SS Daily Support, June 18 - 24, 2007

beshJune 18, 2007

Good Morning!

Does this count as checking in? Last week of school. WooHoo!!

Love, Besh

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Good Monday Besh. Last week of school is great! Summer will officially be here.

My barn is painted! Four of us pushed all weekend and we actually finished it be 2pm yesterday! It looks great again. Nothing like a new coat of paint.

I even got SP out for rides early and that was good because it was really hot this weekend.

Now I have to get my house cleaned so I can take off for Woodstock, VT on Wednesday for the rest of the week. I can't wait although I am sad that i have to leave Casey behind with the donkeys and goats.

Check in and tell us how your weekend was.

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Good MONDAY Morning!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We had great weather, a great party for the just-turned-21 DSD, but no luck at the casinos! Unfortunately, we did not connect with Donna due to scheduling conflicts, but she and I will be making plans for lunch soon.

Need to run to a 2-hour meeting.


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Well, I received another "unbirthday" package from our dear Raeanne. There was a gorgeous Lake George postcard in it along with a note that stated that it was about time I got a dog. I unwrapped my gift to find the most adorable luggage tag in the shape of a white puppy! I told Ed that I wanted to put it on my luggage immediately, and he said "No, this goes on hand-carry because someone will steal it!" I really love it, and it didn't bite me or hump my leg!

Thanks Raeanne! You're a sweetie....LOL!!

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Dee - When I saw the luggage tag I immediately thought of you, first because you travel more than anyone I know and how much fun it would be to send you a dog. No bites, no humping, no feeding, no walking...

Suzanne - that was quite a job you had over the weekend and you finished early on Sunday WTG. Does Casey get jealous when he is left behind?

We had a wonderful weekend, but the weather was uncooperative yesterday for a Father's Day BBQ on the lake - we did improvise and had a fun time.

Enjoy your day.

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Good evening all,

Well, I survived my first root canal. OMG, I was so scared - what a big fat baby I am. I don't blink an eye when a 1,000 pound horse and carriage run over me but this was too much! Raeanne, you were right I percieved it to be much worse than it was but I shook the whole time! Of course, the novacaine has yet to wear off so we will see how I feel in the morning! The dentist said I would definitely be able to tell that he worked on my teeth! I know I am a baby but when it comes to this I am scared! (Deep breath in) it's over and it will be okay! LOL

Raeanne, sounds like you are being an exceptional un-birthday friend! I am trying hard to picture Dee with a dog!! LOL Ruff, ruff!

Dee, happy un-birthday!

So, now to prepare for my trip on Wednesday. Lot's to do.

Nighty, nite

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Good TUESDAY morning!

Raeanne/Suzanne, I'm thinking about taking a pic of my new puppy luggage tag and making up birth announcements! Can you imagine my chilhood friends getting that announcement that I have a pet? LMAO!! You guys just have no idea how funny that would be to them. I just might do it!

QOD: What's everyone doing this week for their health? Yesterday I went to aerobics for an hour and this morning I was out at 6am for a 35-minute walk. Also, I've been really diligent about packing good low-fat foods for the office. I'm eating 6 times a day (every 3 hours). It's working out so far.....decent breakfast at 7am with a yogurt and fruit at 10am, etc......

Let's hear from everyone this week.

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I know I have been MIA - sorry about that, will try and do better. Unfortunately Dee and I did not connect due to conflicts, we are working in lunch like she said. I am so sorry we didn't get together this past weekend.

Dee - wish you had better luck at the tables in AC. You have a great un-birthday partner (but so do I!)

Besh - lucky you - off for the summer - yay!!!

Suzanne - enjoy VT. I have had several root canals and the thought of them is much worse than the actual procedure, Raeanne was right. Still, I would skip one if offered...

Raeanne - glad your girls were home for Father's Day, sounds like you guys had a wonderful time.

I did see last week (I think) when I was lurking that some of you like H3ll's Kitchen - me too!! I love that show and am rooting for Julia, the Waffle House girl.

QOD: Watching what I am eating, drinking my water and walking.

Now it's almost my bedtime :-) Enjoy the rest of the evening.


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Hi there!

Donna, I'm also rooting for Julia. If she doesn't win it all, I hope that he hires her as an apprentice because she's the one who was studying a notebook at one point while the rest of the snooty ones smoked, drank, and whined! The nerve of them to say that she's not worthy of the prize.

My eating went well yesterday until dinner. DH and I had errands to run and ended up at Fuddruckers. I ordered the fish-and-chips because I was soooo sick of salads. I did add a large portion of tomato salad to my plate and took the fish out of the deep-fried stuff, but I admit I ate those 'chips'. :-(

Time to move forward and leave that dinner behind!

Make today count!

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Let's hear from you.


.........................Come on out and play with us or it will be the DeeMarie show, and it won't be pretty.

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Hi All,

It's been a heck of a month, but things are good here. Erica was at her grandparents house on June 1st and fell from the swingset and broke her arm. DH didn't bother to call me, the poor kid went 3 1/2 hours with it. At 7:30 he brought her home. We ended up in the E-Room half the nite, and then went to her orthopedic doctor's trauma center the next day and had surgery to put two pins in. We go back to the doctor on Friday.

Needless, to say, I have missed a lot of work this month. We are getting a new computer next month so I am hoping DH will let us get hooked up to the net at home. Doubt it though. He is such a tight wad!

Hope everyone is doing good. I will try to check back in when I have more time.

Miss ya all,


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Hi all!

Jen--I'm so sorry to hear about Erica--I hope it heals quickly!

HK--yeah, I'm rooting for Julia, too. I hated to see Aaron go though; he was interesting to watch!

QOD--well, I'm eating the 6 meals a day, but today I went to a gastroenterologist, and I am scheduled for an upper GI
at the end of July. I also found out that I have globus pharyngis (WOOHOO! At least I now know what I have been dealing with for years!), and, more than likely, GERD. I pretty much figured the GERD part, so now it's just dealing with it.

Also--I'm reallllllly stressed out at work, and my BP was up significently, which has me worried. I've always ran on the low side, so for it to be up to what it was is scary.

So, that's it for me--oh, we had a big sale this weekend--3 Benz, 3 baots, and a gorgeous house--what fun!

Hope all is well!



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Jen - OMG!!!! Your poor DD. Why did DH wait so long? Was she in pain that whole time? Two pins in a tiny arm. I hope she is doing well. Little ones heal fast!

NHSuzanne - Glad you are done with the barn and you get to have fun the rest of the summer. Send us a pic.

Maddie - Hope your getting your BP under control.... Stress s*cks!!!! I have stress at work too. I do take BP meds.

The DeeMarie show sounds good. But be carefull if your show is a success, Rosie O'Donnell will take it over...LOL!

Donna - good job with the walking!!!! DH and I try to walk 2 miles everyday. Keep it up!!!!

Hello to everyone!!!!!!!!


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[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Jen & Erica]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Please give her a gentle hug for me. So sorry you're having a bad time. Will pray your life mellows out!

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Jen, poor (((Erica)))!!

Lynn - I love the remark about Rosie O'Donnell.

Beautiful first day of summer here in South Jersey - no humidity, air is off, windows are open!

Will check in tomorrow - be safe - have a great night..Donna

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[[[[[[[[[[Maddie]]]]]]]]]]]]] forgot to add a hug for you. Hope your health improves. Write me if you have concerns about controlling blood pressure...I'm an expert by now. haha


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Maddie - sounds like the BP issue may be stress related. Please take care of yourself.

Lynn - I am sure they ended the Soprano's the way they could make a movie.

Donna - good to see you checking in more often.

Jen - Poor Erica and poor mommy. Your heart must've been broken. The good news is that kids bounce back so quickly.

Dee - you are too funny with your doggy birth announcements!

Suzanne - did you get much riding time in this week? I think I am going to paint one of your egg pictures as my next project. The art teacher is making us do portraits right now, but I will start the eggs at home.

Enjoy your weekend!

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OK, here is a long story and a request for an idea!

Our August cruise is a group of about 60 people, aged 2 years to 80. We like to use some of the cash back from the cruise line to buy private parties and for prizes for games we arrange....about 6 games per cruise. This gets us really bonded as a group, as naturally not everyone knows everyone else.....I bring a friend, who brings a friend, etc. (SS friends are always welcome; ask me for details of upcoming cruises!)

Each person receives a booklet from us prior to the cruise with the names of everyone in our group and their cabin #. Also there are helpful hints and upfront info on where our party(s) will be, as well as gathering excitement about the games and prizes.

This time around we have a Word Search ($75 to the first correct puzzle returned to me, DH, or the other couple running the cruise.)

Explorer of the Seas Golf Open. Our group is invited to meet us at the Deck 13 Miniature Golf Course. ($50 first place, $30 second place; $20 third place; and a NJ Lottery ticket to every participant)

Scavenger Hunt (hilarious) 99 points for the person who brings in the anchor with chain!!!! (person with most points wins $75, second place $25, remaining top 10 get NJ Lottery ticket).

Photography game----we have a friend going on the ship about a month before us. He brings back lots of photos of odd places on the ship, and lets us know where they are located. We download a collage of photos (simple one at the beginning of the cruise...prize $100 to the first person who correctly IDs) and a more complicated collage towards the end of the cruise ($100 prize as before).

These games have been a tremendous success and ensures that many people come back to cruise with our groups. My friends and I are not travel agents and take no money back....if any funds remain, we give it back equally among our friends/passengers.

YOUR JOB: Can you please help me come up with another game that is appropriate to play aboard a ship? We donÂt want to "judge" anything (as above)!

Thanks so much.

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Cruise Director Dee - What fun! I wanna come, I wanna come!! If it wasn't in August I think I would grab a couple of friends and join you. I posted a link below that will create a cryptogram for you, they also do small crossword puzzles. I love cryptograms and I think you could come up with some fun sayings like "red sky at night, sailors delight, red sky at morning, sailors take warning."

Here is a link that might be useful: Cryptogram

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Dee - I missed that you are doing a word search, so you probably don't want the crypto or crossword. I will try to come up with something else.

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I am determined to find something for Dee -

This one may not be challenging enough, but have an award for the person that can come up with the oldest coin. This way they can harrass other passengers, etc. to see if they can get an old coin from them. - just a thought...

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Raeanne, that's a great one!

Someone on KT suggested a gift exchange and lottery ticket game which sound like fun. We may have lots more games with a bit less as a prize to make sure that at least one game appeals to guests.

This is the part that I love...a month or two before we leave where we get our games and parties together. It makes it more fun for me.

Seriously, I will announce our next group cruise here (or e:mail) in case anyone wants to join us. Our agent can arrange your airfare, as we usually leave from NY or NJ. You are all welcome to reap the benefits of our lower fares, come to the onboard private parties, etc. and you have my promise that you are free from any obligation to hang out with us lunatics throughout the cruise!!

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