Mntredux, did you get the faux Prada?

kitschyKitchMarch 25, 2014

I saw your post got derailed! At the risk of the approbation of perfect strangers, I was one of the ones who liked the thread. Backpacks are big in my neighborhood.

I wanted to follow up and ask you about the modaqueen bag. Did you get it? Do you like it? How is the color?

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Sorry for delay I just got back from vaca.

Yes, I did. I like it. I haven't seen a brown one anywhere else. The color is nice IMHO. They copy a lot of the details well. The biggest difference I see is an odd one, because presumably it would cost more to do it this way ...but the edges of the flaps are trimmed out in leather (?), whereas there is usually no trim. I think the real test will be how the buckles hold up, since I doubt they are real brass.

You have to love the price. This whole quest has kind of gotten me on a handbag kick. I returned to one with the too-delicate straps and got the Alexander Wang. But that one has a rather stiff structure, and one DD said it looks like I have a turtle shell ... Now that we are back home I need to decide on that one, too.

I picked up a cool purse on vacation at SCAD in Savannah (loved their shop) and will have to post that one! I also bought a really cute tote at my hair stylist's!

Nashville, did you get your Kate Spade bag yet? Do you like it?

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Thanks. I don't think I'd want the leather trim, either. Does it show it on the web site?

Turtle shell is probably not the look you are going for. That is one of the issues I have with backpacks, they are not flattering to one's silhouette when worn as a backpack.

I have never heard of the SCAD brand handbags, do tell.

And weren't two people ordering the Kate Spade. Does anyone have it yet?

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SCAD is Savannah College of Art and Design. They have a shop that sells things made by the students.

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The SCAD area of Savannah is very vibrant. Did you enjoy your trip? If I remember correctly, the weather was iffy. Hope it was worthwhile.

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The bag is pictured accurately on their site. I have never seen a genuine Prada in brown, so I suppose i can't compare 100%.

As noted below, SCAD is art school with great shops AND a website too. My family loved the shop and we did some serious damage there, but it feels like a "good cause" in a way.

My bag fits none of my criteria. It's not a backpack. It is fragile (white). It has no outside pockets. It is heavy when empty. It is hard to open and close. But, it looks good doing it! Here is my bag:

Note, it is not made by a student. This woman graduated in 2006 IIRC and was already in WWD and J Crew. None of which I knew when I fell for the bag. One of their shticks is that each bag is a numbered limited edition run. (see cool video on the link)

Made by students, and past students.

Thanks for asking. Seems everywhere we went people were saying "oh, it's about 10 degrees cooler than normal". Yeah, we noticed! Not too much rain but less sun then we'd have liked.

Still we had a great trip and finished our "southeast sampler". We found a reason to enjoy all 7 spots. Favorite was, hands down, Cumberland Island. But we also enjoyed the plantations in New Orleans, architecture in SC, mountains of NC, Monticello, and the Riverwalk in San Antonio (which we biked, apparently illegally, OOPS).

Here is a link that might be useful: cool handbags

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Thanks, Mtnrdredux. That is a very pretty bag. I will have to look at the link.

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The link you posted is not actually to the shop. I posted that below. I am looking at the bag like yours in blue; can't decide between that and the duffel with the red stripe. But I did order this one, since I really need an ipad case.

We have a wedding in Charleston in early May. I am trying decide where to spend a few days after; Charleston or Savannah? Anyone? I guess I should start a separate post.

Here is a link that might be useful: handmade bags

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That's a very chic case, K

Glad to see more business for them, though I think we caught her well past the "starving artist" stage!

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