Best Ink Jet Printer

quiltgirlJuly 1, 2012

Am looking at HP 6510. Does anyone have this printer and if so, what are the pros and cons in your opinion.

What Ink jet printer would you recommend? I am looking for wireless, can print selected text only, will print in black even if color cartridge is empty and has automatic document feeder. Also am interested in one that the ink does not cost an arm and a leg!

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What is your primary purpose for wanting to buy an inkjet printer? It matters...

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I have a Dell V305W Ink Jet Printer and it EATS up the ink. And the replacements are expensive. Are there cheaper alternatives to buying from Dell?
Thank you,'

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I Googled your printer and Yikes! 125 pages from a new cartridge on a good day!

You may see if your "printer preferences" has a setting to make the default print quality "draft mode" and then only change back to normal when needed. I use draft mode on my HP printer almost all of the time and it makes a big difference in ink consumption.

Costco online sells refilled cartridges from a company called Innovera - never tried them myself but looks like most of the reviews are pretty good.

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you can read some introductions and consider to buy it.

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I would advise you not to get one with all of those little cartridges. If one is low on ink, you can't print anything. I don't know which is best but I have always used HP and will continue to do so. When I bought my first one, years ago, I was told print heads can be a problem on printers. HP has theirs in the ink cartridge so you get a new one with every replacement. I don't use the printer much any more, so I set it to print in black only. It will print even if the color cartridge is low on ink.

I just read your post again and you said ink jet. That may be different than what I have used. Mine have always been desk jet.

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