hdmi outlet?

mandolynn77July 13, 2009

I'm having a flat screen mounted on the wall. They have the electric outlet and cable outlet mounted, but I'm also having them run an hdmi line from behind the tv, through the basement, and into a closet for the satellite box.

Do I need an hdmi outlet receptacle behind the tv and also in the closet? It doesn't make sense to just have the wire coming out of drywall. I already ordered a cord before I thought of this, it is a 50ft cl2 rated one. Will this work with the outlets? Would it just go into the back of the receptacles? Or do I need a different type of hdmi cord?? Thank you for any help.

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It would certainly look better with an outlet. Your cable should work fine if you get the right wall plate. Check the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Monoprice.com

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Most wall plates just connect to the regular end of your HDMI,but keep in mind that from your wall plate to your(T.V,BLURAY,...) you will need extra HDMI cables,and also that at every connection point you will have DB loss(EX:connection to and from wall plates) plus the 50' cable you may need an HDMI booster.On my 50' run from my PC to my T.V, with the 2 wall plates (one in back of T.V,and one in back of the PC)plus two 6' HDMI cables i need a booster,if i bypass the wall plates i do not need the booster,good luck and keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!Oh and it looks way better with the wall plates installed,i made a coustom one for the 11.2 surround sound + cable when i redid the basement,looks very clean and pro!!

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