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Sorry if this isn't the right spot for this question...I tried the building a house forum but didn't get much or a response.

We are in the process of building a house. I told my builder that I would prefer cellulose to blown in fiberglass. He was adamantly against. He stated they used to used it and there are too many issues with settling and then it no longer being appropriately insulated down the road. I couldn't (of course) think of the phrase "dense pack" all I could think of was blown in. He was sure they did blown in and wouldn't use it anymore (as previously mentioned). Anyways, I thought that densely packed cellulose didn't have this issue. He also said cellulose was less expensive than blown fiberglass - which wasn't what I found in my research. Any advice or experience that can be provided would be great. My grasp of the terminology here is low - I understand what R values are but after that I have a very basic understanding. I live in SE PA, which I believe is Zone 5. Also, they do foam seal all the leak points, such as framing. and outlets, etc. Thanks to all in advance for your help.

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I would do cellulose over blown in fiber any day.
Do a google search and many articals will agree.

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