Ceiling Failure HELP

jaw2000September 26, 2002

Hello, I'll try to keep this short.

Basically our home is about 27 years old. The ceiling in our master bedroom just came within hours of catastrophic collapse, a week ago. We had a contractor shore it up, took some pics etc. Today the Ins co adjuster said sorry not covered. He gave at cursory look and said not evidence of water damage therefore not covered. He thinks it is a result of either settling or poor builder work.

My contractor says that the sheets all failed, and evidently did so at basically the same time. There are no serious nail pops because the nails are all in the joists, they all worked their way or pulled their way through the wall board.

My contractor says that there must have been water damage, to cause this total failure, it is also no where else in the house, which may discount bad builder work.

He thinks that moisture, water, condensation (something), must have wet the insulation that in turn wicked into the boards and over time caused the total failure. He also says that this scenario would likely not have left any water damage marks. Which seem to be what the adjuster was looking for.

Anyway, if you have any thoughts or ideas or opinions please help.

The adjuster says the fix is around $400 - $500, to patch the really damaged split and re-install the rest of the 14x20 existing ceiling with more screws and mud.

My contractor says that if the old nails worked through the boards, that new screws would too, he says the whole of it must be removed and a new ceiling put in with new insulation and a vapor barrier to prevent any future re-occurances.

Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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The deductable on your homeowner's policy probably does not make it worth the trouble of fighting with them.

If there is water damage, you need to find out about it and take care of that first. I've not run across a leak that didn't leave some kind of mark or trail, not to say it couldn't happen, but I've always found stains, especially in sheet rock.

I'm not convinced it is water. Why not have a second contractor look at?

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Well the deductible is $100, the repair, in the neighborhood of $5000.

Judging by the fact the entire ceiling basically fell, slumped, in the center it was down about 18" or more, and no other signs of damage -- including no nail pops, and the ceiling is about 14 x 20 it is not a normal thing, the bending and other stuff, it had to be something.

To add insult to injury, now the insurance company has dropped us -- so as you can imagine we must prove it now we have nothing new to lose.

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