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marci_paJune 21, 2004

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken. ~James Dent

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Raeanne: How'd it go yesterday? No laundry? That's not fair!

Lots to do today! It's sunny here, so I will take the opportunity to finish staining my new deck. I worked about 3 hours yesterday and got half of it done. The hard part is the railing---lots of slats--arg! Then, go ot IKEA for last minute stuff, and then mail the rest of my boxes to AK! And I have to straighten the rooms here and write a book for my housesitter! My printer went up north already, so it's long hand for me!

Has anyone seen Shrek II? I went with the kiddles. Cute story, but a few too many bodily disfunctions for me. I didn't like the first Shrek, so I was glad this was better. I babysat the twins on Saturday and their parents went to The Terminal, starring Tom Hanks. They liked it. I want to see The Notebook, but the critics say bring Kleenex. I may see it solo because of that. I love crying alone in movies--it's freeing!---lol!

Maddie: When do you start your new job? Is it every day, set hours or freestyle/on call? Is it in one location or do you travel to estates, charity events, and other locations? Inquiring minds want to know!

***********QOD, taken from Oprah mag this month:********

"When I'm in full power, I am able to..."

And the exercise that goes with it: List moments of the day when you are most stressed. Then come up with a way to defuse your irritation.

To me, this seemed like a great way to start out the week. To handle stress in a planned way may be a successful way to stay on track with our health and diet.

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Well, hello everyone!

So much partying this weekend for me. Saturday my DSD had a party by her mom's house. DH and I went with the $60 cake from a great bakery nearby, and I baked my famous crumb cake (half with apricot filling; half plain). Big hit! It's still strange for me to go to my DH's ex-wife's home for parties, but we did OK. I helped clean up before we left, and there were some hugs and thank-yous all around.

Yesterday, we all had brunch with FIL at a hotel restaurant with a spectacular view of midtown NYC. The weather and the view was clear. I ate about 18 points worth of food and was good until about 6pm. Last night, we went with friends into "the city" to see comedian Robert Schimmel at Caroline's on Broadway. (Raeanne, I thought about was a perfect evening to hang out there!). We had an early dinner and then saw the 8pm show. There was a 2-drink minimum for the show (only in NYC!), and I stupidly ordered a citrus martini....twice!!! Boy, was my head mad at me this morning when the alarm rang at 5:15am!! LOL I am incredibly silly with one glass of wine. You cannot believe the strange looks I was getting from Mr. Schimmel after 2 martinis.....we were seated directly at his feet near the stage! LOL My laugh could be heard through the club!

OK, so I'm back to water, fruit, yogurt and veggies today. Just got back from a 30-minute walk, and I have my stretch/yoga class at 4:45pm. That should keep me out of trouble...for a day. Tomorrow I go back into the City for a dinner cruise, sponsored by one of my teams here at work. Oh boy................LMAO!!!!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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BJ - I crossed my own picket line and did a load of laundry last night. I wanted to get the picnic stuff out of the way, so I did the tablecloth and napkins LOL You are just a bundle of energy.

DeeMarie - You have to promise to have some martini's at French Lick - I want to see you in action LOL.

QOD - When I'm in full power - I am able to - this means different things at different times. Sometimes it means that I am able to stick to my woe or exercise, other times it means that I feel connected spiritually and that my mind, body and spirit are in harmony and balanced.

I get stressed at work when everything blows up 15 minutes before I'm suppose to leave. I usually take a step back, some deep breaths and then calmy approach all that needs to happen. I am also learning to say that I have to leave at a certain time, so someone else may have to handle some of these things. I find if I keep my home mostly organized then things there go pretty smoothly, not too worried about unexpected company, etc. When something triggers stress at home or in my personal life, I find a nice long walk almost always makes me feel better. Doing things in nature are very de-stressing for me. Yoga is a great relaxer and I think I am much less stressed since I started practicing it. Boy, I have to think more about this one - good question BJ.

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It's HOT here! Nearly 90 degrees and not letting up. I have to finish staining my deck today, so I'll answer my QOD and then I'm on it!

When I'm in full power, I am SO productive. I can conquer the world and I make TONS of lists! My friends laugh at my list making and one told me to "forget the lists" on my birthday; that was telling!

If I feel like things are out of control, though, I get a kind of hopeless feeling and I eat! Then I have to read or listen to something motivational---sometimes it's an empowering tape or DVD, sometimes a religious sermon, or many times, a self-help organizational book or motivational quotes. Doing some voluteer work or helping someone out always helps me stop feeling sorry for myself!


I get stressed when my kids misbehave when we're running errands. They're usually bored to tears and tired. If I go straight home and forget the rest, it's good. I try to run errands without the kids (at night, after they're in bed) for more success.

Rude drivers who speed up and don't let me merge onto the freeway really chap my hide too, and I have found that thanking heaven for this test of my patience helps me. I found that in driving situations, keeping the Joyce Meyer theory in play helps me. She is a motivational religious speaker and , altho' I'm not really a religious person (in the true sense of the word), I love watching her speak.

The last thing that stresses me out is my DH or kids wanting something RIGHT NOW, usually when I am doing my own thing. I haven't figured out how to de-stress on this one yet, but I'm certainly willing to take suggestions. It's easier for me to just get the thing for them, rather than listen to them hunt around and keep asking me questions. Afterwards, I feel grumbly about being

Anyone else?

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Hi and Good Morning:

I don't have time to post and not much to say, but just wanted to check in and say hello.

3 1/2 more days of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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Wellllllllllllll, all my kids are officially out of school for summer break now!

Today, we'll visit friends! Then home to pack up last minute stuff before we leave for AK!

See you guys back here in about 2 weeks!

Cheers, hugs, love, and bye!

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Hello..... Hope everyone is having a great day.

Besh - I live in Cape Coral. It is Northwest of Ft. Myers.
My husband and I vacationed here a couple years in a row and knew it was a growing city, so we bought a lot on a canal and had a house built. We got in just under the wire cause our lot actually tripled in price before we even had the house on it. So we are now thinking of buying a lot off water and build again in 5 years. We were avid boaters and thought it would be great to have it in our backyard, well, we still have not brought our boat down from Ohio. We hope to this summer and we can take up boating again for a few years. There was a mandatory hold on building docks here in our area because of the manatees. That has now been lifted and we are scheduled for a dock and lift this summer. FINALLY.....

BJ... I don't know if I have enough energy just to read your posts.... you must have your own super hero outfit in the closet. You know, kinda like Wonder Woman.

I did lose 5 pounds last week with the cheat and all. So I hope this week I will not be weak!!!! hahahaha.

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Very busy today, but wanted to say "hello" to everyone!

I'm off to a luncheon at work (swell...more food!)

HAVE A GREAT TIME, BJ........We'll miss ya.

I'll post my answer to QOD soon.


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BJ - We will miss you, have a safe trip and check in ASAP. Love ya.

MagicKitty - congrats on the 5lb loss. I am not weighing myself until my clothes start to feel loser. I know you can't wait to get that dock in and your boat in the water.

Besh - I am counting down the days with you LOL.

It's my day off, but I went in for a couple hours this morning to get caught up - but I didn't get caught up, just took on more work YIKES. I will have to go in at night - when the office is closed.

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Hi all!

Well, I'm at work, and have managed to sneak on a puter that has web access, so here I am! LOL!

This is my second day, and it's great! The folks are just so wonderful, and the owners have a 14 month old Shizt-zue (I know--spelling) that has the run of the place, and what fun to take him for a walk and to pick him up and snuggle! The office is next to the auction barn and showroom, and it's an old converted house and garage, and it's lovely. I am full time, and that means that I am taking responsbility for all of the acution work--ie--all the paperwork and prep that goes on behind the scenes. I will be learning real estate closings (I doubt my license, though, but maybe--I can complete some of the paperwork for the owner & wife who are brokers)and things like that. Tomorrow, I am going on site to help with setting up an auction tomorrow afternoon, and then I will be cashiering the sale, and then balancing the sale out on Thurs. Fri, I will be on site again for a huge commercial auction, for which I will not be able to work on Saurday (prior engagement--will be in Nashville, TN). We have a TV in the area where I'm currently at, so we watch TV during the day, and we all agree on the shows, so it's fun. The one lady that is training me is truely an exceptional woman--and I have developed a whole new respect for her after watching her for the past 2 days--scheech! No wonder she's a size 2!!!

Anyhoo--I haven't had a chance to read the posts as closely as I'd like, so I'm a bit out of the loop--

Hope all is well with everyone! :):)



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Oh, Maddie, you sound so UP!! All your friends here have been waiting for this for a long time. YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!! Love ya, kiddo! Hugs to you too!

Lynn, congrats on the 5 lbs. That's wonderful news! Keep up the good work, and let's just hope I don't find those pounds you lost with all these parties I've attended over the last week! LOL

be back later

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Hello, hello!

Lynn, I sent you an email. Cape Coral is the town DH wants to move to. Small world.

BJ, have a safe trip and we will look forward to hearing from you in a couple of weeks.

Maddie, I am soooooooooooo happy for you. It sounds like the job you have been waiting for. A perfect match. Good luck and have fun!

Have a great night!

Love, Besh

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Hi SS Support group!

I am new here. I usually hang out at the cooking forum and the gardening forums. I am "good- carbbing" these days and have been looking for a support system. May I join you guys? Week 2, lost 5 lbs. Have been in a slump for a while (new widow)and WAS fairly active. Just getting back into the swing of things.... I am 44, a critical care nurse on sabbatical, run 2 small businesses out of my home and homeschool my 15 yr. old son. Avid gardener and outdoors woman; love to hike, camp and kayak. I also like to cook and EAT what I cook :( lol.

This looks like the group for me! Hope I can join in.


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Hi Tikanas and welcome. This is not only a good group it is the best group on the net. We are a group of supportive, nurturing and fun people! Glad you want to join us. I am so sorry about your loss. Please join in. Everyone here follows different eating styles. We all came together here because at one time we were all Somersizing. Some still are, but others do Weight Watchers, Diet Divas, low carb, whatever works!

Got to run. Only 2 1/2 more days of school!!!

(((HUGS))) all around.

Love, Besh

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Tikanas - Welcome to the family! You sound like you are one busy lady. I also enjoy cooking, but like eating much more. I too, am so sorry to hear of your loss. Please keep us posted about anything you care to share with us. My internet family knows more about me than my blood family LOL. I just turned 50 this year, have 2 daughters, the youngest just graduated from college, 1 dog, I am an administrative assistant for a local real estate company, where my husband works as an Associate Broker - been married 26 years. I am very interested in anything metaphysical and am a Reiki Master (energy worker).

Besh - I cheering you on with those 2 1/2 days!

Well, so much for posting, the phone hasn't stopped ringing since I started and people are heading in.

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Good Morning!!

Hi Tikanas - I also offer condolences on your recent loss. Welcome to SS Support, although we may not always SS, we will always support!! I am currently trying (and I stress trying) to get back to SSing. I am on level II right now and I have decided that I am going to try level I again. I just got out some old SS books and I am looking over menus and recipes to give me some inspiration and motivation. Neither my regular doc nor my gyn is unhappy with my weight, but I am. So I would like to try to lose the 10 lbs. that has crept back on this past year, before the summer is over. Keep posting, we can't get to know you better unless you stay with us. We love having fresh "faces" and new ideas to help keep us motivated.

Gretchen - I finished My Sister's Keeper (I got it at the library) and all I can say is keep a box of kleenexes handy. I stayed up to finish reading it and then couldn't fall asleep. The ending caught me by surprise and I kept replaying it over and over in my head. I also read Second Glance last week and I liked that one a lot. It is more along the fantasy lines, sort of like Keeping Faith. I am heading to the library this afternoon and hopefully I can find something good.

BJ - You are probably already on your way to AK, but I will wish you a safe voyage anyway. See you in a few weeks.

Has anyone heard from Jen lately?? I was wondering how the girls are doing after their surgeries. I will try to email her soon.

And speaking of emails, I got an email from KYSusie and she says to say Hi. She isn't surfing the net right now, but she is reading emails and would love to hear from all of you. She is still doing Mary Kay and sitting for an elderly lady with Parkinsons, cleaning houses and staying home with the kids during summer break. She is in qualifications to become a Sales Director for Mary Kay and will be heading to Dallas the last week of July for a Seminar. The kids are all involved in summer sports and that is keeping her busy too. Maybe we can convince her to renew her membership in the fall when things slow down a little.

Raeanne & Lynn - I was forced to get on the scale the other day at the Ob/Gyn office and I didn't like what I saw. So I am going to finish out level II this week and try strict Level I for awhile to see if these unwanted 10 pounds will budge. My summer clothes are not fitting like I would like and I am just not comfortable in them. Seeing the number on the scale sort of brought me back to reality and made me realize that I need to take action or the extra 10 may soon be an extra 15 or 20. So I will start posting stars on Monday.

Patti - Are you out there in cyber space somewhere??? We need to hear from you. Please check in.

Besh - I am counting down the 2 1/2 days with you!!! What are you going to do on your first day off?? I am finally getting started on my summer to-do list and am currently washing all the bedding.

I need to finish a few things here and then I am headed out to run errands.

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Tikanas...welcome,,, I am new here also, about a I am doing the SS WOE and did ok the first week, and I am starting to fall off the wagon this week. I will be better about it.

Marci - I absolutely hate that part, weighing in at the doctors....I just always pray that the nurse or assistant who checks me is is just a wee bit bigger than me..LOL, but when they are not, I am so ashamed.....
I will try and stay strong on level 1 with you, but I have a way of sabotaging myself...... food calls to me.

I take it BJ is on vacation or moving or ????

Raeanne - loose clothes feel good!!!!!! Keep strong!!!

Besh I answered your glad to hear from you. Yes it is a small world..!!

Hope everyone else has a great day/evening.


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Thanks for the warm welcome! I was hoping that this group was open to new members and I got my wish! : )

So "SS" stands for Somersize? I thought that it was a nautical term like "The SS Titanic" (which could describe MY food plan some days) LoL! Seriously, I am doing well. This "good carbing" seems to suit me and I have no problem following it when I am not "PMSing". I need to get back to exercising though. I am usually very active and have been a real couch potato (for me anyway) lately. I just joined Curves today and will start on Monday. I also intend to walk a few times a week. I live in a pretty area near a park and it's a nice community for walking. I think I am coming out of my slump and look forward getting reacquainted with the "old me".

I look forward to getting to know you all. Thanks for having me!


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Good Morning All,

I missed you all.

I am back from the Disney Land of the Carribean. Seriously, this place was exactly how I pictured it. Has anyone here been to Atlantis in Paradise Island in the Bahamas? It's very nice and expensive and I felt just like it was Disney land. WAY too many kids for me! Anyway, I am focusing on the nice things like the beach which was gorgeous and the aquariums and marine exhibits that were everywhere. Our room overlooked the ocean and we would look down onto pools of Spotted Eagle Rays. They were so peaceful and I really enjoyed them. I had a great massage and then had a warm salt water hot tub which was outside. It was very nice. I am glad to be home. Sweet Pea is showing improvement and her sitter fell in love with her. Following is a quote from her in a note she left me:

"By the way, I have been totally won over by Sweet Pea. Yoy have an absolute treaure in her. Her heart is pure gold." This made me feel very good as I know this woman had totally connceted with her and that she was in very good hands. Had to share.

So much going on here and I have to take time to catch up soon.

Welcome Tikanas2. Glad that you will be joining us.

I will be back later.

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Oh sure, I get back and everyone else leaves!!! Where is everyone??

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I'm here NHSuzanne - just in the middle of washing curtains, mini blinds and windows. I am trying to get the back of the house done before the sun moves around in that direction and makes it harder to get the windows clean without streaks. Sounds like you had a nice vacation and I am glad that Sweet Pea is improving. BJ is on her way to AK and I don't know where anyone else is. Hopefully we will hear from some MIA's pretty soon.

Not much going on here. I am sticking with my exercise routine and my resolve to eat better. I will officially start level I on Monday.

Tikanis - I am a member of Curves, although I haven't been there in awhile. I have found that I prefer walking and Pilates for the summer and plan on going back to Curves once the weather turns cooler in the fall. I walk early in the morning and don't like waiting until Curves opens. I am also lifting weights at home and trying to stay in shape so I can just slide right back into Curves in September.

I need to make a few phone calls and finish my cleaning.

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NH Suzanne - you picked the right person to care for SP while you were gone - that was beautiful. Glad she is showing improvement. My sister went to Atlantis and her only complaint was that it was too big. The view from your room sounded fantastic - and I am glad you were able to do some stuff for YOU.

MagicKitty - loose clothes do feel great - but mine aren't there yet.

Tikanas - sounds like you are in a great frame of mind and that really helps! My exercise slipped this week and I am feeling guilty.

Marci - are you getting all the big chores out of the way, so you can relax and enjoy your summer? I know how precious the summer is to you and how quickly it goes.

I just returned from a Garnet mine. DD came with me and we got some beautiful specimens. They take you on a little tour and then you go off and try to find some. Being it was the first day open since last fall, the pickings were pretty good.

Have a great day!

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I love Garnets! One of my Siamese cats is named Garnet! Where was the mine Raeanne? Sounds like lots of fun.

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I just stopped by to say hi. I'll keep doing that. I feel bad that I haven't kept up my part, but I've had too much to do.

Maddie, that's great about the job. It's good when good things happen, and you certainly earned it!

Keep eating healthy,


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Hello everyone and welcome newbies!

Had to take DH for his kidney stones procedure yesterday. He's OK, but needs someone in the house with him. I've got him set up in the guest room on our second level, so I can keep an eye on him while I am in our office working. He had two on the left and they found another two on the right side, so I need to make another appointment to get them all blasted.

Lots of drama going on with my brother lately. My sister and I made some decisions that was difficult for me, but it's time I let him fly on his own. I feel better about it, because he has not really had any brother-sister relationship with me and does not want it now. He simply does not have any emotional support to give, so he will fly or fall. Will let you all know more about it when some things are settled. My counselor wanted me to get mad and stay mad at him, and I am finally getting some peace with that! Can you believe it? She told me that if anyone treated me as badly as I treat myself, there would be a restraining order against them! I don't always see it that way, but she's the expert!

Gotta run; I'm working from home, and my e:mail keeps ringing.

Make this day count! Hug your family!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

PS: Marci, can you come over with all your energy and help me with closets? LOL

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DeeMarie - (((((HUGS)))) to you. DH has a great nurse watching over him - glad things went well with the surgery. I know the decision you came to about your brother is a tough one, but it sounds like you have no other choice - you have been more than supportive to him in the past.

NH Suzanne - the mine is called Barton Garnet Mines and they are in North River, NY, about 45 minutes northwest of me. You drive to this huge pit and just find the garnets along the edge of the ponds, some are sitting in plain sight and others you have to wash some of the sand away to find. The best part of the trip was that when we got there they were closed, but had a small private tour and the owner let us tag along.

Amy - thanks for checking in - hope you are feeling better these days.

Joanne - if you are lurking - I am thinking of you.

Gotta run, but check in if you can.

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