A DVD player stuck in Stand By

emmaJuly 7, 2014

Do you know of anyway to get it out of that mode. It is a Sony and I can't find the manual. I don't think it would help anyway since it won't come on. It has been giving me a hard time for several months, but eventually it would work until now.

I have unplugged it and let it set and doesn't help. Why in the world would they put a standby mode on a DVD player, we don't leave it on like we do a PC. People have enough of a problem with it on their PC standby and sleep mode.

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This is the same unit as in the other post?

A user manual is never more important to keep nearby as with a DVD. Go to Sony's website support section or try a google search for the model number, you should be able to easily find a pdf version.

If having the user manual doesn't remedy the problem, I'd see if you can get help from a tech support call to Sony. If they can't remedy the problem and the unit is within the warranty period, they should be able to process a return and replacement.

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No it is a different one. I had a manual and I can't find it. I don't see how it would ever get out of standby without it starting and working with the settings. When I get another one I will be sure that option is in off position.

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