progressive dvd connected to plasma hdtv - pink picture

sconwayJuly 26, 2009

I decided to move my progressive Panasonic DVD-F61A player to my bedroom and connect it to my Panasonic Viera Plasma TV.

I connected my DVD player to my Plasma using component video cables but the picture is pink and green. I have tried 3 different component cables and the picture remains pink and green (it also shows as slpit screen on my tv). I also tried using regular composite cables - still the same problem. The sounds is ok and the dvd player plays the video. Only the picture is the problem. I am able to see cable tv ok.

I also changed the set up on the DVD player (very challenging since the picture is split and in bright pink and green!) and enabled progressive component video and adjusted the black lines to darker as specified in the manual.

I have tried everything I can (except HDMI cable since I own 3 high quality composite cables!). Any ideas?

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I don't know the answer, but HDMI (digital) is better than Composite (analog).

HDMI cables are only a few dollars on-line ...

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pink/green sounds like setup issue. tv works but dvd does not so i vote for dvd player being the problem. have you tried another dvd player as a test on the bedroom tv?

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I also beleive its in the setup of the dvd player. Try unhooking the player and bring it back to the original tv. I bet it wasn't using component cables , simply composite video. Go into the dvd menu and determine its video output-480i/480p/.
Using component video cables allow the dvd player to be in 480p and your picture should look proper.

PS- HDMI are not necessaryily better and dont come into play here.

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sounds like you plugged the blue and green in the wrong input/output happens a lot!

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I think you are right. The video output is 480i and the plasma is 1080p. Could it be an incompatibility issue? Could it be that the progressive scan does not allow for the picture to be converted to 1080i/1080p?

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