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nhsuzanneJune 13, 2011

Good morning lady bugs,

It's Monday again. Come out and tell us what you did over the weekend.

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Hello everyone!

Suzanne, thanks for getting the party started. Don't want you to be a one-woman show this week!

Weekend? Friday night, I met our corporate nurse at a local Relay for Life to 'represent'. I literally bathed myself in Off and was not bitten by one bug! Unfortunately, we got home after 1am, so I slept through my Saturday morning Zumba class. Got lots done around the house, including a big shopping trip for produce. Spent some time preparing meals and salads for this week that are extremely low carb. Gonna try that for a bit and see what happens. Oh yes, we took my stepdaughter and her hubby out for their first anniversary. Lovely Italian place. We had lots of laughs.

This week I'm catching up on Zumba...took a class last night and going to make this evening's 5pm class here at the office.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Marci, hope you are having lots of fun in Florida!

Check in!

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Good morning!

Okay, where is everybody? I thought I was late posting this week...

My weekend consisted of finishing a small deck outside the front door - we had DH's family visit for a day and needed a sitting/BBQ area. It's a floating deck atop a build up of gritty soil that I tampered down as building it up level. In the winter we're going to pile wood on it.

All other time, weather permitting is my usual activity - gardening. While taking our family for a little stroll on our mowed walking path we share with our friends living a couple of fields away (next house down the road) I discovered an area filled with small wild pink rose bushes. I'm going to ask our friends if I can dig some up and they also have beautiful white anemone flowers in abundance so I'm hoping to get some of those as well.

I want to get outside but it will have to wait until this afternoon - our weather is still unsettled this morning, cold (13C or 56F) and windy. The trees are whipping around.

There's a million things I could be doing in here but I'm tired this morning. Taking it "off" so to speak. Did my weekly weigh-in. I was losing too much weight so I've been increasing my meals to get my weight a my maintenance level again. Sometimes when I'm gardening I get so into it I forget to eat breakfast and lunch...not a good habit at all.

That's it for my excitement.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a warmer afternoon with more sun (forecasted) so I can get outside.

C'mon folks - let's hear from you.


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Good fricken early 4:30am morning! (Had to pee, of course once I'm up I WANT COFFEEE!!!!! So here I am. Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Crappy weather day yesterday. Crappy body yesterday - just wanted to sleep all day long. I get those every so often. So I slept on and off all day. Totally lifeless.

Dinner was with friends on their deck over looking a pond. Listened to the birds, frogs, wild turkeys. Had a huge serving of bean salad. Forgot about bean salads - they are soooooo gooooood. Since I'm more with it today, going to get out some chicken to bake tonight. Too much red meat lately.

Dee your planning is smart. I love salads especially in the summer. Zumba classes, eh? Is that the mad cycling thing?

I'm a happy camper this morning, my neighbour said I could have some of their wild rose bushes. Yay! Their small and have a light scent and spikey stems - wildlife leave them alone. And they also said I could have some of the white anemone that Phil has in abundance in front of his pond - yay! Catherine gave me a tray of small different coloured pepper plants - I told her I don't buy pepper seeds in packets. I take them from the peppers I buy, dry them for a week and then plant them. Talk about 110 percent germination. These are mini bell peppers she had in salad different colours - now I have a tray full to plant. I'll be keeping seeds for next year.

Garden, garden, garden. That's my life and home gym club. I need to get out into the fields a bit to get some tree limbs to make plant supports - there's tons of small trees crowding each other out to trim. I'll enjoy the walk.

Thursday I'm going to a diabetic clinic at our local medical center. First time in over a decade - great medical center for a small town. I'm not on medication but I want to keep an eye on things. One of the reasons I've been working at getting my weight down. All part of my healthy lifestyle plan moving forward. Hubby is also booked since he had a glucose fasting test which turned out 'funny'. They say he is pre-pre diabetic whatever the hell that means. Heck we're just abnormal which is normal for us. I'm shocked he's agreed to go. Dave is going to be 50 this year and thinks he is now closer to dying with living. Good heavens Charlie Brown! Okay, he has horrid joint problems from old military training, football and hockey injuries - he is finding it hard woodworking on large projects - his body lets him know. But after a desk job career without exercise no wonder he's feeling it now. He has lost weight since moving out here but is still heavy. I keep reminding him Rome wasn't built in a day and things will get done in good time. At least he is going to the clinic. Whether or not he goes back is another story.

Today is an outside day - no rain clouds! Yippppeeeee. Fresh air, bugs, birds, dirt - the final frontier.

What's on your plate today? Getting out for a walk? Taking a cue from Dee and planning ahead?

How ya all doing? Let's make this a great day!


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Hello everyone!

Been eating well all week, and this afternoon had a business lunch at an Indian place. Soooooooo gooooooood. I stuck with mostly veggies and a bit of chicken and naan. Tonight I'll make myself a salad with some fresh mozarella, since DH had dinner with his brother and mom on Wednesdays.

Zumba again last night and it was wild! We danced and danced and danced....Hip Hop, African, Tropical, Salsa, Bollywood, you name it!!!! I felt great!

Check in people!!!

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Wow, is it ever quiet here this week! Hope everyone is well and having fun.

I am on the countdown to my annual trip to Acadia National Park. Leaving early on Sunday morning and have tons of things to do to get ready to go.

I hope everyone has a chance to check in before this week is out!

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Here's our group flag I'm handing over one to both Dee and NHSuzanne - we're waving it to attract attention. C'mon girls - wave bigger!!!!

Where the heck is everybody?

Fine, then we'll just eat the cake and ice cream by ourselves. And since it's all virtual online there's zero calories so I'm adding a bottle of baileys and dishing that out over the ice cream and in glasses. What the heck let's go for it!

Of course we'll have to park the flags in the middle of the cake while we're eating and drinking. Best of all we only get a virtual hangover....hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!

Been fancying beer lately so I got a case of 0.5% pretend I'm a beer from the grocery store beer. Made by Molson - best served almost frozen. I don't care for pop and sometimes mentally want a beer. So I'm having non-alcoholic beer in the garden. Much better for me. And I enjoy it more right now because I'm not hurting myself with it - trying still to eat better.

Had a terrific visit at our local medical center with the gals from the diabetic clinic. I'm sitting on abnormal - diet controlled. I love getting free access to a dietitian, especially since it's been almost 20 years since attending a clinic. I learned new information regarding my diet and being a type 2 diabetic since I was a kid. All part of my healthy tune-up. I truly feel I want to be in the driver's seat getting older for as long as I can do it. And I need a slap up the side of the head with my eating habits. I think I need to return to using my WW daily journal for what/when I'm eating. I'm all over the map during the day, mainly I'm forgetting to eat. Bad girl. Bad Peggy. Have to smarten up or I'll be sitting in the corner at my next clinic. Oh the hand-outs are even better with CDs too! Love that.

But seriously, how is everyone today? Dee you're on the right track and seriously I'm with ya all the way girl!
NHSuzanne I think I'd love to attend a dancing work out class but does listening to country music while gardening count? I am digging heavy dirt.

Lets be good to ourselves this weekend. We deserve nothing but the best. You take care of everyone else, why not get some personal time for YOU in this weekend?

Hugs and cheers to everyone -
C'mon - join in!


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Hi Peggy, and anyone who's reading today. You seem lonely over here this week :)

I don't really have much to say. I've been listening to a book called Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. It's been interesting so far. He says, as many have, that it's not really just about calories and exercise. That's been my experience, too. It would be nice if it were really so simple as calories in vs energy out, but for me it never has been.

For any of you who remember me talking about my internet friend, whom I met about 8 years ago - he's had problems all along but I keep writing. He has a bad time with relationships. He most recently was planning to marry someone he met online. They planned to start a family together for about 3 years and he kept putting it off. Now she's changed her mind and he wants her back. He says he's going to go after her, though she's told him she wants nothing more to do with him. I know it's not my problem, but it still has me feeling scared for both of them. He doesn't seem to "get" anyone's needs but his own. He was 21 when I met him and is 30 now. He says I'm the only one in his life that he can talk to, and I can see why.

Other than that, I miss my kitty, but am getting through it. I can feel her sweetness and love with me.

Anyway, that is some of the places my mind has been. It's pleasant here, but getting hot with summer, and the shower trees are blooming til November.

- amy

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Happy Saturday to all! You managed to bring me out of hiding today to wish everyone a great weekend.

NHSuzanne and Dee, thank you for your good wishes over at FB. I woke up today feeling 100% better. I kicked whatever was ailing me yesterday!

I need to run to the bank now, but I did want to come here and say hi to everyone.

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