Diet Pals 14 - 20 June ... New muscles?

quiltingbunnyJune 14, 2004

Hi Ya!

Well, I have had a very, very busy weekend. DH is still on hols in Canada - I am still painting, working on the garden in his absence. Took a break on Sat afternoon right through until Sunday dinner - 'borrowed' our friends daughters (5&7 yrs old!) - we had a BLAST!

Blew up the large air mattress and set up a bed in the front room. The rule was where ever you fell asleep - that's where you would sleep for the night (the gals thought this was a great idea and there was no fighting over the air mattress that way!). It is sooooo light right now the 5 year old konked out at 10:30 pm - watching TV and laying down on the air mattress. It's amazing how considerate they can each be for each other - lovely really. The older princess suggested we turn off the TV so the younger princess could sleep - we went upstairs to finish watching ICE AGE (two movies going on in the house on two floors!). In the morning we had pancakes, strawberries, PASTA with tomato sauce, more strawberries, chocolate cereal stuff (they really eat like birds and had a bit of this, a bit of that)...then we went outside and constructed a huge tent house - a flower market in the garden, made flower soup, stew, dinner, lunch. Packed flower soup lunches to go to school. There were NO ADULTS ALLOWED in our house (I was 4 1/2). What a laugh. The most relaxing time I have had in ages. G*d Bless them. They truly were little princesses and very, very thoughtful, considerate and their parents have every right to be very proud of their little angels.

Sometimes we get so busy with life we need to be reminded how to chill out. I have gained about 3 pounds during the week - not for lack of exercise and moving around with house painting, gardening - just ate a lot with my pals and drank lots of drinks...I am not sure how much is fat/weight or water. Should know where I am at really by mid-week.

So that was my weekend and reason for being 'offline'.

Today it's back to the grind stone but I have scheduled tomorrow off - to finish painting my kitchen and I had 2 construction bags of crushed stone delivered on the weekend to dig up parts of the yard around teh garden shed to gravel and finish/re-gravel parts of the drive and along the fence. So, today I am faithfully point counting and trying hard to eat my fruits and proper meals. Really, really tired from my fresh air and work outs with the house and yard! But I feel GREAT!

Yellowhair - glad you got those toothpicks - have another batch in the post for some other Diet Pals too! They are weird and fun!

Glad to see DeeMarie and Alice popping round. It's a busy time of year for many of us and holidays too! No reason to give up on things if you have been thinking about it - more reasons to stick with it than not!

Today will be a great day, I promise, if you take the challenge full throttle and get moving, drink your water, watch your foods and be happy!

Let's make today count! We only have one shot at it!



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Hi there!
It sounds like you had a blast this weekend McPeg.
I went to a wedding and was elected to bring the plates of cheese and crackers back for our table. Well you know who ate most of those because the men moved on to talk to other men. Then there were these nice well dressed fellows passing those little fancy snacks around (I am not going to even try to write that word) and we all ate too many of those. So today is a veggie day. Yesterday was not bad either - concentrated on fruits and veggies so I would not go into total shock today. I am so glad not to have company today (hubby's aunt visited). Back to normal again!!
Have a great healthy day all - want some brocolli?

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Did a lot of clothes shopping over the past few days, and bought a couple of things in my new size. This morning I went through clothes like mad, even catching up on my "to be ironed" pile...from last summer. LOL! I've filled a good-sized bag for Goodwill with tops that are now TOO BIG. I just want this stuff out of the house--I don't want to give myself the chance to gain any of the weight back.

While doing the clothes shopping, I finally put two and two together. I've had some episodes lately of feeling kind of woozy, seeing stars when I stand up quickly, etc. I noticed while shopping, I felt thirsty first and when I couldn't get something to drink right away, the woozy feeling started. After having lunch (Subway), I started to feel better.

Have to remember to drink plenty of fluids. Plus I've upped my calories a bit. I've come across two calculations lately that both say I should be eating a bit more than I've been trying to. I'm thinking the days I feel the need to pig out are happening because I truly haven't been eating quite enough on my "good" days. I'm content to lose more slowly if I can just feel better and not have these extremes of "good" and "bad" days.

That's it for now.


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Erica, I think what you have described about not feeling well is very, very important. Listening to your body and doing what is right for you is always the best. Adjusting your goal and daily intake of food / water with help you stay on track. Nothing worse than being on a rollercoaster! Been there, done that and got no where fast!
I am more than happy if I lose a pound or less a week. Don't care if I stall for a few weeks - worry more about gaining (except for that one week a month of water retention).
This has not been the greatest food week for myself so far - have been doing HEAVY gardening and painting indoors. I am eating as my body tells me to. Have been hauling and shifting gravel and then painting indoors. Keep finding more and more parts of my body I forgot I owned the next morning! The exercise is wonderful though. Glad when my to list is 'to done'! Will be getting back on my stepping machine and listening to tunes.
I hope everyone has a fabulous day today! If I am not posting as much this week - I am scrambling around trying to get things done before DH gets back from his holiday. When I go on mine for my Mom's bday in Aug, DH will be continuing the painting indoors. As for the garden - it will be time to sit back and enjoy it.
Let's get moving today, drink our water and make the most of it! We only have one shot at it!

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Here is a snack I had yesterday - sugar free strawberry jello with fresh sliced strawberries and bananas. Very good!
Erica sounds like blood sugar or BP may have been low. Be might want to ask the doc.
I have been very good - lost a few pounds that I put on after going to a wedding. No self control at all - sigh.
Hubby is going to work at the trailer (in Chincoteague VA) so I won't have him to eat with this weekend so I will not be tempted.
Been hot hot hot here. McPeg will you come here when you are done and make some new flower beds for me? The heat makes me lazy. Kathy

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Looks like everyone is doing well over here. My scale has not gone done since my doctor's appointment on June 4, but I am not complaining. It has not gone UP either! Keeping within points and flexpoints, so I should be OK. Walked about 4 miles so far this week, and tomorrow I take a circuit class.

Lots of graduation and father's day events this weekend....need to take a hard look at what I put into this mouth!

Good luck to everyone!

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Hi Everyone - can't believe it but I have finished digging the garden, laid gravel along the outside of the fence along its edge (area was full of weedy grass 3 years ago - I took an AXE to get most of it out - it was embedded in clay/gravel/builder rubbish - been weed killing the area last year and finally felt I was beating the weeds/grass so I could haul the gravel to tidy up the area. Have also finished the second coat on the kitchen walls - still have a second coat needed on the plaster ceiling. Rushed to get this done before DH returns home Friday morning. The bottoms of my feet hurt. Tomorrow - back to work - also my grass is poking through the front lawn where I top dressed and put more grass seed. Rain tomorrow and for the next few days! Even got a few more plants in the garden, put up trellis and will vacuum tonight and then collapse in a nice, soaking bath. Meals have been very, very erratic and NOT ON PLAN - but I have more aching muscles this week from heavy yard/house work that it feels something everywhere, everytime I move. Looking forward to settling back into routine and just doing my stepping machine for exercise.

Kathy, will take you up on that offer of heat - what is heat to you?? I consider anything at 80 degrees and up.

Our friends are moving into a newly build house in Oct/Nov. I have been invited to help them with their garden. Will be splitting some of my plants and shifting them across. Also teaching their daughters a little about taking care of plants too.

Have also managed to get a couple of cook ahead meals in the pressure cooker and oven before sitting down to eat.

I think I am missing DH - not good at sitting still for any length of time - have to keep busy and doing things.

Take care everyone! Have to get a few things put away and get my bath running!


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Hi everyone, Got up feeling rather blah today. Hopefully once I leave the house my energy level will improve. Its been very warm here. I usually love hot weather but this is the thick,oppressing kind of heat. Very humid,the type that gives me a headache.

On a happier note I lost another 1/2 lb. this week. I am losing very slowly now, but at least I am going down and not up. I also try to visualize my weight loss in cubes of butter. A 1/2 lb. seems like a lot more when you visualize it as 2 cubes of butter off your body.

I have also tried to stay focused on how far I've come since January. Down 2 jean sizes, knees no longer hurt, can get out of bed and not have to ease into walking like a little old lady etc. I keep trying on the smaller clothing in my closet. Today I squeezed into my size 11JR Levis. Too binding to wear yet, but I did zip them while still standing.LOL

So let's continue to count the litle successes we attain and give ourselves a pat on the back just for being here and supporting each other.

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Hi everyone - I had my weekly weighin this morning and lost 2.4 lbs. I felt really good about that. Since my last weighin I had worked one 8 hr shift and four 12 hr shifts. The 12 hr shifts are a new second job for me. I have never worked 12 hour shifts before and have never worked nights or weekends before. I have been exhausted all week and have not written anything down or counted any points. Also, I did not get to Curves all week. But on the up side, at the second job we have a lunch room with two microwaves, two fridges, a toaster, a toaster oven. I brought my food with me most shifts and this can be really good for me. I eat two meals there so if I plan I can count points. Although I didn't count all week, I found I am making much better choices - water instead of pop (an occasional diet pepsi), fruit instead of chocolate bars and I now have my coffee sugar down to two level teaspoons from one-quarter cup. I work in a hospital as a registration clerk in the Orthopedic Clinic and now I have taken on a second department - Emergency. In both places I am classed as casual staff. In Orthopedics we are not allowed to wear uniforms in case the patients think we are nurses. (whatever) But in the Emergency Dept we are encouraged to wear uniforms. They give two uniforms to each employee. When I went for mine he only had one XL and I was too big for it. I really felt bad. So he offered me two lab coats instead. So the next day I went to our hospital gift shop where they also sell uniforms. I tried one on XL. It fit so I bought it. Different style I guess. But I am determined to fit into that other one. I hope by the end of the summer to go back and ask to try again. Congratulations to you all who are doing so well and going down in clothes sizes.

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Today I am officially down 10 lbs. from May 10! It has been hard the last three weeks as I was losing very slowly and really not cheating. This week I gave up the slice of homemade whole wheat toast for breakfast :( and have also limited my fruit to like - none? - and I came down another 2 lbs. I still have about 50 lbs. to go, but it's a start, right?

It is sooooo hot here - you do not want to walk outside for exercise. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler - yay!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! ~Teresa

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Congratulations on all the weight loss girls, looks like everyone is making progress, that is great!
McPeg, you must just be burning up the calories with all the painting, gardening, and housework! Good for you.

This week I actually started running on the tredmill at the gym, I was amazed that I was able to do that, I thought I would never run again lol. I have been doing about 20 min at a time.
Went clothes shopping after the gym this morning, bought 2 size 6 skirts yay! And to think just 4 mos ago I was a very tight size 16. I'm about 7 lbs away from my goal, but know I will want to drop another 5 after that, and lots of firming up. They are so helpful at the gym that I belong to, In addition to the 1 hour of cardio that I do everyday, I do weights three times a week, I think this week I will take a few classes to add some strength training, the fitness instructor thought that might help firm things up for me.
Keep up the good work ladies!

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Wow, Alice. That's 5 sizes. Great work. Had two really good weeks at WW, down about 5 lbs. but this last three days I've been nibbling on junk. Hope I can be strong the next three days before Wed. weigh-in. Gets tedious, but then I put on jeans that I couldn't get in a month ago, and it feels good. So why do I nibble? Good going at the gym, Alice.

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Alice, What gym do you belong to?

Nice to see some more posters again.

Dexx, I weigh in on Wednesdays also. It seems to keep me more honest for the week. A loss inspires me to stay on program for the weekend and if I eat a bit more over the weekend I have a couple of days to make up for it.

McPeg, Thank you. I got the toothpicks in yesterdays mail. DH asked, "what's that?" and I said, "Toothpicks from Scotland, made in Nebraska, because I hang out with a bunch of losers". ;>)

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I like Wed. for weigh-in. Usually treat myself on Wed. after weigh-in. Know you're not supposed to, but it's the only way I can keep to it. Sometimes Sat. is not very good, but then have three days to stay on program. So far it's working. Down 11 lbs. in 8 weeks. Good luck everybody!

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Received my toothpicks! :)

Found a booklet near the milk at my market, with a free 30-day pass to Bally's fitness centers. (Girl with purple tank top on cover.) It doesn't expire til December, so my plan is to save it for when we go back to Standard Time in the fall, and I won't be outside as much.

Speaking of being outside, the weather has improved and I finally got our (wintersowed) tomatoes planted. It's been either really hot or rainy the past couple of weeks, and one week I didn't even manage one walk. Feels good to be out digging again. Also scrubbed the concrete front porch floor this weekend. Can't quite keep up with McPeg's pace, but it does feel good to get some things like this done. And burn some calories while I'm at it.

Let's not mention what my scale said this week. I bought 3 bagels which never made it into the freezer, and "used up" a package of brownie mix which I should have just thrown out. I *did* throw out half the finished batch as they were much too tempting. Another thing to buy one-at-a-time.


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