Closet Smells like Formaldehyde ??

sewnice50September 17, 2008

I am going nuts with this closet that suddenly started smelling awful. (It might not be formaldehyde but its just as bad.) I have emptied the closet, scrubbed the walls with oxy-clean. ripped out the carpet, scrubbed the floor with mr. clean. put plates of coffee grounds in this closet and it still reeks. I have 2 thoughts. My husband had a cheap leather jacket that had a strong odor from the day he bought it hanging in the closet. this summer was hot and the closet might have gotten hot and this jacket gave off some sort of gas?? or the house was newly sided with cedar siding oil primed, and the smell somehow permeated the closed closet and some sort of awful gas was produced?? when I started to smell this I put 2 jars of odor absorbent in the closet. I think it added to the cloud of stench. Its a chemical smell and its over powering. How do I get rid of this smell? My husband wants to buy an ozone generator, but I am against such a drastic purchase. I will have to either remove the linoleum or seal it with some sort of paint??

Please help I feel like moving.

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Put a bowl of vinegar in the closet overnight and see what happens. If the smell is one that is still being given off by whatever it is, the smell will come back when the vinegar's removed, otherwise it hopefully will go away.

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Could you repaint the closet? When I had a mouse die in the wall, after I got him out I put a big basket of cedar chips in the closet, that took the odor out and made the closet smell really good. .Debbie

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It doubt the walls and flooring have anything to do with the odor unless this is a new home/addition.
Is there a bathroom backing any of the walls of the closet?

If so, have a plumber come out and check the vents & sewer connections.

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Here is an update. The closet is on an outside wall opposite our front door so there was no vent pipe issue. My husband painted it Saturday and the smell is almost gone. The linolium floor no longer seems to smell but the back of the closet door still stinks. It has a mirror on it so we did not paint it Saturday. I am going to take a MR. Clean eraser to the exposed paint and hope that finishes off the smell. If it doesnt we will have to paint that too. We are going to put down carpet tiles so they can be easily removed and even cleaned it need be. This smell coated the walls like paint! What an ordeal.

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