Indoor Pool energy help

marc552March 2, 2009

What is the best way to cut energy costs when you have an indoor pool?????

I have recieved mixed reviews and need help bringing my energy bills down. Here is my scenerio. I just bought a 4800 sq foot house in Baltimore County Md. It has an indoor pool 40 feet long by 15ft. My utilty bill was $1900 and propane $900 for a month. I reduced my temperatures from 83-87 degree room and 81-85 pool to 72 room and pool 78 degrees pool. I have dectron system and additional propane heater. My bill went down from $2800 total to $2350. This cheaper bill is with a new pool cover always on.

What is best Geo thermal, Solar or any suggestions???

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I guess those bills would get your attention.

Solar pool heating works well if you have a place you can put the collectors to get good sun for at least 6 hours.

For example, 300 sqft of pool collector should save you (roughly) 4 gallons of propane a day.

How many gallons of propane are you using, and is the pool the only thing that uses propane?

Do you want to be able to swim in the pool all winter?

Are you really paying a $1900 electric bill? How many kilowatt hours is that? It seems like the large electric bill might be things other than the pool -- have you looked at your other loads?

You might check on running the pool pump less -- most people run them a lot more than they need to, and they use a lot of electricity.


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I think you are really onto something with the pump suggestion Gary. I don't have a pool but a family friend of ours does and he reduced his pump usage to just 6 hours per day and his energy bill went down.... A LOT! Give it a try and find the perfect balance for your pool.

There is a video at the link here that talks about getting control of your energy use by learning what is on your energy account. It talks about my friend and his pool too so it may give you somewhere to start. Hope it helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: if you could do something would you?

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I would heat & cool the whole house, pool included, with geothermal. Particularly when air-conditioning, heat extracted from the house can be dumped into the pool instead of being exhausted outside and wasted. You can achieve incredible efficiencies by having the different loads integrated into one highly efficient geothermal system instead of different conventional systems that are separate and at odds with each other.



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