Philips MS3652 Audio problems

crosscompJuly 23, 2010

First off thank you for all the help you give,you are a

God send! Now for the problem, I have a Philips Model Number Ms3652S427 Chassis Number Lo1.1uac-7638.

When I turn it on the green power light comes on, picture is good, yet there is no sound accept for a high pitched whine when the treble is all the way up but when it is not no sound at all. any help would be greatly appreciated. Sean

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Hi Crosscomp,

There might be several reasons behind the problem you are facing with your TV Audio.

* First check the options, should be in Menu>Options>Audio, look for audio system profiles, try changing them to see if anything happens.

* Connect any audio/cd/dvd player with your TV and play something to make sure if the problem is related to tv stations only or it happens to all.

* There is a possibility that your speaker carbons are busted due to high volume. It makes sense because you only get that "high pitched whine" with high treble, it seems carbons can't vibrate to make proper sound but the wire coil makes noise due to high voltage.

If your problem is not solved yet, consult a electrician to be sure, we only can make assumptions without testing the real thing!

Goodluck, hope you will get it fixed.

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