DVD Recorder Problem

mare_wbpaJuly 14, 2009

I have a 5 yr old ILO DVD player/recorder. It has had a lot of use. I use it mainly to copy DVDs and VCR tapes from another DVD/VCR player. Lately when I have finished recording and press stop the readout on the screen and the machine front display stop and won't go into any other mode until the unit is turned off, which is difficult. Mainly it doesn't respond to stop or off, sometimes I have to pull the plug. When this happens the disc that I recorded won't play, I get an "invalid disc" display and "change disc". I have been shopping for a new player recorder but can't seem to find one with the RF in/out ports on the back of the machine. Any advice?

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It might be as simple as the stop button being a bit dusty and not making contact...

Back before cd writers had buffers I often had disks crap out on me at the end of writing, but soon learned the disks were sometimes ok but not 'closed' or 'finalised' - if you have a computer with dvd writing software, you may find you can put the disk in and finalise it using the computer dvd writer.

Not a perfect solution, but a workaround. Otherwise I guess it's the new machine.

They don't do rf in/out anymore? Your mode of operation (vcr to dvd recorder) would be better using component or at least composite connections, rather than rf since the path is thus:

Component video (assuming that's the internal native format) converted to rf (tv/radio signals) out of one machine, into the recorder's rf, convert back to component video. Lots of quality issues.

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