'Star Bright' light gathering device, where is it?

ruddmanMarch 15, 2006

Many, many years ago, before the energy crunch, I saw a product somewhere which I believe was called "Star Bright" from Japan.

It was a large multifaceted sunlight gathering globe that concentrated whatever light it picked up into a central distribution box. You could then run fiber optics cables from the distribution box to anyplace in the house and get whatever amount of sunlight you wanted in that room by having a large diameter or more fiber optic cables running to the room. It also had a method of dimming or shutting off the light in each area it terminated at.

Did a search for it or something similar about a year ago and was not able to find anything that approached the design I remember. The exterior portion of the "Star Bright" looked sort of like a multi-faceted spherical eye of a fly.


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