Replacing a Japan power adapter with a UK one

ksantiJuly 5, 2007

Hopefully there are some electronics gurus out there ......

Got some multimedia speakers from tokyo recently ... and Im considering replacing the power adapter with an equivalent UK one for obvious reasons. Dont want to get converter and all that.

I've found an adaptor .... that matches ( except maybe on 3 below. as I dont know what this means really). But not sure whether I should give it ago ... dont want to blow my speakers just yet

tho my Voltage, Ampage and AC v DC knowledge is very limited.

All I know is the following:


1) Voltage 12V AC

2) Ampage : 1.2 A

3) Regulated v un regulated - some applicances required constant smooth Vs.

4) Plug : negative v postive centred ... this must be followed ... one particular wrong combo spells disaster

in trying to match the same output you can have some variances .... for

1) go down BUT not up ... and AC & DC do not mix.

2) go up .... down wont damage but wont power up the appliance

3) Unregulated appliance with a regulated adpator is fine. other way no good

Is this correct?

Should it be all fine to go ???? Whats put me off aswell is a sticker on the speakers with warnings ... I think to put off dummies like me. sommat like this is a US listed product for 100V use. Ignore it?



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time to move down

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