Waste vegetable oil for home heating?

pjb999March 10, 2009

I'm in town on an older natural gas system, so it's not an option for me personally, but I have wondered whether it's possible/advisable/been done to use waste vege oil in a gas heater or boiler?

I've been interested in running a diesel vehicle on WVO but since I can't afford to purchase a diesel vehicle and the supply of wvo in my town is starting to look as if it's spoken for, it may not be an option for me, but I thought I'd post the idea here for readers who may be able to use it...

I assume heating oil is some form of diesel, so it should work. I also assume that it would need to be filtered and blended/deacidified like it is for vehicles. The blending (with ethanol I understand, to make ethanol) isn't strictly necessary if you ensure the oil doesn't solidify - I also assume it could be blended with commercial heating oil to keep it liquid.

Any thoughts?

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