Diet pals (until McPeg gets back)

kathy_June 22, 2004

Whatcha doin' you misplaced Canadian?

I am doing so great right now - just might have something with a doctor's appt on Monday. Have a birthday party on Saturday (nephew 1 year old) so that will be a challenge but my goal for that day is maintaining and that is doable. I know there will be fruit there for hubby's uncle who does not eat sweets (I even offered to make it but was turned down) Had another party last Saturday with another nephew 28 - how's that for an age spread? The younger one is hubby's nephew and his brother is 14 years younger. About the time I thought we were done buying gifts for kids along comes 2 more now age 1 and 4. They are cute but I could not keep up with them.

Bought my first watermelon of the "cheap" season $3.99. Saw local sweet corn for sale - first of the season in PA. The mennonite farmers cover the young stalks with plastic because they want to be the first selling it (and get the highest price from corn starved us). I did not stop at the produce stand but business was booming.

Saw a small segment on the Today Show with 2 women on it and diet advice was given. The first lady had a son overseas (Iraq) so gained 15 pounds just from worry. Her solution was to add exercise for the stress and it worked for her.

The second lady's case hit home with me. She would practically starve (popcorn and diet soda for lunch and supper) and was not losing weight. The nutritionist said her metabolism had slowed to make up for the lack of food. She is on 1200 calories now and slowly losing. So on these pre-doctor days I am making myself eat even though my brain says "starve, starve"! I found the days I eat a little more protein shows up as a loss on the scales. So eat, eat!!!

Well better go - busy days with lots of yard work...

How's everybody doing? Kathy

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Morning Kathy or rather goodnight. It's 2:45 am here and I am just getting ready to go to bed now. Good to see someone start the week off since McPeg seems to be away the last 2 days.

I ate Mexican out last night. Really good family owned place, very authentic. I had garlic shrimp, refried beans, rice and corn tortillas. Now not sure if I should get on the scale when I get up or wait until Wed. (real weigh-in day). On one hand I could be pleasantly surprised if my weight did not go up and on the other if I knew it did I'd be bummed but could adjust for it. Decisions,decisions.

I am so close to breaking into a new set of numbers. I want it so bad, but sometimes I sabotage myself at this point. More people are starting to notice and it feels so good but so easy to relax at this point. I just have to keep looking ahead to another mini goal and march on.

In some ways I am cursed because I carry my weight well when clothed.

Well, enough whining..I will sleep and I will write everything down and drink my water.

That is a good price on the melon. Even though so much is grown right here in the state, fruit prices have been outrageous the last couple of years in the stores. I get better deals at fruitstands and farmer's markets though.

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Wildchild (sorry I forgot your given name if it was said). I know EXACTLY the part about breaking a certain weight - I am 1/2 pound from the place where I usually fall. I don't know why. It seems like this weight is comfortable and familiar (it's what I weighed in high school - weird). Maybe that is what is going on with you too.
I wear this weight well too - a friend said yesterday I was lying about my weight and was 30 lbs lighter than I really am. I wish...
You might wait to weigh yourself because there is a lot of salt in your system and you might weigh heavier because of it.
Rain coming in today so I was mowing at 6 am! Glad there are no close neighbors. The grass was dry and very long. Hubby is off tonight to work at our Chincoteage trailer - putting ac in so I am all alone tonight through tomorrow night. Won't mind a bit! Kathy

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Hello everyone!

I've been going to lots of parties lately, so my eating is a bit off, but I've been pointing it out. Had to use some Flex points, but that's OK. I am stuck at a 23-lb loss since February 4....however, I know from experience that it will start to melt again. I must not, under any circumstances, lose momentum! That's when I go back to old eating habits and gain back all and then some more!

Steady as she goes!!!!!!!!
Stay on track!!!!!!!!!!!
Make it a great TUESDAY!!!!!

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Sounds like everyone is trying to stick with what works, despite the summertime temptations of dinners out and vacations.

Woo hoo! Today I found whole wheat low carb tortillas in my little burb: 7 carbs with 3 g fiber for a net carb value of 4g carb. Now I can have wraps for lunch! Can you tell I'm excited?

Down 11 lbs. as of yesterday morning, even my big loose, linen dress felt big on me today. My aim is that big number that I want to cross over and get on the other side of.

Tried a No Sugar Added chocolate pudding yesterday that a friend gave me. It was a waste of calories actually. No taste whatsoever, just dark pudding-like stuff. I want to try a cheesecake made with Splenda soon or maybe make yogurt this weekend and drain it for yogurt cheese and make the cheesecake with that. I found a new low carb web site today that looked good. I'll link to it.

All the best to a great bunch of "losers!"

Here is a link that might be useful: Dyan's Low Carb Recipes and Links

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Hi Ya, Hi Ya, Hi Ya!!!!!!!
Have been busy with DH home, visiting folk and fighting another session of INSOMNIA - caved last night and took a sedative. Really happy to see everyone getting on with things! This has been my worst 2 weeks for meals in awhile. Not beating myself up - just doing a little dusting off and putting one foot down in front of the other. I have been too tired to even look at the PC when I get home at night let alone the TV - been trying to get outdoors for walks but now that we have our hard rain and GALE FORCE WINDS back, will be just trying to get to bed tonight at a good time and knocking myself out to get my sleep back. Once I break this cycle I will be able to focus more on my foods. Trying not to overdue anything.
Thanks for kicking this off in my absence! Missed ya and will be spending a little more time later re-reading the above posts to catch up with everyone. Been really busy at work too!


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Hello - I had my weekly weigh-in this morning. Down another 1.4 lbs. It certainly is going slow this time. Haven't been getting to Curves much lately. I seem to be starting to hate going. Everyone seems to be trying hard and keeping so busy. I just seem to be working a lot of hours and trying to watch what I eat.

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Hi everyone!
Mcpeg, glad to see that you are back!
Mirren congratulations on your loss!
I am down about 50 lbs now, went to the gym this morning and did an hour of cardio, and half an hour of weights. Then a friend came over and we walked around my neighborhood for about 45 min. yay, burned some extra calories lol.
I hope everyone has a great day!

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Boy - do I need to get moving again! Gotta get on that stepping machine now that my sleep is finally catching up and get shaking my tush! Exercise, in any form, certainly helps!
Glad to hear of things shifting for folk and really happy to hear of recent losses!
Let's keep going!

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Hi everyone! Congrats to all of you who have lost weight!

Well, I made it thru Bible school and then got a cold, now DH has it---whew! Been getting back into my exercises. I feel so much better when I get some exercise in.

Sticking with yogurt and Snackwell cookies. I'm weighing in every 3-4 days now. Take care. Have a great weekend.

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Hello! About the time I said I was doing so well I was tired and cranky (dangerous combination for me!) and had a 1 evening carb binge. What is it with cereal anyway? Cereal, left over box mix julienned (sp?) potatos and pretzels - oh my. But the good news is I pulled it back together and am eating healthy again. Was pleased when I got on the scale this morning but mentally smacked myself along the head for that binge. Tommorow will be another test - hubby's nephew's 1st birthday party but the doc awaits on Monday so I will need to be very, very careful.
Saw on the Today show a lady who reminded me of me - she eats too few calories but has trouble losing. She was told by the nutritionist to eat 1200 healthy calories a day. She is slowly losing again.
When I am faced with the doctor lecture (again) I tend to hit a mild starvation diet and it works for a day or so but then stops as the ole metabolism shuts down. So I get "Eat, Eat!" running through my head and tell myself food is fuel and you need some fuel to burn fat and not store fat.
Enjoying everybody's posts!!!
Alice - 50 pounds! Woohoo!
Hang in there Mirren you lost a stick of greasy fatty butter - nothing bad about that. *BIG GRIN*
Yellowhair hope you are feeling better.
Wildchild, Dee - all Ok with you?
Teresa - great loss! I know what you mean about the no sugar puddings - bleech. I like the Jellos though.
Hi McPeg! Hope all is well after the storms.
Saw a list of the dirtiest foods (that can cause illness). Two of the top 10 are cantalope and peaches. Peaches for the spray that's on them and cantelope for the bacteria on the outside that get on the fruit you eat when you cut it with a knife. Same with watermelons. Uck! So wash your fruits and veggies and stay well. Kathy

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Hi all. Well down a half pound (2 cubes butter) this week. Slow but steady progress. One pound to go to hit 30. In spite of the scale moving in what seems to be a tiny increment at a time my clothes continue to get looser. So something is happening.

Kathy, I have always washed my melons with soap and water. Have gotten teased over my "germaphobia". I knew I was right. :) Did not know about the peaches and pesticides though. As to the rest I love the convenience of premade salad. Got to live life a bit dangerously now and then. I've always avoided the pre-cut fresh fruit though.

Congrats to all the losers and double congrats to those who didn't but are continuing day at a time, one meal at a time, and one bite at a time.

I don't like the fake puddings either. The jello is good in some flavors (lime and black cherry) though.

Alice, I think I asked before, but don't remember on which thread...what gym do you belong to?

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Well, I am having a week of weak moments....but then I also have my monthly visitor and feeling like chucking everything in to go home and build a house in the country...
not mad at anything - just BORED BORED BORED
worst thing when you don't want to keep eating!

So I have picked up my headless santa cross stitch (the one with 12 santas that I happily told the world last fall would be completed for LAST xmas)...what was I thinking??? Obviously never did one of these creatures before.


Tonight I am hoping to keep my fingers busy with stitching and not eating.

As for storms - gales last 2 days and country fair at the local fairground - adding an HOUR to my bus ride home. Tonight I am leaving early and taking the train - for a 20 minute ride rather than almost 2 hours in traffic that is not moving anywhere....

Hope everyone is having a fabby day! Will let you know when St Nick has some eyeballs! Hahahahahahahahahaha!


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I am on such a stall....yick! I'm not giving up and not going up on the scale, so all is well, I guess. LOL!!

Been busy with my DH; he got two of his four kidney stones blasted yesterday under general anesthesia. He needs a watchful eye for a day or two, so I'm working from home today. My company gives up laptops and sign-in phone numbers for corporate networks, so it's just like working at the office! I'm very fortunate, and I actually get more done here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Get out and take a walk, make yourself a healthy salad, eat a piece of juicy fruit (washed, of course!), and be good to your loved ones!

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Sounds like everybody is doing pretty good. Didn't have a very good WI this week. Down .4. Whew! Thought for sure I was up. Daughter borrowed my scale so couldn't keep track. I know you're not supposed to weigh yourself everyday, but it works for me. This week I had BBQ ribs, but counted 2 points for each rib. Then went off to the gym. Managed to keep at 22 pts. Hard struggle. Hope to do better this week, but not sleeping very good and when I'm tired I'm easily tempted to snack. Have a good week everybody.

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Okay I stepped on the scales today - too chicken last week - I am up 4 pounds but I know why. It has been a phase of just wanting to eat. So I did. Now I stepped on the scales, got things out of my system (I do not blame my monthly cycles). Sometimes I just want to eat. Some days I just want cookies and coffee. It reminded me of xmas - when I decided to begin this journey once again. I ate everything until I was sick of it. Then I resolved myself to get at it again. I think the past THREE weeks have been the same all over - the difference is - I am still here posting.
We are human. Some folk zoom through this and get to goal. I know myself too well. The past 3 weeks were the same point I got to last time and gave up, regained all my lost weight and gave up hope. This time I saw it as a period of letting go. I have learned now that this will be a life long journey and the best part of all is having all of my friends here to share life with. Thank you for your motivation, your down moments, your up moments. Thank you for continuing to remind me to stick with it, not give up on myself. Posting is purifying. Posting lets me be honest with myself. If I posted that my weight was the same - it would be false. If I posted that it was my monthly cycle then it would be me giving up and not believing that I am responsible for what I eat, how, when and why. I think being honest with myself keeps me going and all of you doing the same helps all of us remember we are embarking on a journey to better health, happiness. We just keep taking it one day at a time, one step. No matter what, I have resolved this year to get through these moments and keep coming back, not giving up. It will just take a little longer to reach goal but then again if it takes 6 months, a year, two years so what. It took TEN YEARS to pack it all on. It ain't coming off overnight!
So here I am. Hoping this week is better than last, hoping I get back at posting more often.
Many thanks to all of you for sharing and being here!
My buds, my pals!
Have a wonderful day - make it a good one.

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ok, I think I'm back! For those who don't remember me, I had what ended up to be extensive surgery in May. Was in the hospital for 10 days.....weighed myself when I came home and had lost 14 pounds! I'm thinking some of it had to be what they took out of my tummy!!!! Anyway, I started back to work June 14th and have been working half days...I plan to work 6 hours daily this week.....if DH will let me! Now that I'm back to eating somewhat normal, I've gained 1 pound. One of the things I'm doing now that I didn't before surgery, is keeping a bottle of soda in the fridge and just taking a glug every once in a while instead of drinking the whole thing. Also, I gotta have my water.....just seems I'm really really thirsty if I don't drink lots of water. I'm trying to get back on track and counting points so we'll see what this next week brings. Something else I'm able to do now, is to get back into quilting, and I'm excited about that!

Congratz to all of you weight losers and to those who are still hanging in there!


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Hope hubby is doing well DeeMarie. Ugh.
Are you facing the music (scales) yet? I do the same thing but usually step back on after a day or 2. Most of the time it is not pretty but I quit getting on scales for years way back when and that was a big as in a BIG ME mistake.

"Dex" get me tired and sleepy and I can out eat a trucker. Remember those sticks of butter -.4! Good for you.

Sharon!!!!! Welcome back. I sure do remember you! Hope you are your ole sweet self soon! *G*

Now where is MaryAnn? TREKaren? Anybody else?

McPeg - you are a good writer and I am glad you are staying here. Humans-R-us! We fall and we pick our (a little heavier) selves up and start back down again. It's not easy and not fun but it is nice to have others who are doing the same. Hang in there McPeg and there will be less of you tomorrow. Oh BTW they are looking for Quilting Bunny on the KT! They miss you!

I went to a one year olds birthday party yesterday. I had a hamburger and hot dog (no rolls), a small amount of baked beans, veggies and fruit. I ate the cake (tiny piece) ate the ice cream (tiny scoop). No chips! I think I was sucessful (in my mind) because what I wanted to eat (lots) and what I ate were a lot different. I refuse to beat myself up anymore. So yesterday was a maintenance day - today will be a losing day!

Anybody have a good eggplant recipe?? Better make that a lowfat recipe - thanks. I went to a produce stand and came home with bananas and eggplant. I am not wild about eggplant but it is something different for a veggie. How about zuccinni recipes? Squash? My mind says bleech but I know they are good for me......
Well better go. Hubby has been gone all weekend = no cooking for Kathy.


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Have been on vacation all week. We didn't go anywhere, just rested and took care of some misc. things that are hard to do during a work week. Part of my resting was not cooking (I hear ya, Kathy!), and taking a break from self-discipline in general. Which meant no calorie counting, and indulging in quite a bit of junk. It looks like I'm back up a pound--oh well. I think I'm ready to get back to better routines this coming week.


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