Help with old solar hot water system.

cocolemaMarch 23, 2010

We've just purchased a house with solar hot water system. The system was installed at some indeterminate time in the past (probably more than 8 years ago). It has two panels on the roof and three 80 gal. tanks in the basement. Two of the tanks are normal electric hot water heater tanks. The third is a huge, blue 80 gal. solar water tank. The solar tank has the normal in and out pipes for water, but also has 3 small aluminum lines feeding into it. It also has an electric pump attached. The tanks are connected in serial, normal-solar-normal. I'm not sure if it works and I'm afraid to turn it on. The two normal tanks are highly corroded. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Before doing anything, and important pressurize the system.
This test is very important to detect the heat exchanger is not leaking.
If you are leaking the best and replace the tank.
If not found leaking, the next step and check if the circulation pump is working.
The most correct procedure and call an expert in solar heating of water.

I work with solar energy systems to more than 30 years, if you can help you more just ask and I will be happy to cooperate.

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