Floor Plan suggestions

ReneeD2useMarch 6, 2014

any suggestions on my floor plan??

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Any suggestions for what exactly? Is this an existing structure or are you building? Is this a retirement home? Will you be doing the exterior maintenance - including washing all those windows? Which way is north? Geographic location and average high and low temperatures? Is it 2x4 construction? Is the central master walk-in closet also a "Safe Room" (I live in tornado alley). Do you need/have a garage?

Too many zigs and zags. Each time you turn a corner you pay more for a structure than a simple straight-line, 4-corner, hip roof construction. Any tray or vaulted ceilings? Eight-foot or nine-foot interior walls. What is the roof pitch?

My general thoughts...
-Poor air-flow.
-Too many windows and large openings (that's where you lose a lot of heat and air conditioning).
-Are you planning any passive solar possibilities in the winter with any of those large openings (should they be facing south)?
-Any roof overhang to help cover all those windows?
-The plumbing is all over the place...poor space planning. The 3/4 bath in the bonus room would be better placed across the room closer to the master bath plumbing.
-Do you really require a water closet for the toilet in the master bath? Wait until you try to clean in that dinky space.

Hubby has a degree in Interior Architecture and is a CKD (39-years with the same company) and he thought it was a bad floor plan from a lot of perspectives, but like anyone else checking this post, lacks a LOT of general information.


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Only one bedroom?

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