Holes in everything

pyxismomSeptember 6, 2002

This spring we began noticing holes in our clothing, especially sweatshirts and t-shirts. We instantly thought moths. More recently we have found holes in items in every closet, dresser and storage area. We recently discovered, after finding them on some window seat cushions, that it is carpet beetles (larvae) doing the damage. We have had the pest control company here twice but are afraid to put anything back in the drawers or closets. They are even in the car now since we have been taking so much stuff to the cleaners. Has anyone ever heard of this? Will we ever get rid of them? How?

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I've heard of them--I'd say call a pest control place. Sounds like a major infestation and it may be time for real, and serious, chemicals. I hate to use them myself--but sometimes one doesn't have a choice. If I ever had a major pest problem, that required professional(sp?) intervention, I'd stay in a motel for a few days. Good luck! Melanie

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Try placing cedar caches in your drawers and use the cedar bags that you can hang in the closets. Cedar has some natural repellent that keeps insects at bay same as eucalyptus.

As for the exterminator, call them. Have them inspect your home to find where they are entering from. Then have them treat.

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We had these pesky critters in our pantry - seems they will eat almost everything. They had infested all our flour, cornmeal and even hot pepper flakes! Obviously, we did not want to use insectesides around our food. We were advised to put dried bay leaves in all our flours and meals, and it worked! Maybe you could make up pot pourri of bay leaves and place them throughout your closets and dressers. It might keep the bugs away and your clothes will smell nice too.

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soap shavings and mint are also good. I always toss a couple of hotel soaps up in the closet shelves.

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