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mcpegJune 2, 2008

Hi Everyone,

I've been MIA last week - with my gardening job and my own garden it's been 10 hours a day of garden planting, hauling dirt. I have been so tired at night it's been bath and bed. My own giant pile of dirt is almost gone now and on Saturday morning I had done so much wheel barrel work my right hand muscles were stiff and swollen - just love 45 I tell ya. With all the exercise my weight has been maintaining because I've had to eat more than usual to keep my blood sugars up. Did you know we have muscles in our arms? Imagine that!

I've missed all of ya, just been beyond tired at night to even look at my laptop.

QOD: If you could pick any time period to live in, which one would you pick and why?

I have always dreamed of being a pioneer woman, even though the work was a killer the idea of starting a new farm has appealed to me. My choice area would be California. And of course when the time line came, I'd be one of the first women to have a treadle sewing machine!

Have a fantastic day today! Make it count and don't forget to forgive yourself for any slip-ups and keeping putting your foot forward on our healthy lifestyle journey!



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McPeg - So good to hear from you. Thanks for the pep talk on putting your foot forward - it came just when I needed to hear it. I paid a visit to a Mexican restaurant and did a lot of damage yesterday. I have had more than 1 person tell me that I must've been a pioneer woman - and I don't know why.

QOD - I love the movies from the 30's/40's and always thought I would love that era. Life seemed less complicated and I love the dresses and styles. Of course I know the movies glamorized life back then and there were a lot of hard times, but people seemed to make the best of their situations. I wouldn't have minded hanging around with the Rat Pack either, I love that music and they just looked like they were always having so much fun.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Check in if you can.

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Good morning.

QOD - I don't think I could have been a pioneer woman - those long dresses and heavy skirts and slips make me hot (and not "sexy" hot) just thinking about it.

I will turn 58 in August and truth be told, I would love to go through the 50's and 60's all over again. It was an innocent time (this time I would not be as naive, hopefully) and safe - we didn't use the locks on our doors at all when I was growing up.

mcpeg - I bet you are in terrific shape, with all of your gardening. I love working in the yard, much more than doing housework, and spent all day Saturday, outside. By the time I shower, I'm like a wet noodle, so relaxed and ready for bed. I noticed this morning my stomach has a little indention near the ribcage (definitely not six-pack abs, but at least a change.)

raeanne, when you mentioned loving the 30's and 40's movies, it reminded me of the movie "Dodsworth." If you've not seen it, you need to rent it. The scenes alone are worth it - the beautiful mansion, the glamorous gowns, etc. Sweet and romantic, even timeless. I have watched it several times.

Please think of me tomorrow and Wednesday. I have to do the liquid diet/prep for a colonscopy on Wednesday. I've had problems in the past, and the last one I had, the doctor said if I developed new polyps, I should consider surgery. I really am praying that's not the case - but preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. That's another reason I started taking better care of myself, so if I have to have surgery, the recovery might be easier if I'm healthier.

One last thing - the darn upstairs a/c unit went out again yesterday, so I'm waiting on them to come out. I sure hope they don't wait until tomorrow, (when I'm prepping for the colonscopy!!) That would teach them, wouldn't it. Ha.

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Hi McPeg! Thanks for starting us off this morning! Missed you.

QOD: The old west in the late 1800's. I'd probably run a shady lady house. It's the most interesting job I can think of back then. That, or I'd be a tom-boy cow hand. Anyway, I just love that time period, when towns and cities were being established and building their own character.

Well, I am off to my class today, right after my new dishwasher and gas cooktop get delivered this morning. The painter is supposed to come today to stain the deck.

Wodka: Shining a light your way!

Enjoy the day!

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Hello everyone!

Thanks for getting this party started, McPeg. I could never spend so many hours in the garden without falling flat on my face for a week! kudos to you

Saw my internist today, and he is very happy with my weight loss. He suggested that I call him immediately if the headaches do not improve after my eye exams (new reading glasses?) and after my next visit to the dentist (grinding my teeth at night?). He confirms that most headaches are caused by this common stuff. I agree and do not want yet another pill.

QOD: I am soooooo drawn to the Victorian age. I love old Victorian houses and mansions, and I love those scenes of ladies strolling down the Boardwalk in Atlantic City with the pastel striped umbrellas and awnings; white porches, and cool sand. So, I would like to come back before the income tax.....1890's to 1920's.

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Good evening, everyone! McPeg, thanks for starting us off. You've been a very busy and missed lady!

I just got home from my WW meeting where I verified that I'd gained a half pound from my wonderful Dallas-eating spree! LOL But, it was worth every bite to try such wonderful, rarely eaten foods while there. I'm back on track today and worked out hard this morning.

QOD: I'd have to say that I'd love to relive the 50's as a teenager (which I wasn't then). My girl cousins are from 7 to 10 years older than me, and I vividly remember watching them get ready for dates in the most wonderful (to me!) clothes! They also carried "bucket purses" which to this day I'd love to find.

I had a wonderful time visiting family last week. I ate out 2 out of 3 meals daily, and it was all delicious and different from what I can get around here, so I made sure to enjoy every bite! It was relaxing and fun to just sit and visit and eat and eat.

My knee dr. couldn't have been happier with how well my knees (the artificial one and the old/no cartilage one) are doing with my weight-loss and workout plans. He gave his blessing to keep doing what I'm doing which is a relief. My family was very supportive of my doing WW, and they tried, within reason, to find places to go where I could tweak the menu items. But, the fried pickles and alligator were my undoing on Saturday, as was the Brazilian-style sushi yesterday. YUM!

I hope everyone's doing well. It was nice to visit everyone, but it's equally nice to be home where I can totally control my eating environment. Plus, I missed checking online daily!

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Happy Monday!

I reaaalllyyy need to catch up on things with everyone. I hate it when I go MIA :-)

Milkdud, a half pound is nothing and it plus more will probably be gone next weigh in. Glad you enjoyed Dallas.

Wodka I am sending hugs, thoughts and prayers for you tomorrow and Wednesday.

Peg, you are getting quite a work out with all of this gardening. It's worth it though isn't it? You see the results immediately.

BJ, thanks for missing me! I hope all went well in your class today and that V did well with the sitter. (I did read a few things!)

Raeanne, I am never good in a Mexican restaurant. I always go in with great intentions and then come home saying why, why, why did I??? As long as you enjoyed yourself that's all that matters.

Dee, I'm glad you enjoyed the wedding over the weekend. Saturday was quite a day for an event wasn't it? Thunderstorms were unbelievable. I'm glad your internist is happy and hope the headaches go away with new glasses. I grind my teeth and have had a night guard for several years now.

QOD: I'm with Dee in the 1890's strolling the boardwalk, big wide porches with striped awnings and the clothes..those ladies always looked so cool and feminine when you know they had to be dying of the heat, especially at that time of life.

((Hugs)) to Suzanne, I've been thinking of her.

Hello to everyone - Marci, Besh, Patti, John and I know I'm missing someone.

With all the craziness behind me now (I hope) I started watching what I eat yesterday, a sort of modified WW. I will go to the gym tomorrow after work.

I will check in more, I miss it when I don't and that's when you get stuck with me rambling on like now :-)

Enjoy the rest of your evening.....Donna

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Hi all--

Just checking in---same stuff different day. I actualy went to the State Police post after work, and broke down in the lobby. I know the trooper had to think I was crazy. Maybe something will come of it.

I've smelled amonia the past several nights; my nasal passage and throat burn, and my eyes feel funny--tired like. I am contemplating going to the ER if nothing else to 'document' this.

I'm so tired I can't think straight. And I think I'm on the brink of a full-blown clinical depression--been there done that, but many, many years ago.

Not to be a downer, but I just wanted to check in--sorry for not posting; there's nothing left of me anymore these days--



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Maddie, I'm fairly new here and don't know you very well, but my heart breaks for you. What about a group of you going to the mayor or your city councilman/alderman, heck, even your congressman and/or senator? I can't believe a complex would allow this sort of thing to continue without stepping in. Even making an unannounced "maintenance" call on these animals might uncover what needs to be found to at least evict them.

Something has to change. This is no way for you or your neighbors to live. Your law enforcement sounds like it's totally lacking in "enforcing" the laws. I wish I could do something to help. I will continue to pray that you don't have to live much longer in this terrible environment and justice is served to these "animals."

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Hello all,

Maddie, HUGS. I agree with Wodka. There is something seriously wrong if your local law enforcement won't step in to investigate a possible meth house anywhere! Something is terribly wrong. My prayers are with you and Rog for some immediate resolution to this problem. Please stay in touch and seriously consider seeing a doctor if you think you you are teetering on a full blown depression. You know you have to do something for yourself. Love you.

As usual I am busy, busy. We just put the final touches on a year long feasibility study report for Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia! I am so excited to have it done and out the door. On to the next.

Good to see you post Donna. I have been thinking of you too.

QOD: I would love to live in the era that Jane Austen writes about. Not for women's rights however LOL but because of the beauty of that era and the horses and carriages and the countryside! Also would love to live in ancient Roman times - before they destroyed themselves that is! LOL

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[[[[[[Maddie]]]]]] I hope by now that the State Police have done something for you and your neighbors. There is no excuse for any delay. Take yourself to the ER (better yet-call 911 for an ambulance) if you need to; it may be the only way to draw attention to the situation. You need to take care of yourself. Sending out a bazillion prayers and good thoughts for you and Rog.

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Maddie ((hugs))

I agree that there is something very wrong if your local law enforcement is doing nothing at all about this situation.
Suzanne, Dee and Wodka are right. If you think a full blown depression is on the horizon please don't delay in getting help for are important.I think going to the ER for documentation is a very good idea. This is unacceptable for you and your other neighbors, no one should have to live like that. Many, many thoughts, hugs and prayers for you and Rog.

Suzanne, I'm glad to see you post too!

Crazy day at work surprise surprise...forecast is for thunderstorms tonight into tomorrow and it looks like they might have it right for once.

Gotta run and make dinner. Will check back later.


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Good evening, y'all!

Maddie, I could have sworn that I posted to you yesterday, but I don't see it. I probably got so incensed, then forgot to hit "submit"!

I hope and pray that today has brought some type of resolution to your situation, Maddie. Meanwhile, I'll be hoping that you stay safe and feel better.

Suzanne, it's great to see you posting. You are sorely missed when you're away.

I'm back on track with my eating and working out, and I feel so relieved and so much better doing the right things. Tomorrow is going to be the busiest day for me since moving here because I'm going to take a craft class at the community center - my first one ever! I met a lovely lady at the fitness center, and she's an artist and wanted to go check out the community center today after working out, so we did, and she signed up for watercolor classes tomorrow, and convinced me that I could paint on a cement step. We shall see! The class is from 10 - 3 with an hour for lunch. I'm excited, but nervous, because I seriously have no artistic talent. Raeanne, will you channel some of your talent this way, please???

Dinner tonight is indoor-grilled turkey burgers with jalepeno cheese sauce, WW-tweaked. One of the owners of Butterfly Life found it in her Taste of Home magazine and shared it with me. I'll go bunless to avoid using points, and the cheese will be FF.

Take care and stay safe during the storm tonight, Donna!

Hey, Dee! You're doing so well on WW-Flex! I'm just not structured enough to do the points. I can cheat on that plan.

BJ, got that house packed up yet? LOL I'd come help you if I was closer. It's so much easier to do someone else's house than my own.
Have a good evening, everyone!

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Good morning!

(((((((((((((((Maddie))))))))))))))I agree with everyone's comments. Please get help for your depression and call 911 next time you have fumes in your house - ask for an ambulance and the police. Tell them you think there are toxic fumes from the apartment below - maybe they'll not only send the police but a hazmat team as well! The ambulance is for you - the ER is for your health and a record for your landlord/police report. If there are toxic fumes you can go to your landlord and tell him you want something done or you could take him to court for having an unsafe living environment! Just a thought. Tell the ER you need a copy of everything for your lawyer/landlord because you are trying to get a suspected drug lab tenant evicted. Anything that can show chemicals in your body would be of great benefit for an eviction. I am so sorry you have to go through this! You are in my prayers and in my heart.

I have gained 2 pounds over the last 2 weeks. Now that things are settling down into a routine I am going to have to kick start my WW all over again to start moving a few more pounds. I'd like to lose 13 pounds and then work on lifelong maintenance but as I have said - no rush, rather focus on healthy living and taking care of myself. Incorporating healthy habits is making a difference and I physical feel so much better this year working my butt off in the gardens. Last year my hips were grinding and my lower back kept having spasms that brought me to my knees. None of that this summer because of those 10 pounds I lost over the winter (part of a winter weight loss plan over the last 3 years). Yep, slow and steady for me.

Whether your journey is a long one or short it doesn't matter. YOU matter the most. Incorporate small changes to a healthier lifestyle that you can live with. Not just in meal choices but in living choices as well. Pamper yourself - you deserve it. Take time out for yourself - you deserve it. Small changes over time have proven successful for me and are making a difference. In the long haul from 3 years ago it amounts to a great foundation to move forward in life. I feel better physically and mentally. I can do this and so can you. Don't sweat the small stuff. You can do this. One step at a time. Don't sweat the small stuff, don't beat yourself up. We all trip and fall along the way - we're only human after all. If ya slip up (I do) just keep moving forward and carry on. Sometimes we just need a treat - don't deny yourself or you will find it hard. Just think moderation, portion size and you will be fine. If you want more try to do a little more exercise or trade off the indulgence for a lighter healthier meal.

Have a fantastic day today. We can do this. You can do this. Keep the faith and don't give up, just dust yourself off! LOL


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Maddie~ Get your neighbors to be more proactive with you. ALL your neighbors should call in----TODAY. I know you are tired and burnt out, but really, this is worth it. Take a minute and call the hotline number:

***Citizens are encouraged to report suspected methamphetamine activity by calling the Indiana State Police Methamphetamine Tip Line at 1-800-453-4756. Calls can be made anonymously. We need your information not your name.***

If you donÂt get results, CALL THE PRESS. Call talk radio shows and tell them. Call EVERY tip line for EVERY news paper and TV station in your area. Is there a school close by? The press loves to do stories on endangerments to children.

CONTACT Trooper Bob Burgess, who is assigned to the Indiana State Police Methamphetamine Suppression Section and works from the Indiana State Police Peru Post. He can be contacted by calling 1-800-382-0689 or 1-765-473-6666.

Have you contacted your landlord yet? He (or she) should be worried about a lawsuit if you and your neighbors have made them aware of the suspected lab and they have done nothing.

And document everything.

And book you and Rog into a hotel this weekend to get some rest. Depression can be caused by sheer exhaustion. ItÂs worth the money to stay somewhere else for a couple of nights. You donÂt have to stay in someplace ultra fancy---just a nice clean place with a bed and peace and quiet.

Check back and let us know whatÂs going onÂ..XXOO!

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Wow BJ! I definitely want you on any case I am concerned with! Good work detective.

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Ha! Thanks, NHSuzanne! These little meth lab losers make me SO steamed!

Soooooooooo, can we all say a collective...

"Book 'em Danno!"

And then:

"This is Jack Lord inviting you to be with us next week for the conclusion of 'Citizen Maddie's Math Lab Bust.'

Be here...Aloha!"

(Guess the TV show...)
Amy, you can't have too much of an advantage!

In other news, I weighed in and lost 1.6 pounds on WW Online this week. ...Felt so good, I went and plucked my eyebrows, showered, shaved my legs, lotioned up, put a little make-up on, and I am ready to head out the door--a new woman today. Stupid's amazing how it controls my attitude! (arg!)

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BJ, I sincerely pray that Maddie is reading your advice. She has been on my mind all day. I cannot imagine living in such fear, as I think I might crawl up into a ball and go into hiding too.

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BJ, I think meth is one of the most insidious things to come down the pike in a long time! It's created the ruin of many a life and it has untold numbers of victims.

Maddie, I echo the advice here. Get help quick. You don't even have to look up a phone number - just CALL

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They just did a raid on a meth house in nearby Long Beach, MS and arrested like 6 people. The thugs had a yardful of pit bulls to "protect" their property. There have also been several recent arrests with the rolling meth labs around here. Hopefully, Maddie's neighbors will be next....

A little bit of good news - my colonoscopy went well and they found nothing - no polyps! Yea! Because of my past experiences, I was really, really worried. This may sound silly, but I didn't want anything, especially colon surgery, interrupting my road back to health, so now I can continue to go full speed ahead. I feel like this is a second chance for me. I'm intent on making this almost 58 year old body as good as it can be. Have a good afternoon, everyone, and Maddie, be safe.

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Good afternoon, goils! (Just playing with a Joisey accent!)

Maddie, listen to BJ. She gives great advice on this subject.

Wodka, congrats on the good colonscopy results! I need to have this done this summer. UGH! My first one wasn't pleasant, so I've dreaded having it done again. But, I will. And, I totally understand your concern about being derailed by health problems.

Life is going pretty well here today, besides the fact that it's hot and humid - as usual!

I just wanted to see how everyone was doing, and now I'm going to take a cool, relaxing nap as I woke up at 6:15 and couldn't go back to sleep. Everyone have a good evening!

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BJ: Hawaii 5-0

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I guess it's time that I bit the bullet and bought some new scales. I don't care for anything too complicated, as Jack Webb/Dragnet used to say, "Just the facts, m'aam (how do you spell m'aam??)

Do any of you have scales that you would recommend? Thanks!

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Hi Wodka ---- and everyone else who HASN'T checked in today! lol.

Wodka-Congrats on your test!

QOD: I have a great scale; I love it. It weighs VERY accurately, unfortunately (!) but counts all these FRACTIONS of pounds, so when I am good, I can tell instantly. The brand name is: SOEHNLE.

I have so much running around to do today, a lot of driving involved. So I am off for a *painful* extraction of money at the gas pump.

All of these last minute details of getting the house ready for open house. No, I am not totally packed yet; I give up. Just too much stuff, I guess. I'm having the movers do the rest after this weekend. Move is scheduled for the end of June.

I have to make phone calls! Gotta fly!

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Thanks for the scale info and the congrats! Good luck on your move!

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QOD: What's up for the weekend?

I'm going to a girls-night-out at my friend's house Friday night. Saturday afternoon, a baby shower. Sunday from 11-5pm I am volunteering at our town's special festival. In between, DH and I have about 1,000 projects inside and outside the house.

[[[[[[[[[Maddie]]]]]]]]], I'm still praying for both of you. Hope things get back to semi-normal soon for you. Please give us a bit of a check-in when you can.


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QOD: This weekend:
Friday: Showing house to a realtor who wants to "preview" it for a client. Grabbing some crab at Costco and watching a movie w/DH. Maybe I'll eat it with my fingers like Jennifer Beal in Flash Dance---I know, I know, that was lobster, but I'm on the WEST coast, remember? We're crabby here!
Saturday: Hanging out and taking a bunch of my junque to the dump. Saturday night, I hope we can connect with some friends and gab a little.
Sunday: Swim meet all day. That night, moving all the furniture off the carpeted areas. Tuesday, a carpet cleaner is going to make this carpet look BRAND NEW for me!

Then, "SLEEP!---per chance to dream...."

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TGIF, everybody!!!!

Check in and let us know what's happening in your life and what you're doing this weekend.

Whatver plan you're on (or not), what's the HEALTHY snack you go for when you want to stay on track?
And what do you do on weekends to stay on track?

I feel a food-laden weekend coming up.

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Good Friday!! TGIF here too!!

It has been a busy and painful week. This neuroma in my foot has been getting worse and worse. My temporary orthotic is not working well enough to keep me pain free. Tuesday I saw the podiatrist and he did a scan to see what is going on exactly. It's really inflamed and well, angry as DH says LOL. So we tried an injection of cortisone directly into the nerve. Can we say OUCH x 1000? There is only a slight possibility that the nerve will quiet down and if it does I will still have to wear orthotics! So far, I am still in a good amount of pain and cannot walk normally. He said if I don't feel better within a week then it won't work! Keep fingers crossed. I have been wearing Sweet Pea's ice packs on my feet at work and at home and no relief. It was nice of SP to lend them to me. LOL

I am hosting a breakfast ride tomorrow. We will depart by horse from my house and return for shrimp and asparagus eggs Benedict starring my girls precious little jewels!! Should be fun and I hope my foot doesn't completely die on me.

QOD: I grab a Skinny Cow by WW only 2 points and tastes like 100!! So good. Also popcorn with olive oil.

QOD: Your plans for the weekend?

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Good Friday morning! I've been MIA because getting back to the old routine has taken its toll on this aging body.

I'm eating right and working out, but this week, I've increased the weights, and I'm worn out when I get home, so it's naptime! LOL

QOD: We have no plans for the weekend that I'm aware of. My "keep-me-sane-and-on-plan" snacks are 94% FF popcorn and WW ice cream bars (1 or 2 points depending on which one I eat). I try to find projects to do around here that will keep me distracted.

Suzanne, that sounds like such a painful thing you're dealing with on your foot. I hope the shot works. Your Saturday plans sound like a lot of fun. Enjoy!

BJ, hope the house-showing goes great today! It's not unheard of to sell a home the first day on the market and to a private looker. I'll cross fingers for you! XXXXXXXXX

Dee, you have a fun weekend ahead of you. I used to do things like that with my teacher/church friends, and I've missed it. Hope everything goes great, especially the eating!

Time to get ready to go work out. Have a safe and relaxing weekend, everyone!

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TGIF, indeed!

[[[[[[[Suzanne]]]]]]]]] Hope your shots work. I had one once in a hammer toe that helped a lot. Of course, I still have the hammer toe which makes me look so sexy in sandals! lol! The older I get, the more I love 'sensible'shoes. Be well!

QOD: Other than the obvious carrot sticks and/or piece of fruit...I snack on about 5 sourdough pretzel nuggets (1 point), and that takes the edge off if I eat them with a Fruit 2O, or a large bottle of flavored seltzer. I also use the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches which are only 2 points. I try not to use popcorn bcause I love it so much, I'm tempted to pop more than 1 bag. ;-) I'm not a real big fan of ice cream, so it's easy to stop at one sandwich.

Maddie, please check in with us.

Gotta run.......

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Hi Again!

NHSuzanne~ Here's to hoping your foot holds out over the weekend. This is kind of a stupid question, but you've had a 2nd opinion on the diagnosis of neuroma, right? Just want to be sure...It's only 'cause I care about you and don't want you, of all people, to be in pain. Are you SURE "everything is as it should be"? :-)

Welcome back, milkdud....missed u! Thanks for the cheering about the house. I hope it sells...we're not looking at offers until after the open house in the middle of this month. We want it to get a little more exposure on the market. I still have to get the website up-!

Dee: I'm with you on the popcorn---totally slippery slope. It, and pizza, Sun Chips, and Cheetos are my trigger foods. I simply can't stop eating them once I start!

QOD: When I am hungry for a salty treat, I eat 7 or 8 Multi-Grain Wheat Thins with a cut up Tilla-Moo (3/4 oz slice of cheese-snack size) on top. Sometimes I shred up a crispy pickle and add that to the top of it. And sometimes, I add a speck of Swedish mustard on each. The whole snack equals 3.5 points, but it stops me from binging and "decluttering" the fridge! lol!

I'm not too much of an ice cream person, but I'll have to try the Skinny Cow ice cream selections. I bought about a million flavored waters and teas last night to help me stay on track. Weekends are really hard for me!

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Dee, the Dr. said that about 15% of the people getting this particular nerve injected with cortisone develop a hammer toe! Isn't that strange? I hope be in the 85% percentile!! Pretty sandals are a thing of the past for me now unfortunately.

BJ, yes, my fist opinion mis-diagnosed this as plantar fasciitis and that's what I was self-treating myself for for the last six months. Actually, I have a Morton's Neuroma and it is a condition that many equestrians develop. I have also done my research on this. My doctor is NOT recommending surgery which makes me very comfortable. He said there are too many complications with this particular surgery and I have read all kinds of horror stories out on the internet! BJ, try the SKINNY COW. They are a great "treat". Thanks for your concern smoochies.

Milkdud, I missed you! You are so focused on your weight loss program and I am such a mess with mine. I read your posts and get great inspiration!!

Wodka, have you purchased a scale yet? I use a dumb old Terallion and it's accurate. It's the only scale I go by. When I go to the Dr. office theirs always says I weigh more!!

Maddie, please check in.

Did Raeanne go on vacation with out telling us? Where are you girlfriend?


All you MIA's????

Check in.

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I am here, just nursing a sore back. DD's room is done and put back together, but not without some pain! I stepped on a stool to tape off the ceiling and misjudged where my foot was. The stool tipped over and somehow smacked me full force on the leg. I have a black and blue mark that measures (yes, I measured it-lol), 6" x 4". And DH informed me that I have more black and blue marks on the back of my leg too. Even capris won't hide these bruises. It hurt like h*ll yesterday, but today it just feels like any other black and blue mark.

And all the twisting and turning to trim/paint the room didn't do my back any favors. Sitting seems to tighten it up, so I am only on the computer for a few minutes. I want to head off a full blown back ache if I can.

Can anyone call Maddie and see if she has read all the suggestions? I would sleep a lot better if I knew she had taken some action on BJ's advice. DeeMarie - do you have her number? All us mother hens need to know she is alright.

I haven't stepped on a scale for awhile, as I knew I had slipped up during May. Too many sweets. I am doing much better and the intense cravings seemed to have passed. But I know exactly what you mean BJ, about the scale having so much control. I have read studies that say that people who weigh themselves regularly do keep their weight levels more constant and/or keep their weight off. But I want another week of no sweets and sensible snacking under my belt before I step on the scale. I have been eating whole wheat pretzel rods, almonds, Triscuits, string cheese and fruit for my snacks. Today I craved grapes! Much better than craving cookies. And I love frozen grapes. They really hit the spot on a hot day like today.

Well, I have been sitting for long enough. I just wanted to check in and see if Maddie had posted.

Have a great weekend!!

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Hi, everyone.

I ended up with a Seca scale, just weighed a few minutes ago and if this one is anywhere accurate, I've lost now a total of 14 pounds in 31 days. Marci, I'm like you. I'm not a big fan of scales, but will probably weigh more periodically than in the past, which was once every 3 years, or at the doctor's office, whichever came first!

We're having dishwasher/garbage disposal problems, so can't linger. Hope everybody has a safe and accident-free (Marci, owwh!) weekend.

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Marci - ((((((HUGS))))) and OUCH. Thanks for checking in.

Wodka - WOW - you are doing great. Do NOT become a slave to the scale. You should pick a day and time to weigh in each week, instead of weighing everyday.

Maddie - I hope you were able to take some of BJ's advice. Please take action, we are worried for your safety.

Suzanne - ((((HUGS)))) I feel so badly about your foot. I hope the shots work with no negative side effects aside from the huge OUCH. It doesn't sound like you are allowing it to slow you down any. You go girl!

Dee - Like BJ, I can never have just a little popcorn or pizza.

Milkdud - sounds like you are having no problem staying on track with working out and eating.

BJ - let's hope this realtor has found the perfect person for your home and it is over that quickly. You are so amazing with all you accomplish with so much going on around you.

I have been so busy with work and play, but mostly work lately. I haven't had much free time for the computer, but I miss all of you when I'm not able to check-in. Thanks BJ for the shove!

QOD - last night we went to a Harvest dinner at a restaurant called The Farmhouse - it was a 7 course dinner, there were 10 of us and we had a great time. Tonight we are laying low and tomorrow we have dinner with friends. Sunday I have an art show and then the MIL arrives for 5 days. I already have knots in my stomach with anticipation. It will be a good time to practice my breathing exercises and working on tolerance.

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YAY Raeanne, for checking in. Sounds like you are having a blast, but busy!

Wodka: Hope you get your dishwasher woes strightened out. I have a new dishwasher sitting here, waiting to be installed in my kitchen. My old one has to be run on the "pots and pans" cycle to get anything clean!

Well, I am putting my sign out today and putting a little info on the website, but after the photographer comes and photgraphs my house, then I'll be ready to go full out on getting this place sold.

Did you hear that a Seattleite is suing the restaurant industry over their menus. She was on Weight Watchers and kept gaining weight eating out. Should be interesting...

Here is a link that might be useful: Beware when eating out...

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Hello everyone,
It's been an eventful weekend for me. I am very, very tired and my be 'off board for some time'. I promise to return as soon as I can.
Please continue to put one foot forward and keep smiling. I have a special family matter to attend to.

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I haven't been here long enough to know you very well, but you have been so kind and supportive from the beginning. I hope you get through your family matter with flying colors and are back here soon. I know you will be in all of our thoughts and prayers until then.

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McPeg - Sending positive thoughts and hugs to you and dealing with any family matters. We miss not having you on a regular basis - but we know you love playinging in the dirt.

BJ - you really know how to get a house in shape for a quick sale - I have a feeling it will all work out for you. I wish we could convince our Sellers to do half of what you have done.

Day 1 with MIL - all is well and no tension, no counting to 10 or 100 and no deep breathes or sighs LOL.

Have a peaceful evening.

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Peg, I just saw your other post and huge (((hugs))) to you. I am so very, very sorry for your loss and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. We are here for you whenever you need us...Donna

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