Rainwater Harvesting Interviews Sought

EcoWriterMarch 9, 2011

Hi, I'm a freelance journalist, primarily interested in environmental and nature subjects. I'm assisting with the writing of a book for a client in Australia, Lindon Shield, who has a keen interest in health (paramedic by profession), works on catchment systems and grew up on rainwater.

The technical how-to chapters of the book are completed.�

However, for human interest, we would like to add the personal stories of a few rainwater harvesters (three from the U.S., three from Australia and three from the U.K.)

This will initially be published as an e-book and later most likely in print. We will send free copies and updates to all those who share their catchment stories and of course include you in the acknowledgements.

If you have a website, blog and/or business you'd like to mention/publicize, we will include them with any contact information you'd like provided.

The interview would involve responding to a few questions via email (or if you prefer I'm happy to call).

Feel free to contact me through my LinkedIn (where you can also verify my credentials if you wish)


Kind regards,


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