Geothermal Savings Calculators

jasmine1897March 20, 2011

If you have a geothermal heat pump, were the geothermal savings calculators an accurate reflection of the savings you saw from switching to geothermal? My home is about 4200 sq. ft. and we have a three zone oil fired boiler system now. The geothermal contractor recommends two 3 ton units and one 2 ton unit. They are recommending keeping the oil as a backup and to heat water. They also happen to supply our oil so I am wondering if this is for our benefit or theirs. Any thoughts?

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What geothermal savings calculator are you using? The ones online are way to basic they just assume a percentage savings. To be accurate you need load calculation numbers(both heating and cooling) the efficiency of the new system, temperature data(for the savings calculator) for your specific area, your electric rates and gas/oil rates.

A properly installed geothermal system should not need backup heat unless you were to loose power or go into an extreme low temperature situation(we usually install electric because our systems will never go into backup unless there is a breakdown or broken loop). For your water heating they should be using a desuperheater and probably a storage tank for your system. Where are you located? How much per year do you spend on oil currently and what is oil per gallon$$$

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