Heat pool with geo or solar.....installing geo for home build now

andi_kMarch 22, 2012

We are in the process of a new home build and are going the geo route for the home heating/cooling. We could increase the geo system a bit to support heating a pool later or...or we could keep the geo system as is and just go solar for the pool.

Any opinions?

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Some calculations need to be done. If you can not do them, you probably need a professional to help you with other aspects of your house design.

Are you heating your water with the ground source heat pump or solar? Did someone do some calcs that indicate that is the best way? That miht be a clue? Solar pool heat is a lot less expensive than for potable water though, so it is not a given.

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If you plan to use geo to do radiant in-floor, pool heating or snow melt, purchase a triple function unit. Force air heating and cooling, domestic hot water and full capacity hot water for radiant in-floor, pool heating and snow melt all in one package.


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Well, this dilemma is solved. The geo guys wants another $20K to expand the system to support the pool. I'm thinking 20k for a pool heater is a bit much :)

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So you are going solar with the pool?

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Well, I know I'm definitely not going with geo. And, that's what I needed to figure out now while we are digging the geo for the new home build. At 20K for that, it's not worth it. So, I'll figure out how to heat the pool next year when we are doing that. But, yes, I am leaning towards solar.

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Just curious...Where in the country are you?

My old friend/neighbor in Michigan built a new home with Geo (incredibly impressive feat of engineering). I'm now in San Diego and researching PV solar to replace the the existing thermal solar for the pool, home built in 2000, not certain when the thermal solar was added (not done in the best way) so we're repairing the roof. One solar co said the solar is on it's last legs. Started some research & found it should last about 30yrs, but normally warrantied for 10yrs. Need to continue research & find truly reputable company that would give me an honest answer.

Hope everything is going well with your build & decision.

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Now as electricity charges are high and power cutting is also more so I think better to install the solar systems, initial cost will be high but other benefits will be there know.I haven't seen any where to heat the pool using this system.
I don't have clear idea about geo system but in bangalore it is made compulsory rule to keep on solar heater for an individual home.

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