is it really SO terrible to have an lcd / dvd combo?

shannonplus2July 29, 2007

I am looking for a small (20") LCD TV for a small home office where there's not a lot of real estate for a TV. It also will not be connected to cable or satellite, and will rely on over-the-air reception (luckily, pretty good in my area). I am glad that now the manufacturers are required to have HD tuners built-in, but those models have been slow to come to market. I saw a Sharp LCD at Best Buy with a DVD combo. The DVD is quite hidden--you wouldn't know it was even there. I wasn't going to get a DVD for that room at all since it's a home office, and won't be the main TV of our household, and I don't have a lot of room there. But when I saw the combo at Best Buy, I thought it might be a nice space-saving opportunity.

I know that most people recommend against these combos, since you're probably getting two weak appliances in one machine, rather than one good one. Does anyone have any real-life experience with them? Really, are they SO terrible?

Here is a link that might be useful: Sharp HD LCD TV/ DVD Combo

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I read the data relating to the LCD/DVD combo, and nowhere did I see any indication that the DVD has video up-converting. If the DVD player has video up-converting, then when you play a standard DVD the signal is improved to nearly digital quality. That's what you want if you have a HD TV. However, the cable's HD and off the air signals should look very nice on the TV.

LCD TV's with built in tuners are the norm now, and available to the public nationwide.

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unit looks good, in a 20" tv you wont see the upconverted resolution anyway. also sharp is a great name in LCD. add the fact the you can add a MP3 DVD etc, it is a great space saver.

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