Tankless Water Heater-Please Help

g8rgrad98March 14, 2007

I searched for other threads and posted another about this, but I haven't found or recvd any feedback yet. Our gas tank water heater died and our home warranty approved $750 towards the replacement. I only need a small water heater here, since the dishwasher and washer (Bosch 700, which has a built in heater also) are all that run off of it.

What brand(s) are solid? The plumber pushed Renai, but I've heard of others as being decent...please share!

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Try searching for reviews on Epinions.com. They have 21 reviews of the Aquastar 125B, for example.

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In addition to the two mentioned above, Takagi is a well respected brand.


If you ever plan to add solar water heating, be sure to get a tankless that will automatically modulate its flame to add only as much heat as is needed to get the water up to temperature. All three of these brands offer models that do this.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tankless water heater

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Check your gas supply system before investing in a tankless for a retrofit. Many whole house type tankless water heaters require a gas supply nearly equal to your furnace and in many cases the existing gas system is not sufficient to meet the demand.

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