Has anyone tried to make a solar light tube

simon03March 11, 2009

I already have sky lights installed in an unfinished attic. I figure I could try lining some heating duct with some of those Mylar emergency blankets, butt it up against the skylight and then install a modified recessed light fixture in the ceiling. Connect the tube to the light and it should work the same as the $300 units.



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I suppose that would work.
You might consider using aluminized mylar instead of emergency blankets -- its available from some of the hydroponic places.

The commercial solar tubes do include a gadget on the top end that is supposed to direct more light down the tube -- you might want to take a look at this at a store.

I guess you would just want to be careful not to make a big heat leak from your living space to the attic where the new fixture goes in the ceiling.


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