Weekly Weigh-in, Week of 6/14/09

harold14370June 14, 2009

The summary of last week's weigh-in is as follows:

Harold - Weight 221, lost 2, total lost 54

Silver - Weight 129, lost 0, total lost 26. This week is show time on the beach.

Jasmi - Weight 139, lost 1.2, total lost 9. Woohoo, into the 130s.

Betty - Weight 166, lost 0, total lost 14

Helen - Weight 165.6, lost 1.8, total lost 34.4

Eklektos, Peggy, Karen - did not weigh in.

My results for this week:

Weight 218, lost 3, total lost 57.

Average calories: Food 1716, exercise 364.

I'm getting close to the overweight (not obese) category. If I were still 6 feet tall, I'd be there, but having shrunk an inch and a half over the years, I have to get to about 210.

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Wow! Great job, Harold! That plateau didn't last long.
And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one shrinking. I know I used to consistently measure 5' 3.5", and I would claim 5'4" without anyone ever questioning it. But now I am down to 5' 2.5". I'd really like to have my inch of height back! It would help a lot.

I will weigh in on Tuesday, but even though I've been very good (except for one--just one--margarita Friday night), I'm having a "fat feeling" day. Does anyone else have this happen? Nothing changes--clothes still fit the same, but for some reason today I just feel thicker and stockier. I don't like feeling this way, and I hope it goes away soon.

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I'll weigh in tomorrow. I just know I have gained since being spoiled by DH this past few days. I almost don't want to step on my Tanita's. YIKES !! My foot is better but no shoe on that foot yet. Maybe tomorrow I can put my walking shoe on. If not, then I get more bonbons served. LOL


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Good Monday morning folks. I have experienced a personal miracle !! Are you ready for this !!

Weight 164.8, lost .8, total lost 35.2

And all in spite of my just sitting around doing practically nothing at all for the past few days and eating whatever DH has fixed me. And believe me when I say, it was not at all low calorie !!
DH just had to comment, "Honey, think of what you could have lost if you hadn't messed up your foot". Like I really needed to hear that !!

I think I will actually be able to put a shoe on that foot today but not sure about keeping it on for any length of time. We shall see if I keep wearing out socks on this dirty floor or if I can wear a light shoe.

How is everyone else doing?


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Good Morning,

You Go, Harold!! 3 pounds! That is awesome!
I know exactly how you feel about the "shrinking " thing! I used to feel "tall" in my youth. Now, I'm just "short and dumpy"! But, not for long with all of the help and encouragement I'm getting here.

Helen, What did I miss? How did you hurt your foot? That's the life. Sit around and eat and lose weight! You need to patent that program!!!

My results are better than I thought they would be this week. I haven't been on the treadmill but maybe once (if at all) since the last weigh in. Aunt Bernice hasn't settled in yet and is still very "needy". She was by herself almost constantly for at least the last year and the poor thing is really clinging to me right now. I'm hoping once we get all of her stuff over here that she will feel a little more secure, relax, and settle into a routine that will give me an hour or so to do my treadmill. When I quit being lazy about some other exercise and weight work, I can lay my mat down in the room with her and she will be "entertained" while I try to tone and tighten. I think what saved me this week was that she had me running waiting on her and we have been trying to get the things she wants to keep moved over here. So, I've kept the washing machine going almost 24/7 washing quilts, bedspreads, and clothes that haven't been washed in who knows how long, and "dusting and washing down" all of her trunks, what-nots, and pictures.

Results for this week: 164 lbs. 2 pounds down this week. (I think!) Thank God!
Goal is still somewhere in 130s.
Boy, does that seem a long way off. 150s would make me happy right now!

We are still getting rain every day. I'm a rain person, so it helps soothe my nerves in the midst of the madness.
Can't get any garden planted, though. Did stick some 'wave' petunias in the flower beds and a few pots on the back deck yesterday.
My hummingbirds are keeping us entertained. DH and I were on the back deck cleaning yet another trunk yesterday evening and one hummer didn't want to share the feeder with another that had shown up. It would chase the other one and "chirp" at it. I didn't know they could make chirping sounds. At first I thought it was another bird nearby, but after stopping and watching, it really was the hummer!!

Where's everyone else? Check in my "Peeps". I'm missing you. Karen, Peg, Ek, and the amazing "shrinking" Silver. Did I miss anyone?

Have a great day,

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Betty, it sounds like you have kept yourself in perpetual motion. That uses up lots of energy, and so you continue to lose the weight. You go my friend !! And I agree, isn't Harold a wonderful inspiration. I need inspiration like that to keep me going, and knowing it can be done because it IS BEING DONE .

Good News. I got a shoe on and can actually wear it. It is a walking shoe with lots of cush in it, so that really feels pretty darned good right now. I don't think I will be walking any sort of distances, but at least I can wear something more than a sock on my foot. DH is still waiting on me, but now it is getting so that I want to be up and doing for myself. Have a manservant can be a bit overwhelming and not a habit I could get used to on any kind of long term basis. (At least not if I can help it) I want my tossed salads back and my lean fish and chicken. He picked up fried chicken yesterday and I ate some of it. It was soooo good especially dipped in the gravy that came with the mashed potatos. I didn't eat any potatos though. I ate the slaw. Deeelicious it was. I am NOT going to get on the scales today. I think it would depress me because I feel very fat this morning.

Where are the rest of our losers here? Maybe on vacations? I hope all are well.


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Well, I weighed in and I'm not happy about it. I've gained, like I was afraid I would.
The one most convincing thing about Dr. Atkins book when I read it was a statement that said something like this: Everyone says it's impossible to gain three pounds from eating out once, but your experience tells you otherwise. (That's a paraphrase.) That is what my experience tells me, just like I can gain from eating badly one day after triggering cravings with the watermelon, and the result is a gain that seems out of proportion to the food eaten and takes just as long as "real fat" to get off. That's me. Someone since Dr. Atkins has given this condition a name, Syndrome X or something like that. They have yet to truly understand why it happens.

So, I'm just back into the plan but really trying to watch every portion size--back to measuring instead of eyeballing. And I need to drink more water and get more formal, intense exercise. I've been very busy with planting, gardening, sorting and carrying boxes and bags of clothes for our clothing exchange this weekend--but I haven't had as much treadmill time or outdoor walking/jogging as I should be doing. To be effective for weight loss for me, exercise has to be intense, like sustained running or Pilates.

Helen, congrats on losing even while more sedentary than usual! That must be encouraging to know your body isn't mutinying on you.

Betty, I know you're on cloud nine with a 2-lb loss. I would be! Keep it up and you'll be there in no time.

And of course, there's no stopping Harold. Wish I could get a bit of that metabolism.

Best wishes to the others: SS, Jasmi, trekaren, Peggy.

152/142/119 But I'll keep trying.

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Hi Guys

Howz everyone doing?

Helen, What did I miss?. Sorry about your leg.

Harold, you are awesome. You are so consistent losing weight. 2 pounds at least if not 4 pounds. wowwww.
Betty, with all that house work, you are keeping up your metabolism. and you are losing weight. good for yo. When I dont workout , I try to do atleast 40 minutes of house cleaning stuff just to keep up my metabolism up .

Silver , where are you ???

Ek, I am sorry about ur weight gain. I feel bad. I would hate to go back to 140s after seeing that 139 on scale. Hang on. You are like me. I have to do that intense 45 minutes exercise to lose some weight. I can not just lose weight with a leisure evening walk for 15- 20 mts. there are actually ppl who can lose weight with that activity too:-((

coming to my weight, this morning I weighed in and I was 138.5. I was hoping to see 138. and am pretty sure I am 138 . Its just that my scale likes 138.5 better .

so my numbers are 148/138.5/9.5.

One more thing, I am thinking more in BMI these days rather in pounds. My BMI is 25.3 and am just .3 points short to fall under normal weight category. That means a lot to me. My goal is to lose 2 more pounds and say to the world that I am not a overweight person.

By the way, anyone who is having issues with thunder thighs and saddle bags can check on internet for Slim in 6 series . I think it definitely works. It is very hard to do but works. One week in to this program ( I am not following their diet. Just counting my calories the way I have been doing ) I see my clothes fitting better. I felt good when I can squeeze into my size 6 Levis pants.okay, hang on and keep up the good work.

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Congrats, everybody who lost weight. Eklektos, you are doing all the right things. I'm sure your weight will settle down real soon. Helen, sorry about the foot, and I'm glad you could still lose a bit even with that.

Thanks for all the compliments, folks. It looks like I'm on my way to another good loss this week, too. Sometimes I feel bad for some of you ladies who struggle for every pound. Then, I think I'll probably have the same problem when I get down to the last 15 or 20 pounds.

I went to the Doc's today and got my latest blood test results. Everything was A-OK with the exception of HDL (the good cholesterol) which was a little bit low. Now get this. One of the Doc's suggestions for raising HDL was to have a drink a day - 4 oz of wine, 8 oz beer or a shot of the hard stuff. Now, there's a prescription I can live with.

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Where is Silversword?

Jasmi--good for you. I'm a little jealous, with good reason. I knew I was going to be the tortoise in this game, but I'm feeling a little left in the dust, you know? I just hope I end up crossing that finish line at some point. I think I can, I think I can (mixing kiddie literature allusions, here).

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If I recall, June 20th is Silver's event - the beach wedding she has been trying to get down to 125 for. That's on Saturday. She's probably all tied up with that.

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Good Morning,

I hope Silver has a blast at her beach wedding. I'm sure she will be glowing at all of the compliments she will get on how GREAT she looks.

I fixed shrimp scampi last night and baked me spaghetti squash to go with it while the others had regular pasta. I LOVE that stuff! It's like eating candy.

I have to laugh at Aunt Bernice. She's been living with us a week today and has gained 4 pounds! I told y'all she eats constantly! She had 4, yes FOUR, cornbread muffins, slathered in butter, at dinner last night! After weighing and being surprised at her weight gain she said, "Oh, that's nothing. I'll go to the bathroom and lose that." She is such a trip! She can make a dead dog get up and laugh!

Ek, doesn't that just tick you off? You work soooo hard to lose 1 pound and deviate once and gain back 2!

Helen, We still don't know what happened to your foot. But, we like that you're still losing. Chicken dipped in gravy? How sweet is that? I'm with you on the cole slaw. LOVE the stuff.

Jas, I had to laugh at you being sure you were 138. Boy, those scales are determined to like only what they like!!!
Ohhhh, size 6 jeans. I remember those days. WAY TO GO, GIRL!!!!! I will check out that Slim in 6 when I can get motivated.
Hello, my name is Lazy and I am a non-exerciser.
And I'm hoping these "Exernon" meetings are going to help me.

Peg and Karen, where are you?

Harold, What can I say? You got us started on this journey and you are our "Bright and shining star" who keeps us focused and marching steadily toward our goal. Always encouraging and setting the right example.
Alcohol to help HDL levels. Hmmmm.....interesting. What do you do if you are a non-drinker? I use some wine in cooking. But, not every day. Would like to know what his second favorite suggestion would be for us non-drinkers.
Congrats on all of those good results. That's the best result of this journey. Health.

Raining again today. A good day to clean closets and cook.
It stopped raining yesterday long enough for me to FINALLY get around to cleaning the back deck, putting a few flowers in pots for the hummingbirds (still have about 10 empty pots, as well as about 8-10 at her house to bring over and fill), and cleaning and refilling the fountain. Now Aunt Bernice can sit at the sliding doors and watch the action.
Next year I've GOT to learn how to successfully grow flowers from seed for all of those pots. This is getting way too expensive. Anyone have any suggestions for a fast grower I could direct sow in the pots now? We are zone 7. I just bought a pack of basil seeds. I'll try those. Any other suggestions would really be appreciated.

Have a great day,

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Hi, Betty

There are a lot of other ways to improve your HDL. One thing is to eat lots of food with Omega-3 fatty acids, like fish, especially salmon and tuna, and nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and oils like olive and canola. Avoid hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is in all kinds of foods you wouldn't even think of.

Aunt Bernice is lucky to have someone like you. I hope when I get old like that I will have somebody as caring and understanding.

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Hey Ek, You dont need to feel left in the dust because you are not. You have been doing everything right . One or two days of binging is not wrong and it SHOULD NOT make such a difference in weight gain. It may be something to do with the water your body holds on to or something like that. I dont know all the theories behind it . Don't want you to think abt it and complicate ur lifestyle of staying healthy.

Remember each one of us have gone through such phases every now and then. I was stuck at 140.8 for almost 3 1/2 weeks.

If this can make you feel any better , let me tell you something. It doesnt matter how many pounds you lose, as long as you dont get rid of the saddle bags, dimpled butts and pockets of fat from our bodies. So even if I see a pound loss this week, That might have been from the water I lost. Even though you havent lost any weight this week, since you have been working out, you are toning your body. Toning your body and staying healthy is what matters. And in the course, if we can see any improvement in our health issues like diabetes, High blood pressure, or get rid of depression , thats all we have to focus on. I am giving too much speech here for my experience and age:-))))

Just to have some bathroom talk, I also make sure I am being regular for atleast 2-3 days before my weigh in day , so I can see some weight loss on my weigh in day :-))))))))) My hubby laughs at my attempts for being regular on these days ...

Harold, I am not sure if wine or any form of alcohol is healthy for diabetic person. Your Dr should have told you to take more fish, avacado,olive oil, nuts , and there are some veggies and fruits which improve HDL. You know what to do !!

betty , you seem to be a caring person. You cracked me up saying that your name is lazy because I thought that was my name. I hate to exercise. But this time I am determined to lose weight only by working out and not taking any shortcuts which I have took in the past . I have a history if losing too many pounds in a month or two just by dieting. I dont want to take that path this time because there is no hurry to lose weight. Slim in 6 a cardio routine concentrating more on lower body . And I know this is what I need.

I hope Silver is having blasttttttttttttttt....

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You make a good point. Alcohol is probably not a good idea for everybody. I've read that it can reduce glucose, so if somebody had a problem with low sugar that might be a bad idea. In my case, I've never had a low glucose reading, so I don't think a beer a day will hurt anything. The doc that told me that is an endocrinologist, so I think he knows what he is doing. He did tell me about the fish, avocado, nuts, etc.

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If Doctors give us a choice between beer/wine and healthy foods (like nuts, veggies,fruits) to improve HDL, we will never choose the latter one :-)))))))

These are some natural strategies to increase your HDL levels:

  1. Drink a little wine.

  2. Regular exercise.

3.Eat the right kinds of fat.

  1. Add some soy to your diet.

  2. Maintain a healthy weight.
    Being overweight not only lowers HDL levels, it also raises levels of LDL which translates into a higher risk of heart disease.

  3. Increase your fiber intake.

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