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nhsuzanneJune 6, 2011

Good Monday all,

I hope everyone had a good weekend. The weather was spectacular here and it was planting weekend at DFIL's farm in Peterborough. We worked our butts off for two days but everything looks gorgeous.

I am on a committee to raise the funds needed to rebuild a bridge that is now used for walkers, runners, and equestrians. The town owns the bridge but has no funds to help and because of liability they decided to close it last year. It cuts off a links to some great riding routes for me.

Anyway, we are holding a yard sale to help raise some of those funds. Anyone here ever hold one? I think Marci has. I need tips and ideas and especially how to come up with pricing that is right. I need all the help I can get!

DH was home this weekend but will be leaving this afternoon for parts unknown again. This last trip had him out six weeks! Too long. I will make the best of this day and it's another beauty.

Hope everyone can check in.

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Hoping that everyone has a stress-free week ahead.

The weather is cooler now, but we are headed for some very warm weather up here in NJ this week.

Suzanne, good luck with your fundraiser efforts.

Marci, have a great time in Florida. You have earned some down time, girlfried. (BTW, I really hope you can make it next May at the Girlfriend Getaway...would love to have you join us!)

Peg, love the idea of less clutter!

Gotta run and catch up on e:mails here.


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Hi Ya! Hi Ya! Hi Ya!

NHSuzanne - what got planted on the weekend? (I'm nosy.) I'm a couple of hours east of Peterborough - our weather is starting to behave.

Dee - Hi Ya! right back at ya. Get that suntan lotion out. Hopefully you can get out to enjoy it.

This morning for my weigh-in I'm still holding firm on my maintenance. Happy with that.

Been outside since 8:30 working in the garden. Planted peas transplanted some Stevia (first time growing it, natural sweetener), cayenne peppers, weeded. Going back out to shove some more transplants into the ground - tomato, celery, red peppers.

I know, I know it's not fenced. Bambietta (doe) is probably out there watching with amusement waiting for the fall salad bar to open. She's already walked all over my field garden I just planted with corn, bush beans, cucumbers and squash - lovely hoof prints all over the entire area. Probably wondering what happened to the grass. That area I have to get deer netting erected for sure.

Call me a good sport this year - with the crappy weather I lost valuable time doing cages, fencing. Just have to go with the flow.

When I come inside mid-afternoon I'll be resuming my decluttering and housework.

I send my continued hugs and good thoughts to everyone needing or wanting a caring moment.

And for those of you up to a challenge this week - seize the day - Carp Diem!!!!! Get off your butts and get going - repeat this all week.

'Nuff said.


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Good Tuesday all,

We are enjoying some lovely weather here! I am so happy to be home to enjoy these glorious early mornings without having to leave for work.

Peggy, I live in NH and my FIL's farm is in Peterborough, NH. We planted annuals and added perennials to his large flower beds. It's our Father's day gift to him. He loves having us all up there doing this.

I am on a decluttering mission too in hopes of gathering great things to add to the yard sale. I sure hope you all can give me some great ideas!

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Hi, I've been thinking about your yard sale.

Will you have a poster of what the yard sale is for with a picture of the bridge? Might help drive prices. And you could put a donation container out (I'd put a bit of lose change in there to start - helps motivate folk).

Ask around if anyone has any items that they might like to donate - if not sold return them.

I'd group areas into like items - childrens toys, clothing, outdoor stuff, indoor stuff, books etc. If you can put "suggested prices" on items. You could also put that at the bottom of your sign - "Make Me A Deal".

Get bags (ask your neighbours for some). If you don't have enough tables, ask to borrow some from friends/neighbours.

ADVERTISE - Local papers - Charity Yard Sale etc. List a few choice items and indicate more. Print out a poster with details - put up in church, grocery store, pet store - anywhere that has public boards that you can post on.

DIRECTIONAL SIGNAGE - BIG, with arrows. You don't need to put the house number, just the street. When the sign with arrow on the street put the house number on that one. How many times have you driven by signage with too much info on it that was too small to read?

Anyone else have any ideas?

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NHSuzanne - There are two ways of organizing a garage sale.

I find the best way is to group items. You can either group them by price or by categories. If you group them by price then you don't have to individually price items, which is a huge time saver. But it is harder for people to find things. If you group them by category, people will gravitate to the items they are interested in. You can buy garage sale stickers that already have the prices printed on them and then just slap those on quickly. Some clever signs and/or balloons, etc. will attract attention to the sale. I usually put items that sell fast towards the front, because we usually get alot of drive bys. If they see something they like, they will stop. And I don't know about in NH, but around here, no price is set in stone. Every one haggles and I mean even on an item priced at 25 cents. They will want it for a dime or two for 25 cents. So I price things with that in mind and give myself some wiggle room. Our kids used to set up a cooler with drinks and sell cold pop (soda). On a hot day, that will attract people too.
And lastly, remember that what you may consider too junky to even put out at the sale, may be exactly what someone else is looking for. There were so many times I wanted to pitch something, but DH convinced me to put it out, and it sold.
Have fun and good luck!

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Thanks for the suggestions so far! There are some really good ones. Keep them coming all.

I was wondering who made homemade mayonnaise over the Memorial Day weekend?? How did it turn out?

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Suzanne - I have done a couple yard sales. I can't be of much help as my logic is that I don't want the stuff I am putting out there, so I price it low with hopes of just getting rid of it. A woman came to my last yard sale looking for replacement items for a family that just lost their house in a fire. Needless to say I told her to pick out anything they could use and gave it to her. So I am not the right person to ask LOL. I like Marci's idea of selling refreshments - maybe some baked goods, if you can find people to donate. If we were closer I would give you half my garage to sell. I love your relationship with your FIL and the nice things you do for one another.

Peggy - You are a good sport! I am tired reading your post - you are really on the go go go.

Marci - it is so good to have you posting again. You always have great ideas to share. Enjoy FL!

Dee - I am still swamped in paperwork from Girlfriends - I can't even think of next year, but I am LOL.

It is Americade Week - motorcycle rally - it is a constant roar. I have to say I enjoy looking at the bikes and it makes for awful good people watching. It is nice to see our sleepy town come to life.

Hot and humid today.

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Good Thursday all,

It's hot, hot, hot and humid here. This is a perfect day to work in the cellar gathering stuff for the yard sale. I need to get as much done as I can because I leave for Acadia on the 19th and it's coming up fast.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

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Hi all :)

I've been reading each day, but not having much to say these days it seems. Suzanne, I wish you great success with your garage sale.

Marci, I'm glad to see you posting again, too. I wondered where you were when I first started posting again.

It's a mellow day here and I'm working or orgainizing my life. I guess that's a lifelong task, lol.

I hope you all have a great day, eat healthy, and enjoy what you can.

Love, Amy

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Good Friday all,

The weekend is upon us! We have more very violent storms here yesterday with lots of damage. We are okay but destruction all around us. Crazy.

Today is simply gorgeous and much cooler so I will be on the mower all day!

What is everyone up to for the weekend?

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Waving to everyone from sunny Clearwater, FL! We are off to the beach in a few minutes, but I just wanted to say Hi!

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Have fun! It's pouring here. Oh well, I will be thinking of you.

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