Help! what kind of biting insect has invaded my home?

CassandraSeptember 24, 2007

Over the last few weeks I've been itching from something in my home that is biting me. I saw the thread on fleas, but I don't know if these are fleas or not. I cannot see anything, but I can feel little bites and in certain places in my house they'll fly up my nose or in my ear. I'm just itchy and jumpy all over, but the bites just itch momentarily with no welts or red marks (not, for example, like mosquito or fly bites). I think fleas leave noticable red marks, don't they? These must be something like biting gnats or noseeums, but I have scoured to make sure there is no left out food, etc., and I can't figure out where they are coming from. I've never seen anything like a "swarm" of them -- in fact, again, I can't see them at all. We've had continuing hot, humid weather well into September. I've tried spraying DEET-type spray in areas, including around the perimeter of the house, but I'm still getting bit inside. Does anyone have any ideas???

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set off some bug bombs in teh house. READ AND FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS. if it is fleas, you will have to re-treat in about 10 days.

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Read about mites. There are many different types, however, usually there is some sort of rash from the interaction with them.I don't want to scare you or anything, but itching with no rash or welt could also result from diabetes, liver disease and certain neurological disorders. One other critter you may want to check into are no-see-ums. The usually don't go into your home but you never know.

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Good heavens, don't be spraying chemicals all over your house if you're not even sure what you're dealing with!
If these critters are not leaving a mark and you don't see them, how do you know they're critters at all?
Can't you catch one if they get into your nose??

You could be dealing with some sort of cloth fiber that you're allergic to, or maybe there is some fiberglass or other building materials flying about your home (perhaps via air conditioner ducts), or some airborne plant thing. You could also have some sort of skin condition caused by any number of things.

Just about anything that bites would leave a mark unless you are really super sensitive. Is anyone else getting damaged? How painful are these things?
Point is, find out what you have before taking measures like setting off bug bombs! The cure could be worse than the disease.

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Set some glue traps to catch the culprits so you can identify them, then take the appropriate action.

Once you have a couple trapped if you can't identify them contact your State College Agricultural Extension Service and they will be glad to identify what your have and the best and safest way to deal with them.

YOu can find your state college Ag ext service by running an online search...

By example: search for- "Ohio State University Agricultural Extension Service"

You will find an ag service in every state and they generally have field offices throughout the state. Their would be no charge for the identification and they offer free bulletins on how to deal with the pests.

I find this to be the best source of information because they will have real entomologists make the identification and they are not in the business of selling a product so you can get honest and reliable answers.

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Well, we have an identification -- the little critters are biting gnats (sometimes called biting midges or noseeums). Evidently plain old DEET mosquito spray keeps them at bay. What is still unknown is why I seem to have them in the house. I can't wait for the first frost!

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They could be fleas. Different people get different reactions to them. I get bit bad and get red welts. My wife only occasionally gets bit and no welts. Fleas can jump high and they can get inside your ears and nose. They are impossible to see. Sprinkle borax in your carpet. Leave a week then vacuum. Vacuum everything including chair cushions. Throw out vacuum cleaner bag. If you have pets, treat them. They have flea drops that you squeeze into the pet's fur in the back of their neck. Use monthly. A vet can tell you if your pet has fleas.

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I have had a similar experience with biting midges or noseeums. I went through a long process of getting them id'd and the county extension finally said they were biting midges. I live next to some ponds. They don't seem to bother my neighbors. They came in the house on or around April 14, and they are still here! I am in the process of finding some other place to live, away from ponds where they hatched. No one seems to have any answers. I am really freaked because they are in my car and follow me around on my clothes. I can't believe that its 2011 and there appears to be no solution. The pest control people don't want anything to do with them

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Ive been getting bitten, only me! Leavin bites on me. Not any area of
My body more than others and not any certain room in the house. Been goin on about 2 wks. Not doing anything any different than normal and basically been home for these past 2 wks other than 1 night at my moms and 1 in mil barricks. I can feel something jump on my skin like a flea, but ive sprayed for fleas and I never see anything!! Its drivung
Me CRAZY and I have bites everywhere and i dont know what to do!!

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Did you find a solution? My husband and I both are being bitten in our home by some invisible insect, I guess. This started suddenly about 3 weeks ago. I have large, red, itchy bumps on different parts of my body, the arm, leg, ankle, finger, elbow and back. As they start to heal, they leave dark spots. We are African American, but the spots are very red. My husband has recent bites on his neck, behind the ear, legs, arm and forehead. We seem to get them on exposed areas. I get them on the back when sitting in front of the computer. I feel sharp bites, with immediate itching. The intense itching continues for days. Each day, there is another or more bites. We never see anything, and we have searched the bed for bedbugs with no signs of bugs. We have always washed all covers and pillows once a month, but sheets and pillow cases are changed weekly. We don't have any pets, only the neighbors have pets, but they do not visit, and we do not interact with their pets. What can this be?

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Use sticky traps to try and catch them for identification.

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Thank you!

But what should I use as a sticky trap? They are now biting me in the face, on the palm of my hand, on the bottom of my feet, and arms and shoulders. This is getting to be very frightening.

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Has any one considered bed buga?

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Yes, I considered that, but I inspected the bed and see no signs of bedbugs. We also covered our mattress with a plastic cover, but continue to be bitten. We are also being bitten in the daytime. I feel them in other rooms during the day. I am beginnig to feel like it would be simpler if it were bedbugs.

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For those of you being bitten by something unseen, especially Esor55, google scabbies. It not only describes this insect, it shows the leasons and how to treat the bites. However, if your home is infested with scabbies, it is difficult to rid your home of this pest.

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Thank you for the response, but my husband and I both have been seen by 2 dermatologists and treated for scabbies (just in case), but have ruled out scabbies. The original bites were large itching welts that lasted for about 10 days and left dark scars, but now we get little stings and itcing, but no scars and itching goes away after scratching. Originally, we were bitten about 2 to 3 times a day, now we are bitten throughout the day all day and night. Feeling of something flying in the the face, eyes, nose and ears is constant. When I cotton swab my ears, I see a tiny spec on the q tip. I placed them on tape, and placed them on an index card. They feel hard to the touch when I rub my finger across the tape on the card. I also have the crawling sensation in my hair, constant washing of the hair is annoying. The constant sneezing from feeling the flying in my nose is also annoying. I find tiny white things on my laptop, spiral, dark clothing, or any dark surface. They feel hard to the touch when I tape them to an index card. Some are very tiny and round and some very tiny with a long shape.

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I forgot, we have no symptoms of scabbies, no itching between the fingers, the wrists and the backs of the elbows, the knees, around the waist and umbilicus, the axillary folds, the areas around the nipples, the sides and backs of the feet, the genital area, and the buttocks. We have no small bumps (medically termed papules) and no blood crusts. We have no break in the skin, and no blisters. When the itching and welts went away, they left dark spots. We don't get them anymore. This leads me to believe we did not have scabbies, nor do we have scabbies.

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Dear Esor55,
did you solve the problem? I have the same problem for 1 month, and as you went to two dermatologists. They treated me for scabies, just do something... But it is not scabies
Please help

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We had something like this last year and thought it might be fleas, no-see-ums, etc. but could not identify it. My wife was getting bitten and I was not.

We shampooed the carpet, washed bedding, rewashed clean clothes that sat in an area where she was getting bitten, washed all the throw rugs at the laundromat, etc. etc. It faded away after a month or so and we have had no further problems. I suspect a tiny insect but we never did identify it.

We were ready to use a bug bomb on the house if the cleaning didn't take care of it, so you might consider that.

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How do you get the biting gnats out of the house? I have tried bug bombs and sprays----but nothing kills them. I am constantly been bit, but they do not bite my husband. I have tried 7 or more sprays, towels and diffusers. At night, I have to cover my body in skin-so-soft and use cold packs to try to keep my body cool. I have talked to the Dr and everyone I meet, but no one knows what I can do. I have also been doing research on the computer. I called the extention office and now I am waiting for them to return my call. Any suggestions? HELP!

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I dont know if this thread is still being followed, but i hope so! To anyone who hasn't had this problem,you have NO-IDEA what it is like. Biting gnats,no-see ums,biting midges,moose flies in maine,there so many names and subspecies depending on what part of the country you live in. They are in the same family as other single pair wing insects(black flies,mosquitos ect.). That means alot of them carry all the same diseases that the others carry. These must be taken seriousely, they are extremely resileant.Moisture is the big thing.For people that means sweat,oil from skin,especially back of neck,places like hearline,ears,nose,mouth,feet/shoes are big because our bodys continually sweat to release heat.Even non-biting plant midges need blood for the female to lay eggs.Just like fleas they go through an entire cycle of life,from egg,larve,Ect. they are called instars.Mosquitoes live approx. 4 days(as adults), these things live 7-14.They will lay eggs ANYWERE they can. They look like(eggs or larve) a small white gritty smear,or scratch on furniture,that are extremelly hard to remove.When wet like in pet water bowl,look like small bubbles on bottom or side of bowl.when they hatch they leave small brown pieces of there caccoon behind(They alone look like some kind of small mite or tick, untill you look under a microscope or good magnifying glass.They usually live in moist soil,grass,rivers,drains,fecies ect.,and are known for there ability to live in the most polluted water that other insects cant.Im not trying to sound like a know-all,but i also have been told there fleas,lice,mites,scabies,and never having any of these before i believed them.BELIEVE ME scabie treatment is not something you want unless your TOTALLY SURE(make sure they do a skin scrapping first).Coating your whole body from chin to toe with the same poison(permethryn) thats in bug-bombs is not fun,it has some pretty wacky side effects(considering your absorbing that poison through your skin).Find a good teaching hospital instead of a high-tech specialty type of hosp.They usually see out of the ordinary cases.Most modern Dr's arent trained or used to seeing this problem,and if you are like me and my pets,by the time they listen,give you the proper tests.(They are not your usuall blood,urine,ect.)its to late.It took me 6x to PCP,and different specialists(for me),and 4x w/cats before someone took me seriously,and thats because 4cats,one dog,and myself got parasitic cyctes in atleast one eye,and they had to believe me.All this started mid-may and only now am i getting the treatment i asked for.I was told all the spraying for mosquitos,because EEE and other diseas's.that midges have been pushed into peoples houses,because the pesticides dont have very much affect on them.

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We are in the same boat. It started early September, and here it is November. My husband and I are both affected, son isn't. I've seen the PCP(2 xs), allergist, dermatologist, and a homeopathic. I've been told it's dry skin. I've had doctors tell me that it can't be mites because there would be a rash. Well, we can't find an insect, and we do not have a rash. I was even told to see a neurologist(this makes no sense as my DH has same symptoms). We have fogged with a cedar oil fogger, and it hasn't helped yet. I've done window spray, epsom salt, Kleen Green, apple cider vinegar, listerine, neem oil, neem shampoo and capsules, and vics. We clean, vacuum, and wash clothes daily. I've even bought an ionizer as I've heard it helped others with the same problem. I have spent thousands in just a short time. I have talked with pest control companies, and they can't help us unless theres evidence of what insect it is. I talked with a man who sells pesticides to companies, and he said there isn't anything out there for mites. If you don't know of anything that could at least help us, please pray for us. Thank you

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About scabies.
If you feel stings like a needle specially on your feet, that probably means you have scabies. If your other half is not itching it may be that his/her immune system is very good and your might be a little off. That is why some people don't get scabies and others do.
The biggest problem with scabies is that once doctors prescribe Permetrin and does not work, that automatically people assume that they don't have scabies, but the problem is that Permetrin seem not to work for many types of scabies, specially the Scandinavian type.
I am super clean and fought scabies for 5 years. I bought a pajama, a pillow and socks, at Ross Dress For Less. People buy items and them return them, and little you know you end up getting infected. Clothes bought at consignments shops can also be a reason for worry...
Try to sleep with no underwear, or pajamas, since the elastic on your wait probably can house the little creatures and even when you wash those garments, it's hard to get rid of them. Try to iron your clothes, specially your bed sheets. Wash your feet before coming to bed and try not to walk barefoot or with socks at home, although socks maybe better than bare feet. I always were sandals or shoes at home. If you feel a sting on your feet wash it right of way and change socks. Vacuum clean your home and right of way get rid of the dust being careful to dump outside and seal in a plastic bag.
Some people feel the skin itchy not because scabies make your itchy automatically, but because some people are allergic to the drops that scabies leaves under the skin. Sometimes people can be so allergic that they might have a sensation of fever, or just feel the skin "warm" to the touch, night sweats may be part of it as well.
Anyway, I used Witch Hazel with Viva paper towel (it feels like cloth) for the longest. Dump Witch Hazel on a paper towel and clean the area were you have the bites. Fold the paper and clean the next area. I hear that Ivermectin is good to take internally, but you would need to ask your doctor. Sometimes scabies end up getting into your anus. It's is so upsetting to be out and about and getting that sensation. It is horrible. People think that you can get scabies only from sexual partners but that is not truth. You can get them in hotel beds or by leaving clothing on the floor. Never leave any clothing on the floor either at home or at a Hotel, or doctor's office. Scabies stay mostly in the floor, they get to your bed or clothing usually through your feet, nails (always brush them, feet and hands), or clothing. Make sure to wash all clothing that you buy prior to wearing them, whether they are new or second hand. I am now kinda of cured, but once in a while when I feel a sting on my feet, I wash them right of way.
Good luck and remember "Witch Hazel" with Viva Paper towel. Target is the best place (price) to buy Witch Hazel. If you are in the car, carry a little bottle of hand gel sanitizer and paper towels to wipe. Don't forget to vacuum clean your car! If you have carpet, you might have to move to a wooden floor place, or change your flooring...
Scabies can be a nightmare and it appears that the makers of Permetrin are quite happy that Doctors never stop to question the effectiveness of Permetrin (for the stronger kind of scabies). Honestly, it came to a time, that I gave up and felt embarrassed and afraid that my doctor would think that it was my fault that Permetrin was not working, but I am extremely clean and celibate at the time when I got scabies.

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I found this thread via an internet search. Something keeps biting me, yet not biting anyone else in my family! I never see a bug, yet I have these tiny red little bites and they itch like crazy! Any suggestions? SO tired of this!!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

This thread is making me itch!

If what you have are fleas, just sprinkle salt in the carpet. It kills them.

Vacuum and re-salt.

I'm so sorry for all of you.

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The problem you are having is black flies or no see ums. We get them in the spring when we have a lot of rainy weather. My mom & brother are allergic to the bites & end up with large welts from the bites. We can't figure out how to keep these pests away. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Oh, my goodness! I cannot believe you have the same problem I am having. Something has been biting me for months. I finally found a few culprits. One is a round, hard, black dot. How it gets from one place to another, I have no idea. Anyway, when I press on it, it pops with soft stuff inside. Another is the biting gnat, which was the worst until lately. Now, it is a small white flying insect that also gets into my ears and nose. The white ones are everywhere: on me, my clothing, the couches, the floor, etc. They bite day and night, but especially after dark. The bites are sharp, then immediately after, become itchy. No one in my family suffers from these bites except me. My husband mentioned that it may not be bugs but my nerves. I'm so glad I have something to show him to let him know it is not just me. We bombed the house. It killed some of the gnats but that's it. Now, I get more bites than before. Lately, I've been ready to move out! But, not an option for me. I have samples of some of these things to take to the county agent. I've started vacuuming every other day. I'm going to wash everything and shampoo the carpet as one of you suggested. Thanks to you all for your input!

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Oh my gosh, I have had this problem. No, this is not just nerves. You're not going nuts. I will help you get rid of this problem. For immediate relief, take an antihistamine--the best ones are non-drowsy such as Allegra or Claritin. That will stop the itch. Using white vinegar, liberally scrub down your countertops. Wash your sheeting in hot water and run them in the dryer. Next, are you out in your garden a lot? This is especially a concern for who wrote during the warm weather months. If you are, you need to change your clothes immediately upon entering the house, and throw those gardening clothes in the washing machine & wash on hot. Ideally, take a shower as well. Also, remove your shoes when you come indoors; you may be unwittingly bringing unwanted critters in. Leave your shoes outside your door; if possible run hot water over the soles. Check your indoor house plants. Chances are, they're full of bugs that are migrating to you. Are you over watering your plants? Those mites you speak of, that seem to hover around your eyes and nose, really spread around damp house plants. Try letting the plants dry out more between watering. Good luck.

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This response is to the original poster of this discussion. I think it was 'marita40' who posted. I didn't read everyone's post, but from reading marita40's post, I can say that I identify with what you're going through. All of a sudden, we started getting these white bugs biting, mainly me. My husband says he's not bugged by the bugs. I have felt really intense bites and the minute I do, I put my entire hand over the area right on the skin and have caught these small little white bugs that feel 'grainy' to the touch. So i think they are rat mites at this point and will have the exterminator come to check the attic. There is no other explanation. And yes, I think they fly or jump, and they definitely jump and run fast. So if you think you're bitten by one of these, then quickly put your entire had over the area of the bite and feel around. It's hard to find them, but you will find them after a while. I think they start really small and then the adults are bigger and easier to see with the eye. They are as small as or smaller than fleas. I've been vacuuming alot(I know, I hate rugs too, but we live in a rental and it has some rug areas), and wash & dry our sheets often, but they weren't here in the beginning when we moved in. I'm going to have the rugs cleaned and see what happens. It took about a year and a half for this problem to surface, so we have to figure out why they're here, but my guess is because there might be rats in the attic and although I hate to think of it, it's probably the case and we'll have to deal with it. Thanks for posting marita40. Those little critters fly or jump at night in my face, and try to crawl in my nose and ears too. It is sooooo annoying, I can't even begin to tell you how annoying it is I am beginning to loose sleep now because of them, unless I have a few glasses of wine so I can sleep a little better! Look what they're driving me to do! (just trying to make light of this annoying pest). Just last night I caught one that bit my back and then I immediately looked in the mirror and saw a welt around the bite right after and showed it to my husband. He is not bitten himself (he says), and he can now see that I'm not crazy. I'm sure there's a solution and we'll find it. Good luck everyone with this problem. I've never delt with something like this in my life, but I'm sure there's a solution.

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I have been getting bites for over a month. I thought it was fleas at first, then I thought bed bugs, I have looked into scabbies, shingles, gnats, EVERYTHING! I get a slight itch, then, sometimes hours later, the most intense burn/itch/hurt, then a HUGE lump. They last for days. Mostly on my legs and arms, but I have got them on my palms, sides of palms, toes, neck, forehead, back, back of head. They get more swollen at night, and very itchy. Some of them are as big as a quarter, and raised up to 1/2 inch. We have cleaned and re-cleaned EVERYTHING in the house, in the vehicles, and at my work. I wasn't sure where I was getting them til recently. (home). I have tried everything over the counter. We have used every commercial product we could get. I have tried many "home remedies" and even prescriptions. I am at my wits end! (oh, and I am the only one getting bites! No hubby, dog or cats are getting bit!) I am willing to try just about anything! If I have to walk in a circle three times and say "please don't bite me any more" 10 times, I will!

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I think the reason many posters see nothing with the naked eye (or mere specks) is because these things are microscopic. They appear to morph into many stages, the biting stage seems to be when they hatch and look about the size of 1/3 of a grain of pepper. I've seen dandruff looking dust everywhere; short white threadlike pieces on furniture; very small white fuzzy dots that when held up to a bright light show a dark nucleus inside; the clear/white/black dots (black I believe is the young stage after feeding on your blood) and I've seen the long, white boney spikey fish bone looking pieces. They come in stages - and hatching seems to occur every 7-10 days. Look at all of your clothing, towels and furniture a little more closely.

You may have mistaken this parasite for mere house dust.

Every one of these I described are not mere skin samples, dust or dirt as skeptics will counter. Every one under the microscope is alive and very much an organism that came from my skin or environment! They are frightening looking under a microscope.

Some stages have long tentacles that seem to connect with others of the same. I found what appears under the scope is an egg sac. It was on my wrist - it was wet and mucus-like and showed to have many small dots surrounding it. OMG.

Attached are a few images I took through the lens with a digital camera. I have seen an advanced stage (who is laying the eggs, I think) that looks like a white boney spikey type of stick. These were found in an undisturbed area and I believe they are possibly a springtail infestation. From the springtail (aka Collembola) specimens, it looks like it is engineered to be one tough little critter. I am going to try a cedar cold fogging method for the entire house. It has to be done several weeks in a row, in order to suffocate all the stages.

I believe this is morgellons. All of those long strands look like what you see on morgellon sites.This is not nature, but manufactured/engineered.

The pertinent question is by whom and for what purpose.

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Taking down post until insects are identified.

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Thought I would post a follow up to my mysterious parasite that has bred throughout the inside of my home!

I have spent $1000 trying to find a way to eliminate them, with no real luck. I have seen all stages of what I believe is the same parasite/hexapod or arthropod. Recently while outside in the back yard, I saw the complete adult parasite!! The photo I posted above about "the spiky thing" is it's tail -- the rest was white and about the width of two pieces of ordinary string, measuring about an inch long. It was perched on a screen near a bunch of eggs. The photo I took [above] was only of the adult's tail. OMG. I wish I had a camera at the time.

Every week there is an outbreak of microscopic black dots, black oblong sticks (very small and thin) and still the white dandruff looking dots. We cleaned the vehicles and they were inundated with these white dandruff looking lint and various sizes of small,white thread-like things. And at some stage, they bite really hard. They can jump and crawl, perhaps at different stages. If it was a mite, they don't jump...they only crawl.

It is so bad (the biting & the parasitic stages) that I am currently setting up vendors to REMOVE all the carpet in my house and replace it with vinyl or laminate. These things are definitely breeding in the carpet. Every time I vacuum, it agitates them and they break out everywhere. I have tried cedar oil spray and foggings (@$100/per gallon per fogging), but it hasn't eliminated the little breeders and biters. It is absolutely insane. My partner is being bit as well, so no delusions here. From what I have read, there is a whole community of folks having issues with this and are referring to them as collembola as well as having seen a species of engineered mites. All the same symptoms several of us have posted here and on the other forums since 2007. Too bizarre.

My next option is to submit these different stages of parasites to my local university's entomology dept for testing. Will be interesting to see what they come up with. And it is $21 per submission. Wish I could combine them all into one sample, to save money.

The odd part is most all of the forums I visit from searching this dilemma are OLD. 2007-2013 is about the time frame. I wonder why I am not bothered by this now? We are frustrated, confused and have no luck/resources in properly identifying this nearly microscopic hexapod. The nearest ID is some form of the springtail/collembola -- which 50% say do not bite. It is the hardest bite I have ever felt! And since it is never seen when it creates a needle stick-like bite, it is likely the newly born stage.

Will visit again once I remove all the carpet $$$ and submit samples to the local university entomology dept.

I am posting a photo of a springtail and why they appear white & spiky.(Magnified tens of thousands of times) These details are not usually detected by the human eye. It is referred to as a hexapod, which is found outside in soil and in leaf litter, can jump a hundred times their body length in one leap. The rabbit ear-looking appendages are actually the tail that allows it to jump/leap (thus called the SPRINGtail).

The link I am posting describes exactly some of the issues I have had since early summer. Hope it is helpful to those who are having this issue.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2009 Forum discussing micro-biters in home

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Here is another photo just to let you see how small some of the ones you CAN see... really are!

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And the black dots I refer to ...

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the magnified springtail didn't here it is....

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By any chance has someone had any luck in dealing with this nightmare? my family has been fighting them going on 5 months now and we are wore thin from this whole ordeal. These insects have invaded every aspect of our lives and we cannot find help from anyone. No luck with doctors or even the exterminator companies we have here. We have even been accused of using meth by some that don't believe us. I find it hard to believe that a problem this horrible and that effects so many has no treatment or even simple answers. I am passed being disgusted with this thing. someone plz help.

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What most of us are dealing with are Biting Midges or (Noseeems). I found them in two large spots each the size of a fist, nested under a leather recliner couch. I sprayed them dead on and in two hours they were gone, apparently not dead, but scattered throughout the small upstairs apartment I had only been living in for two or three months. They rarely invade houses, but they do. The most important thing is to be able to sleep, rest, live, work, and remain sane. I've tried about everything and still have them, but they are unhappy and I want to keep them that way. Thankfully I am a retired aerospace worker, a single widower and have the time and health needed to try to make them leave, but it is time and health that could be much better spent. These bugs are definitely a game changer and can easily affect the outcome of a life or a war.
So; after layers of liquid pesticides and fog have been futilely applied, during the first near freeze, I opened all the windows and slept in my travel trailer. The bugs hated it. Then with advice from a Spectracide employee I met at a HomeDepot I began sprinkling DE powder and Boric Acid everywhere including my mattress but on the inside of an airtight mattress cover. It seemed to be working so I also drilled holes in cabinet bases and pumped some in there using the Boric Acid container and a dust mask (always wear one when applying pesticides). So far I have had few ill effects from the powders that settled after a day or so, but think the occasional wheeze I am developing is from the smelly liquid pesticides and forgetting to use the mask. The advisor said he has relatives that said "Bug Stop Home Barrier” was very effective for Biting Midges or (Noseeems). I bought that too, but haven't tried it yet to avoid wetting the DE powder and Boric Acid that are best kept dry.
The midges seem to like fuzzy stuff, so I generously sprinkled a 4’x4' salesman sample foam backed carpeting pad with it and slid it under the bed. I also sprinkled it along baseboards and into other matts and rugs scattered around the house. Very messy, but I left it on there and vacuumed the bulk of it up after a week. I will probably need to do it again because the midges seem to be coming back. I use Cutters Natural and Badger repellant from Wholefoods sprayed on my bedding and night clothes and with clean fresh bedding and an aspirin I sleep not usually bothered too much but have a lot of irritated areas on my now shaved head. Not sure what that is.
My washer and dryer and Bed Bug Bully were ineffective against my midges, so to get the crawling itching bugs out of my clothing, I bought an 80 quart crawfish boiler and bring the water temperature up to 170 degrees and leave the clothing in there for 10 minutes after I turn the propane burner off. I then launder and dry them and put the clothes or bedding in 2 ½ gallon ziplock bags or 13 gallon kitchen sized trash bags for big things like sleeping bags. I also put contaminated anything that can do without and that will fit into tough lightweight 55 gallon plastic trash bags (from Harbor Freight). At first I’d spray in some pesticide and that did nothing, but it could be that Boric Acid and DE powder would. Regardless, seal them shut and store them somewhere to hopefully recover later. Before I found out what these critters were, I used Visqueen to cover and seal in the large couch.
To get relief from the hard work and many pesticides, I hope to find a long and cheap cruise to anywhere for a week or two. Before I leave I plan to sprinkle the DE Powder and Boric Acid on the engineered flooring I just finished installing after removing the carpet, thinking I had bedbugs. I don’t like carpet anyway. My exterminator couldn't identify the problem and his stuff didn’t kill them. I will also sterilize everything I travel with including luggage. If the bugs are still around I will try the "Bug Stop Home Barrier”.
During all this that began on labor day 2014, the main help I got from the medical community has been confined to their office cubicle. The only real information and moral support I have been able to find has been online, from forums like this one, university websites and articles from the UK, Scotland, and Austrailia, and chance meetings with vendors. The Europeans use a “Midge Magnet” and I believe it is made in the USA but sold as a “Mosquito Magnet”. I bought one of them for outdoors but haven’t set it up yet. Inside I have three bug “Zappers” the floor model seems to attract and kill a few but probably not enough. I used a dead one I found in its tray to Identify that it was a Biting Midge.
As a 74 year old retired aerospace male, I spent almost 40 years in the prime years of life energy sapping sick and on prescription drugs due to dental problems while trying to work, remain married and raise a family. This midge situation has once more completely altered every aspect of that previously complicated life. If you have an unusual situation, our government including the military or national security is rarely or not usually much help when you really need them. And this newer generation of “Patriots” can create serious problems, because, unless. and even if you; raise a ruckus OR have information they might used for themselves OR, the common good OR against you after they have what they need. Over the years and especially recently they can always easily know where we are, and what we are up to. Sorta scary if you are or have been struggling with something medical and are not a terrorist. I would love to know how these midges found me here or at the condo I moved here from. Apparently no one else in either neighborhood including people living below me now have been affected.
It could be that the midges were already here. This upstairs apartment has been mainly vacant for several years until I moved in up here OR it could very likely be that I brought them with me in that leather couch when I moved. They could have come from China in a Walmart sleeping bag or in the Temperpedic mattress I bought new a few years ago that it took forever to deliver. If these are the CIA midges I vaguely recall hearing mentioned somewhere that I considered a joke, blood from the diabetic blood test strips I put in the garbage could have been used to train and whet the midges appetites for my particular blood type. Anything like that would have likely happened before I moved here from a condo because I had midges or something that seemed much tamer mainly noticed in the kitchen. The Homeowners Association staff said they were “Drain Gnats” and I don’t recall that anyone else had them there either. Whatever the source, they definitely are a menace.

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I would like to add that a deep freezer is another option to kill midges with, especially clothing that requires dry cleaning. I am just beginning to use it to avoid the 170 degree hot water treatmen, washing and drying clothes that are clean except for the midges that may or may not be in them. I removed some racks from a side by side fridge and fixed a rod to hang them on.. I guess I will try to bag, seal and hang them again after a 24 hour freeze.

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I, too, my cat and (my husband a little) have been plagued by something for over 3 1/2 years. Live in the Midwest. We have a retention pond behind us and lots of nature animals...few coyotes, few red foxes, many raccoons & opossums, tons of squirrels, birds and dog walkers up and down our street. I thought they were fleas, but we seldom see fleas. We have captured one before in Tennessee so we know they are a good size. I have had crawly things in my hair, but less now since I wash it with Dawn. They're in my ears, eyes, nose, & personal unmentionables (lessened at the time). We have a cat we treat monthly. It's funny to see him when he is bitten, he jumps or shakes his paw, or turns around quickly to get it on his back.

The bitey bugs are in the yard, in the driveway, in our car/seats, garage, house,basement - everywhere! We've taken them with us when we have travelled! Maybe we brought them back from where we travelled...who knows! But, I also think that the places we have visited have had issues also. I could write a book!

I may have had a secondary issue along with this. I went to the doctor finally last month. First visit, the PA literally said that all the chemicals I have used have made me crazy, but recommended I see my doctor, who I usually don't see. I took my husband with me for backup this time. I had pictures with me of all kinds of the "dust" that some have claimed falls on their computer, pictures of little whitish/yellowish tiny wormy things that were around my nose, fell on my computer and in little broken spots on my face, around my mouth, and pictures of things that I thought were living in my nose (snail like or some kind of larvae ..stringy, mucus things), the mucus/clear dots with red neucleus have been on my kitchen windows and family room, and these have been in my nose...mucus with red nucleus..similar to what Liberate The Planet mentioned, one even looked really gross and wormy.

The "real" doctor laughed at me and didn't want to look at the pictures. His PA I saw before him gave me a "pill" to take care of anything parasitic, and it really helped, but I am not sure totally yet. The doctor wanted to me collect from my body and my husband's body anything we could put in this little jar filled with "whatever" liquid was in it. I received the "bill" balance, but no call from them yet, which I should have had by now..

We have had sewer flies (I think) in the basement before and this year was bad for fruit flies.

I do have DE and 5 lbs of pure Boric Acid that I will try where the cat will not be affected, especially under the kitchen cabinets. I have read "salt" is good also to dry insects up in carpets/bedding. I have been using 20 Mule Team carpets, around some baseboards, but I have to be careful as I have a cat. We have physically left the house 3 or 4 different times over the period and bombed the house using 3 - 4 in basement, 12 - 13 upstairs in the know...where you open all drawers, cabinets, turn off furnance, water, heater, etc. Past 2 years I physically treated our larger yard twice a year...maybe three if I can, using 8 - 13 Bags of grandular, and spray the long driveway, porches,street side by mailbox where the dogs walk, & patio to no avail. I have used a 50%-50% alcohol-water spray for bedding, couches, and our oak wood table and chairs, which has helped, even spray myself when I feel those guys. Since we have a front-loader...not much water, I use hot setting on water heater and sanitize on washer....2 1/2 hr setting so I can't get too many loads done in a day. In past few months I soak our clothes in some washing soda or natural dish detergent and Vinegar, then wash. I think it helps. Also taking off shoes before you walk into the house is a good idea. I have involved an exterminator, but without identifying "it", he could only do a general insecticide.

Anyway, without going into writing a book and posting pictures that I have taken, I still have the biting issue and the cat does too, although it is lessened, at the moment. I vacuum a lot! I am so glad that I came across this website! It helps me know I am not crazy. We've been sick, but when I get more concrete information, I will write again.

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I've been dealing with the same for 6 months and your best solution is to find a horse barn product that has no see ums listed . And instead of using water to dilute the spray , use white vinegar . It's working . I've spent almost 3k on stuff and countless hours of trying . You can't use the crap how they say . The vinegar as a mixing agent drives them out . And they spray kills em . I soaked the entire house from attic to crawl space . It's aged me .

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leave your house shut up for 3 to 4 weeks and let them die without a host.
Seal all cloth and fur in bags and shoes. Freezing stuff wet kills them, Spray for fleas around cracks in your home before you go. Don't forget to spray your car with fly spray and vacume it. go swimming and wear new clothes and shoes or previously frozen shoes and clothes, they are tiny tiny biting flies attracted to us for a blood meal and breed like mad, dogs and cats carry them in their fur so wash them before you go away. I don't know what they are called but they are a bloody pest, They leave bites on your legs and arm and get in your hair clothes and bedding.

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Was the horse barn product a success? I've found that these bugs don't like vinegar but not always, same with insect repellants. I've applied vaseline, neem oil and you name it to get some sleep and they often ignore it on their way to attack the private areas. I keep vinegar in a spray bottle near my bed and spray it on them when I feel them crawling by soaking the clothing with the spray. usually helps until they come back a few hours later. So far, tenants downstairs haven't been affected. In December I left home on a cruise with new clothes, suitcase and applied a head to toe application of prescription pesticide stuff the day we left and still they came with me. On board the ship I requested high heat laundering of clothes and linen changes daily and was free of the bugs when I got home, but only for about two days. I shouldn't have come home. Maybe I will leave again but in my travel trailer that doesn't seem quite as infested to a dryer area. I missed Christmas with the family because I didn't want to risk spreading the misery. My lady friend and I separated due to the situation. Since using the Spectracide daily I see and feel fewer but they are still around. I plan to spray it daily for about 10 days to see if it kills the newly hatched ones. The Diatomaceous Earth and boric acid didn't seem to do much except make a mess.

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Hi this message is for DishinHawaii. You said you have had the same problem. How did you get rid of them? My sister is having the same problen. She is going crazy. I am trying to help her but have no idea how. Please if you can tell us what you did or used, it will be greatly appreciated..

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Curtis Christlieb

hi all!

i just started having many of the symptoms many in this thread have described, about 2 weeks ago. it was weird because it happened shortly after i found a rodent's nest under a chair in my drawing room. i believe the rodent was a pregnant rat and found droppings all over the house over two nights. i never saw the rodent and threw out the chair it was nesting under and i believe the rodent was hiding in the chair because i have not seen any signs of it since. i cleaned the house and disinfected areas where i found droppings.

shortly after that i started having itching fits and waking up at night itching all over. it is intense itching with sometimes a burning feeling in the general vicinity of the itch. like right now, i itch all over like i am wearing itching powder or something! the only thing i have seen is little black gnat-like bugs that i sometimes swat and kill. not too many.

this is affecting my sleep, my concentration, my overall health and pretty much everything! i bought a UV light machine that attracts flying bugs and they stick to a panel and die. over 2-3 weeks, i maybe have 20-30 bugs on it. mostly gnats but some moths and a mosquito or two. so, i am not sure it is these flying gnats or biting gnats. i have tried washing all my linens and clothing, spraying the whole house with a protective bug spray to keep them out around doors, windows, sills, cracks, etc. and really don't like using chemicals because the side-effects usually are worse than the original symptoms and problems.

so, i just don't know what to do next. maybe i try using the ammonia in the drains of my kitchen and bathroom. there are no damp areas of my house and no rotting food or dirty dishes or plants even and i don't have any pets.

i have small swelled-up bites that sometimes are a bit red but you can never see any bite marks and usually there is nothing but itching! the itching can stop immediately after scratching a bit and sometimes flares up at night when sleeping especially when i get hot because of trying to keep safe from the bites by using too many blankets etc. it seems that sometimes i get night sweats too and it is accompanied by intense itching.

i have bites on my scalp, neck, legs, arms, shoulders, chest, knees, toes, feet, hands, fingers, face, hairline and stomach. i have never been bitten in the groan area or underarm areas or my butt really. most of the time i feel like i am going crazy and maybe imagining things. then i will itch and see visible swelling and redness for a bit then it goes away. it is driving me mad!

i have tried bite itch medicine that i rubbed on the itching areas but it started to sting the whole arm, hand or leg and made it feel numb. i have examined my bedding and clothing with a magnifying glass and can see nothing at all. it cannot be bed bugs, dust mites or fleas because the bites are not at all like those bites are. i have never had any feelings of bugs in my mouth, nose, eyes, ears, etc. i have also never seen these bugs on my skin or biting me. i have never even found a dead bug in my bedding or on my bed.

can anyone help me please?


curtis c.

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PART 1 of 2

It is likely that I have had this problem off and on for years, but beginning Labor day 2014 things got very serious. A good indicator may be the condition of my finger and toe nails. The condition of my nails indicate that I am deficient in Vitamin B Complex and that may be why these Biting Midges also called No-See-Ems seem to like me and no one else. Finally, and maybe most importantly I began taking daily doses of Spring Valley Brewers Yeast and Nature Made Super B Complex, as a repellant, both from Walmart and it seemed to work within a day or so although my source of info said it would take 10 days. I am finally feeling some relief but still not sure the war is over.


After seeing a Doctor

Seeing a Dermatologist

Calling an exterminator

Blaming it on the dog

Replacing carpet with laminate,

Getting rid of mattresses and any fuzzy upholstered and leather furniture,

Processing my clothes in 170% hot water with detergent and clear vinegar in an 80 quart pot and propane burner, Then short wash them in hot water with detergent and one cup of vinegar added and dry on high heat.

Bag clothing and bedding in large air tight plastic bags

Spraying pesticide.

Finding out that Biting Midges (No-See-Ems) were what my problem was:

I bought;

Gallons of an indoor outdoor Spectracide product from HomeDepot,

Gallons of clear vinegar from Krogers,

A HIGH QUALITY 3M painter mask

Two quality pump sprayers, and labeled one “Clear Vinegar” and the other labeled “Spectracide”.

Residual vinegar in clothes and bedding may cause eye and nose irritation. Most bugs hate the smell of clear vinegar so almost daily I liberally sprayed a fine mist of clear vinegar everywhere except on electronics and on appliance components. Regular 5% clear vinegar from Krogers seems to work the best. This will make it impossible to stay in the house without a good mask and gets them to move around some sometimes.

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PART 2 OF 2:

To do it right you need to empty drawers into clean closable trash bags and spray inside of cabinets. I drilled holes and sprayed inside of the cabinet bases, then taped them shut again. Wipe everything down that may have eggs on them with a vinegar, soap and water solution paying close attention to the underside of everything. My experience was that they liked to hang upside down under couches or places where I would be likely to sit or sleep. wipe down or get rid of it. Get down to bare wood when possible. I immediately followed the clear vinegar with an indoor outdoor Spectracide product from HomeDepot. Since these midges can lay eggs and reproduce in three day it is necessary to spray daily if possible for 10 or more days to kill newly hatched ones. I have seen a significant reduction in numbers but I think some are still hiding in a leather recliner set that was too heavy for me to move out. Finally, and maybe most importantly I began taking daily doses of Spring Valley Brewers Yeast and Nature Made Super B Complex, both from Walmart and I am finally feeling some relief but still not sure the war is over.

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To: nwg204

RESPECT! You earned mine. My husband and I are both medically disabled, he has perm nerve damage from a near fatal MVA in 01/97, and i am a Type 1 Juvenile Diabetic, since 06/79 and not on disability because the 10 years they go back to see what you earned, we tried running our own business. We failed and didn't earn anything to speak of, we had an investor.

We live with parent. We have a shorthair dog, treated for fleas, and he and my hubby are the only ones getting bitten.

We've sprayed, oiled, washed, dried and bagged. Vacuumed and sealed bags. Bombed the house twice. Its too costly when you have to choose between eating and bombing. I'm the only one that believes him, his mom thinks he's nuts...his own mom. Those who havn't experienced this particular kind of Hell, have no clue. Research states fleas, that's what we tackled. The bites sting, then itch and are red. We can see them, tiny white specs. It gets better after treatment, jojoba oil applied to wet skin after shower, then towel dry seems to help. Citrus smells help. But then it gets bad again. I haven't heard about white vinegar, my hubby hates the smell, but that's what I'm doing next, he'll be happy if it works.

Your info on your experience is valuable. As well as LIBERATE.THE.EARTH. I just finished reading all the posts and until the culprit(s) are positively id'd, theres too much info.

I was hoping that I could impose on your expertise / experience, down to the nuts n bolts of solutions. Will you be kind enough to list ALL the things that worked and are still working. We have a freezer, did that work? I know that I am asking a lot from you, so maybe if you number them in the order you wrote them, that will help? I also know what you've been through and understand if you choose to ignore me. You can use my email:, which I just opened for this only. Also, did you ever get an answer for the horse stall treatment? I didn't see one here.

I truly wish you the best, and hope that your experience with this particular type of Hell, is in the past..and stays there knowing what a threat you are to them.

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The majority of the Post I just cc'd to nwg204, applies to you as well. I am asking you the same, by letting me reap the Benes of your tried and true solutions...with your blood, sweat and tears, and without more of the utterly frustrating and costly hit n miss?! It's a good thing that we don't care if the others think we're nuts, we may be nuts, but not so much to think that this is all in our heads.

Once again, it's not quite as daunting if you number them in order of writing them. I'll do the rest. I was waiting for some pro quotes, knowing we can't afford it, but seeing that those that could, and did, it wasn't extreme enough to destroy them perm. My hubby is about to lose the rest of his mind since this Hell is on top of our never ending health issues. I mean, how much can a person take?

I hope this Post finds you well, and yucky pest free...perm!! Use the e-address in ngw204s post, if you will. And only you guys...and anyone 'in it' know the depth of this problem...epidemic.

I thank you for your Posts, and a million TUs in advance if you decide to grant me my requests...the key to the city isn't as valued to us. Also, no worries at all if you don't. I understand I'm asking a lot. My e-add:

We just have to remember to laugh, big, gut reaching soul deep guffawing...daily...all day.


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1 of 2

The first 3 weeks in March, 2015, THIS Bug similar to everyone mention in their articles at this site, were very quiet and less numbers than before. However, since March 21 THIS Bug which became smaller size than before (now hardly can see anything, I used to see the black dots, the white specks in many shapes, the flying bugs flying around my head and face) are biting and poking all over my body, especially my foot on the floor, but there are no scars like before. It seems the numbers of THIS Bug are increased. I’m crying out the Lord God for help!!!

I’m glad to find this site. I need help, help, help! There is no hope, how I can kill all THIS tiny unseen Bugs in our apartment. This thought makes me so depressing. When I read the articles in this site, I found many, many people are suffering from THIS Bug, and I give thanks to my Lord God for I’m not alone. Especially very thankful to know that nwg204 and many others are mentioning in their article how they are fighting with THIS Bug. First of all the vinegar, I heard THIS Bug likes the vinegar so it is not effect to use the vinegar for put the THIS Bug away. But now I’m going to use the vinegar. Secondly, it is very good idea to put the washed clothes or any other important things in the heavy duty plastic bag. I put my computer and iPhone in the bag. Thanks for the ideas.

THIS Bugs have been invaded whole our apartment rooms last November. We were out of country a whole month of October2014. When we came back and put first step in our home that made us big, big surprise. Everywhere looked dirty, and something flying around my head and face. My husband said he has not been bothered by anything. He has not any compassion to me. Well, anyway I started to cleaning the rooms (3 bedrooms and I’m 80 years old, and living with Social Security). It was expensive to buy all kinds of sprays and cleaning stuff. Finally, owner of the apartment called an Orkin Inspector for us at the middle of December. He came and said the spiders were taking over all our apartment unit. I showed him the black dots and some white specks to him, and he said they were all lint. The white specks were started to notice, and at the same time I was bitten and poked. The inspector came twice and his final word was they would be gone away when the cold weather come. The zero weather came, but something are still flying around in this apartment rooms as of now. I really wanted to know what kind of THIS bug. For me why the size of THIS bug were changed, too.

My intensive cleaning and fighting with THIS Bug are started last November but when I think back it might be started with the HP computer, made in China, March 2010 purchased date. Whenever setting down in front of the computer I felt something around my head and hair. I sprayed many times and throw the furniture away and moving around the computer. I went to hardware store, and consult what I should do. The manager suggested that put the computer and keyboard in the plastic bag with “Hot Shot No Pest Strip2” for 4 weeks. So I did. But it was too late that THIS Bug have been invaded the whole our apartment unit.

I miss my family gathering, too. Especially I love to cook and entertain the family and friends. Some my friends said I have the gift of hospitality. I’d like to cook, my family and the people while my old body would be able to do so.

No matter what I do there are so many bugs, I can never be decrease the number of bugs. They have never died, haven’t they? I can’t invite people in our dining room. The very depressing thought is creeping up to my brain and heart, that the suicidal thought attacked me twice. It was very, very scarily. Because of THIS Bug my character, nature, social status, etc. were changed, but praying that my love for the Lord God would never be changing because God, Jesus Christ, loves me first. In Him I can find Hope, Joy, Peace and Love. I’m very weak so I have to hung on Him. Give thanks to you all, and our children, and our church Pastors and friends, and the mighty thoughtful Lord God.

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2 of 2

The previous article became too long, so how to fight portion was cut and posted in here:

I’d like to mention how I’ve been fighting with THIS Bug.

Mix into water with Hydrogen Peroxide, 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, Windex, Lysol, Borax Soup, Baby Shampoo, Cooking Oil. Even these are not so expensive but the amount I’ve been using added up very expensive. It is very expensive things to fight with THIS bug. Warning: Peroxide changed color, especially the hair. Friends laughed at my changed hair color.

· Any those solutions are not able to kill THIS bugs, but after vacuum I spray the mix to prevent not to come. House is so dust that I spray water before vacuum.

· I soak my clothes in the water over night. Some said it is better result to use ammonia. And take them out from the liquid and put into the bathtabful water to rinse them. You see many black spots and white specks. I add 1 cup Borax soup and Lysol to regular laundry soap. It is better to soak the socks, inside out, in the Lysol liquid over night. Lysol is the best to fight with fungus. I heard THIS Bug likes fungus.

· Ecotools, Loofah Sponge (sell any drug store) is good to use scrub your body and even face. The hard brush is good for the hand and the feet.

· I take off and put on my clothes at the shower room with the shower running. At the edge of the shower water I shake my cloth, and there are always the black or white spots on the shower floor. Right now I can’t see anything but still I do this.

· When I feel too many THIS flying Bugs around my face and head, I’ve stick my head in the running shower water. I saw THIS flying bags were on the shower room floor several times. Don’t forget the splash and drain THIS bug. To where do those bugs go?

Please let me know what do you think this site?

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Thanks for providing that link. I've bought two quality pump sprayers, and labeled one “Clear Vinegar” and the other I labeled “Spectracide” and used the “Spectracide” Bug Stop sold in liter sized plastic containers. A necessity is a high quality painters mask. I like fine spraying the vinegar everywhere and anywhere I feel them attacking my ankles or head and following with the pesticide that I am more careful where I spray. I did the same with my car, truck and travel trailer. After a while, just the vinegar sprayed seems to subdue them. I spray the clothes I wear during the day and what I sleep in with the vinegar and it seems to repel them as well as any other repellant. I moved all of my upholstered furniture and mattresses out and bought air mattresses and sleeping bags that I also spray with clear vinegar. I add a cup of vinegar to each washer load also. It leaves no sticky residue on anything including me and I read that vinegar is also somewhat antiseptic. The little bumps on my head and itching eyebrows are being treated with the 91% alcohol and tea tree oil mixed 50/50 with grape seed oil. Sometimes I dab my hair with vinegar. Just about everything I've said works well SOMETIMES. Just when I think I'm really on to something they come back not as many. All in all, there is improvement and I think the vinegar has been the key ingredient. I feel like I am getting my life back to a big extent, but still am afraid that I will spread the problem. I recently began taking vitamin B complex, Brewers Yeast, a multivitamin and eat healthy organic food as often as possible. Some of this I've experienced for many years, but it was less intense and easier to ignore.

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Jamie Blevins

I have had something biting me for 8 years. I couldn't't tell you how many dr's er's skin specialist,even a trip to the crazy ward and called cdc in after the 7th year one family member is in worse shape than me.i was treated with invermectrin now my liver is messed up,why would I be except the1 wanting given this if they was no reason I've been. Learning everything possible,reading what all of you say,

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I used Clorox Cleanup in my kitchen to clean and disinfect....
I melted the drawer fronts on my cheap plastic cabinets!
Ok this is not a huge disaster as disasters go, but...
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