I love to sing and dance, but perhaps others do not enjoy MY singing and dancing. LOL!

QOD: I tend to snack on pretzels. Now that I can have them on WW, it's not too bad, as long as I count them out...5 nuggets=1 point; 10 nuggets=2 points. I also buy a few baskets of grape tomatoes to keep in the fridge. I love to snack on those, and there are "0" points. Last night, I had half a cuc left over from our salads, so I sliced it up and put into a container so I can snack on them in a pinch.

Gotta run; I'm about 2 days behind in my work here because I've been surfing this 'net too much this week.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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QOD - When I am being good I usually go for a tall glass of OJ or some fruit. When I am being bad, I go for cheese and crackers or nuts.

Amy - I am so glad that your family will be visiting - you must be so excited. Good to hear from you, try to stay in touch more often - we miss you when you aren't here.

Marci - you are now officially the Lady of Leisure (oh well we can dream). I hope your back gets better quickly. I will try to get a photo on the golf course or maybe the clubhouse LOL.

Dee - that sounded like a very emotional night for you and DSD - you are so in-tune (no pun intended) to those girls. I am also behind at work. I stayed 3 hours over yesterday and I am in today - my day off. Your cyberspace singing voice is just beautiful!

NH Suzanne - I thought you might have a suggestion - but we are definitely going to Al Forno's - they take reservations during graduation time - but you have to be willing to forfeit $50 a seat if you are a no-show. Or $100 if you cancel less than 7 days in advance. At least we won't have to wait hours to get in. We decided on Pane e Vino (my 2 favorite things in life) on Fed Hill.

BJ - I wish we were friends when I had my kids - you are a gem!!!

We went to a surprise birthday party for a friend last night - it was kind of funny, since his ex-wife was hosting it - we had a lot of fun, but I ate way too much funky stuff.

Maddie - you are keeping us in suspense - we need to know more LOL.

My 2nd golf lesson wasn't as good as my first. We worked on our swing and the coach was a bear. You can tell he has been a High School coach for too many years. Very demeaning and harsh - talked to us like we were morons and wasted a good chunk of the class. My friend was ready to walk out and demand her money back, but I begged her not to leave me LOL.

I have to get this work done now, will check in tonight.

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Good Morning All,

MARCI!! So good to hear from you. Sorry your back in hurting you. Take care of so it can heal. Sounds like you are keeping yourself plenty busy in spite of your back.

Raeanne, Al Forno's is worth every cent, don't you think? I wish I were joining you I love that place. Sounds like it's time to get a new coach. I dislike people who feel the need to berate in the name of teaching.

I have to run.......more later. I am in the middle of drop dead day.


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Glad to see people checking in! Back later to read agin!

Took Sapphire to the vet today for surgery. She blew her knee out. I cannot believe how expensive this operation is. Now I'm showing my age and background, but in Alaska, when I was growing up, when this happened to a dog, we amputated the leg or put the dog down. Arg-y! She'll be ready for pick up this afternoon or tomorrow. She's worth it, but can I be shocked a little at the advances in pet medicine?

Went to kindergarten orientation today. It was a nice break with good coffee...not to mention the distraction factor!

Now we have a meeting with the landscaper in a a few minutes. I have a few issues and I hate being a heavy---STRESS!

After school, orientation for camp for my 8 yr old.

Tonight, my 16 yr old has a play! I am really looking forward to seeing her on stage. This is her DREAM come true. I think she wants to be in public speaking or entertainment, but she isn't sharing her "private" goals this year. Cool with me. I totally understand. DeeMarie, I REALLY enjoyed reading your experiences with the event you attended. And great snack choices. You're so in control!

Marci~ WATCH YOUR BACK! I always wanted to say that to someone! ---- just kidding! And I WILL send those pics again!

NhSuzanne: I'm with you on the coach. I can't stand that kind of teaching.

Raeanne, I say tell the establishment about it over the phone. And have everyone else call in too. And write the guy a personal note and enclose a book on how to NICELY motivate people. Yukko on him. I hope it gets better. Cocktails before golf, anyone???!!!! Have a wonderful dinner!

Patti! Say a few words.

Amy! YAY! I love the sound of your garden! I love gardening, but I don't think I'll be doing much of it this summer.

MADDIE!!!!!!! Calling MADDIE!

We were awoken last night with an earth quakey shaking for about 10 secs --- very strange --I guess we had a meteor shower, but who knows what it REALLY was----heh, heh. Probably some governmental experiment the way this administration operates---Oooooops! No political flak here.


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Oh, BJ, don't go congratulating me just yet on my choice of snacks. I'm right up there with Raeanne and nuts, cheese, crackers, if they are within my reach! LMAO!! It's only lately since I'm journalizing that I go for the zero to low point stuff. I've been known to make a bag of potato chips disappear before DH arrives home. "Where are they", he might ask? "I'll bet your girls were here with their friends for a snack." ;)

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I'm a choc chip raw cookie dough sneaker when I'm SUPER stressed----into the fridge and out---very quick!---no one knows and there's no evidence----unless you eat the entire package. There! I said it! I feel SO dirty.

Group hugs,

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QOD - I have been buying a nut mixture with M&M's. When I am in control, I can eat a small handful and be satisfied, but when I am feeling stressed, I will eat many, many small handfuls!!! M&M's are definately my weakness, so I figure it is better to buy the mixture instead of a whole bag of M&M's. At least that is what I tell myself! LOL

My back is feeling better today and I think I am on the mend. I think my problem stems from the fact that I just spent 9 months bending over little ones, helping them cut, draw, write and glue, etc. My back had just had enough and the dryer incident just happened to be when it decided to give out.

DD and I are going for spa pedicures tomorrow! I have never had a pedicure and I am looking forward to it. I am going to a wedding on Saturday and I am wearing a really cute slip on dressy sandal and figured my tired winter feet deserved some special treatment. Actually my whole body could use some special treatment, but I could only afford to take care of my feet this visit! $35 for a spa pedicure x 2=$70 + tip! But I won $100 on a lottery ticket last week, so I figured I could splurge this once.

Does anyone use a sunless tanning lotion? I tried Mary Kay's version and I am not sure what I think. It is a subtle tan and I guess that is OK, but I just wondered what anyone else recommends.

Catch you later,

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Marci - you will feel like you are walking on air after your pedicure - how special to do with DD. I wish I could afford to get them on a regular basis. They cost $50 in my town. Congrats on the $100 win!!!

BJ - I think I am going to stick it out with the golf. He is doing this as continuing ed for a local high school and they won't do anything about a complaint - they know how he is (as he is their coach) - but I didn't. My friend decided she will have some fun with him from now on and keep asking him the same question to drive him nuts LOL. We will be playing outside from now on and if it gets that bad, we will just distance ourselves from him. But I think I will get him the book! (((((hugs)))) to Sapphire

NH Suzanne - my DD's had a coach like him and I was up at school to complain all the time (the only time I ever complained at school) - he would make fun of kids that weren't very athletic - they finally forced him out, but I am sure he had damaged many kids in some form - my youngest would get physically ill when she had gym with him. I can't wait for Al Forno and I will give you the low down on Pane e Vino.

I am leaving tomorrow morning to go to Providence, there is an awards ceremony tomorrow afternoon and graduation is Saturday at 10AM, then we have some serious celebrating to do. I should be back early afternoon on Sunday - so I will report back then. DD's High School art teacher is trying to attend the graduation as a surprise - I hope it works out.

Gret - I made my reservations for Chicago. We had award miles to use on United, so we ended up flying with them and their flights are very limited, so we are ending up with plenty of extra time in Chicago. So if you don't go to San Diego, our time is pretty flexible to get together.

Have a wonderful weekend - that is an order.

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Good Evening All,

I just finished another deadline from hell...............I was actually done by 4:30 which is about 2 hours ahead of schedule so while it was a tough one at least I got home in time to see my girls.

Raeanne, have a wonderful time in Providence. Did I ever mention that DS is living in Pawtucket for about a year now? I feel like we are neighbors! LOL I can't wait for your reviews. You and Gretchen may meet in Chicago? How exciting........I am jealous! LOL

BJ, I get exhausted just reading your posts! I am glad that you didn't have a serious earthquake. How did your meeting with the landscaper go? Mine has been missing for a while! He has lots of work to do here but I think he is intimidated about competeing with my former landscaper, Fred!(the goat) LOL

I rushed home from work to go ride my Sweetest Pea but I raced thunderstorms all the way and by the time I got here it was pouring :( Oh well. This weekend we have a nice trailride and a drive on Sunday planned. She is looking so incredibly good this year I can't believe it. She is fit and svelte and could be a centerfold!!

Marci, a women I work with just gave herself a marvelous tan with the No Ad self tanning lotion. I was shocked because her self tan was so nice and she only paid about $5.
for a big bottle. Try it her tan looks nice.

Good night all. I hope to hear from all you MIA's soon. This place isn't the same with out you!

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I have so much to say to everyone!!!

BJ, I love raw cookie dough. Tonight at the grocery store, I had put a tub of raw choc. chip dough in my cart, to make for the family. (Yah, right). When I was checking out, I handed it to the clerk and said "You know, no good can come from this", and asked her to not ring it in. I would have my fingers in that thing on the ride home!

I had a weird incident in the grocery store tonight, besides the cookie dough. I was looking at something and this boy around 12 or 13 came up and started picking up my foot. I thought that maybe he dropped something and I was standing on it, but he was like yanking at my toes! His mother turned around and told him to stop it and just kept walking. She never said a word to me and as they were walking away I heard him saying, "I just wanted to see her feet". Now is that weird? I have a toe ring, so maybe it intrigued him. I'm sure he had some issues but he appeared to be ok, other than the fact that he had some strange fascination with my foot! This is the third really strange grocery store incident I have had in my lifetime! How many is normal? LOL

Marci, I get a pedicure about 4 times a year. It is one of my few personal indulgences. You will LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it. I can guarantee you will be going again. Watch you back, BJ, I love that! I hope you are feeling better Marci. We don't get out of school until June 25!

Raeanne, I am feeling better, but anytime you want to "work" on me is just fine. I really think it helps. How exciting DD is graduating. Both girls are out of school now? I was thinking about signing up for golf myself. The Recreation Department offers summer lessons, but now I am afraid I will get a mean instructor! Couldn't you just miss with the golf club when he was standing close by? That may shut him up for a few minutes!

Dee, another milestone. What is she going to do next year? Congratulations on the weight/inch loss. You should be proud. I'm sure you feel great and just in time for summer!

Amy, I am so excited for you having your family come! How many people all together? I couldn't tell by your post, are you or are you not doing WW? I apologize for not sending that info like I said I would. I will send it out if you are still interested.

Maddie, come back! You must be keeping busy. Isn't it amazing how when you are not working, that you ever had time to fit it in to your schedule. I know when school is out, I have so many things going on that I often wonder how I had time to get up and go to work as well. I hope things are going great for you!

Cresca (that is SO much easier to type than NH Suzanne!), I hope your day went ok. Did you make your deadline?

OK, I have to ask a stupid question and please forgive me because my mind has been shot and I definitely need more memory installed! Are we doing the birthday exchange this year? I am almost positive that we are, but I just can't remember who I have. If your birthday came and went, please forgive me. Somebody help!!!

Just got two books and a CD from Amazon. The Great Pretender by Millenia Black and Five People you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom. The CD is the Los Lonely Boys. I love them!

QOD: Lately, anything that gets in my way! LOL. I try to stick with yogurt (2 points) or fruit.

I guess I have finally run out of things to say. Will see you tomorrow!

Love, Besh

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Me again,

I was posting the same time as Suzanne and Raeanne.

I forgot to tell you Marci I use Arbonne, Made in the Shade. It is awesome and lasts a long time.

Bye again.


Here is a link that might be useful: Arbonne International

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Hi Besh - yes, we are doing the birthday exchange and you signed up! LOL You are sending to Joanne and her birthday is 9/26, so you are safe!!

NHSuzanne - Thanks for the tips on self tanning lotions. But I have to ask, what is No Ad tanning lotion? Is that what it is called and where would I buy it?

Besh - Do you order your tanning lotion on line or do you buy from a local rep? I have loaded myself up with books for summer reading. You will love The Five People You Meet in Heaven. It is a quick and delightful read.

BJ - I will keep a lookout for the pix. When do you leave for Alaska?

Raeanne - Have a great weekend. Is your DD moving back home? My DS won't be home permanently until the end of summer, just in time to send DD off. No empty nest for me just yet.

I will keep you posted on my pedicure experience. The spa where we are going has a year long spa package for only $2,000. I guess I need to win more than $100 for that though! LOL


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Besh - I will keep the Reiki coming. That was a very weird supermarket encounter and I think you are past your share. Yes, both girls are out of college, maybe we can start saving for our retirement LOL - until they decide to have weddings YIKES.

NH Suzanne - congrats on being ahead of schedule. Sorry it was raining when you got home.

BJ - I meant to comment on the earthquake. I am sure you have experienced them before. We have had 2 in the last few years and the last one was very surreal, as I could see everything teeter tottering on my dresser and I was frozen - couldn't move to try and save any of my valuables LOL - it probably was only about 10 seconds too, but felt much longer. No vacations over the summer for me - we are too busy to take time off.

Marci - can you get one of those sprayed on tans at a salon? I have heard only good things about them, but I think they are expensive - so I would try NH Suzannes.

I also forgot to mention that I almost put DD's apt on fire when we were packing her up. I put a box on the stove to empty a cabinet into and I must have hit the knob. I started to smell gas and when I turned the knob back. I felt it was hot, I picked up the box and the bottom was flames. I was of no use. I just yelled and my DH was throwhing out orders to me and I was nearly useless. I finally wet a towel enough for him to put it out, but the place smelled like smoke. Thankfully the landlord didn't seem to notice. The ironic part is that there were matches in that box and if it went another few seconds it probably would've caused some damage. I was shocked at my lack of ability to do anything! I used to be a fire warden in our office building that I had to evacuate 3 times.

Now, I really am going. Adios

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I'm back....from San Diego, Trade Show He&& and just a generally busy life!

QOD: If I am being good...almonds and if I am out of control and really stressed...something sweet...I LOVE Peanut M & M's and I cannot buy them or I WILL eat them..

I had a wonderful time in San Diego with my oldest DS. He is every mothers dream...I am truely blessed with my kids. I haven't had a real vacation in sometime so this was awesome. My laptop crashed right before I left and I had to send it back to Apple. It was probably a good thing because then I couldn't work. I checked email once a day and had my cell if anyone needed me. We ate out ( Mexican ( SANGRIA) Sushi, Steaks), relaxed, and my son took me shopping at Nordstrom. He said ' mom you have bought me so much in my life that it is my turn to treat you'. THREE PAIRS OF SHOES LATER....LOLOL.. I love his girlfriend and I think that they will get married in the next two years. I would be thrilled to be her MIL. She and I get along really well. I was wearing a new pair of Dr. Scholl sandals and after walking all day..I took them off and there was a huge blister. She said ' you are not wearing those anymore today' and promptly gave me her flip flops to wear. She wore the Dr. Scholls. Remember those and how cool they were...forget that...I am getting rid of them.

I came back to bedlam at the office. We had to get ready for a trade show that went on this week. I am so tired and I think my cheeks are in a permanant smile. The trade show we were at is called Mac Design. Our booth was crowded the whole time. I think that we will have a good response from the show. I had several companies that wanted to have us use their products. People kept telling us what a great booth we had. If I get pictures I will send them to Marci to put up on the site..

I have also been busy with softball and my DD. I think I told you all that she is playing Varsity ball. Her team is has won regionals which has never happened at her school. We are now in the sectionals. It is so exciting to watch how these girls play. I don't think I have any nails left. Our next game is on Saturday.

Raeanne: As far as I know...I will be in town. I don't think we are going to CA for that wedding. Email me further and times at such! I so want to me you. MY DD will be playing in a softball tournament that whole weekend so my hours will be varied but if there is a will there is a way and I have to eat sometime and I would love to share a 'drink' with you!

Marci: I haven't bought the newest book...But I will this weekend. I have had no time to do much...I think I told you that I loved the one you sent me. It was a great story. Also Marci, there is NOTHING better than a pedicure in my world. Your feet will be in heaven.

Besh: Thank you over and over for recommending Jodi Picoult. I know Marci and I have throughly enjoyed her books. She really gets you caught up in the story. My mom is now hooked on her too.

BJ: When do you leave and who is taking care of your house while you are gone?

NHSuzanne: I read about your riding the Tennesee Walker. DOn't you just love that ride? Could the ride be any smoother? My neighbor in CA had two of those and we had a great time riding those together. The horse never break and just keep walking at a very fast pace. I loved riding them.

Dee Marie: You are so awesome and have amazing willpower. 22LBS...:::clap clap clap::::

Maddie: Hello??? come back and share your trip with us.

Amy: So glad you have a keyboard again. I think it is great that your family is coming to visit. Have a wonderful visit. They will be jealous of your tropical paradise. I know I am.



Here is a link that might be useful: What I have been up to this week

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I forgot to add that I went to the most amazing restaurant in San Diego. It was ALL about heaven....we sat outside and had tea and the most sinful slices of cake....

Here is a link that might be useful: A sweet lovers heaven

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Good Morning All,

It was great to hear from you Gretchen! You have been very busy and it sounds like things are going great. How is the purchase of your company going? The Tennessee Walkers are lots of fun to ride but I can't imagine not posting anymore. I actually like doing the work of riding. Do you know what I mean? They were a blast but I would never give up my Morgans and they are up to the task of doing mountain terrain. Of course when I am much older I may think differently.

Besh, sounds like that boy has a foot fetish alright! How strange that his mother didn't say anything to you. That's the really weird part! I once worked with a guy that had a foot and shoe fetish. He would steal my shoes that were under my desk and keep them in his drawer! He was sweet but weird. Good suggestion to Raeanne about letting the club "slip" and smack that "instructor" in the head!

Marci, No Ad is the name of the tanning lotion. It's a whole line of tanning products that have no fancy bottles or advertising so they sell it cheap. If you would like I will send you a bottle. Let me know. I had a spray on tan a couple of times it wasn't expensive really $20 per time and it took a couple of sprays to get a rich tan. It's kind of a pain because some of it rubs off at first but it looks nice.

I have to get going. Will be cleaning up from deadline all day today. It's supposed to be gorgeous. I am excited as my girls are coming home tonight after work! I miss having them here and so do the goats.

I will check in later.

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OK Suzanne, your foot fetish story definitely beats mine! He wouldn't be stealing my shoes because his desk drawers would stink! LOL

Gretchen, it is great to hear from you. I am so glad that you are enjoying JP books. She is a great author. I think out of the two web sites you posted I like the dessert one the best! Don't get rid of those Dr. Scholls! I just painted a pair for my sister (her name is Gretchen), and they came out so cute. I am going to send Marci a picture to post when they are completed.

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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Tan in a bottle!

Here is a link that might be useful: NO-AD

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Direct link didn't work. Go to the search bar on the site (top of page), type in NO-AD, and viola! Sunless Tan Lotion.

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Good early Sat morning--I'm getting ready to work an auction, so I gotta go get ready--but I wanted to say hi to all--

I will be back later today--

Love and hugs,


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Happy SATURDAY morning!

Well, last night my youngest DSD went to her Senior Prom. No date, but there was a group of 9 in the limo, which left from one of the gals' homes....3 of the girls went "stag". She looked so pretty; all the girls did. DH's ex was there with her new hubby. DH and I were also there with all the parents of the rest of the, pictures, and more pictures. Three of them (including ours!) forgot their tickets, but we didn't hear that they could not get into the affair. (kids!!...she's gonna to celebrate her 18th birthday tomorrow..hard to imagine that I met her for the first time at a brunch her dad threw her for her first holy communion...11 years ago). Today, they all went "down the shore" as we say in Jersey.

After the prom sendoff, DH and I went to a college graduation party at a local country club. This was special, because it was my girlfriend Jackie's daughter (my friend who passed away in October 2000). We are all so proud of Stephanie, as the first 3 months of her college experience was spent away while her mother was dying. She had such a rough time, but she pulled herself together to graduate with her class...amazing. Lots of speeches and tears last night, but in the end, it was fun. Life goes on, and I just know my friend was there with us enjoying the event. Gosh, she is still missed.

OK, I gotta get dressed. My corporate picnic is today from Noon to 5pm. Hoping there are some veggie burgers there, because I really went all out at that party last night. A cosmopolitan, some appetizers, and lotsa pasta on that plate! Cake AND ice cream too. I"m gonna pay for it this week....salad, salad, salad, salad (did I mention salad?!) LOL

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Deemarie~ Your weekend sounds wonderful. And I remember Jackie---it seems like yesterday when you wrote about her and her illness. Time just flies. Events like that are bittersweet, but you're right, life goes on.

(((HUGGLES)))) Nighty night! (as Jersey Karen would say)

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Hey, anyone like NASCAR out there? I don't know much about it, but Richard Petty was at our corporate picnic yesterday.

DH and I got pictures and autographs for some people we know who are into it. Really lots of fun. They had lots of activities relating to NASCAR, and the rain didn't keep many away.

I ate veggie burgers and treated myself to a pina colado wine cooler (only 4 points!)! Last night I was into nuts and a couple of cookies, but I'm well within flex points.

Gotta run; DH and I plan to meeting 2 couples for dinner, and we want to get home before The SOPRANOS is on tonight!

Good night!

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