pee wee help!!!! philips magnavox 34pt5793-79r

quinny1397July 2, 2009




Was watching TV then there is perfect audio but the picture reduces towards the centre of screen finishing in perfect audio with only a white dot in the centre of the screen. After turning the TV off, and waiting then turning back on...the screen does not turn on anymore and the power/standbye LED just flashes twice in a 1 second cycle when mains connected...

Please help me with this!!! I have the back cover off, and cannot easily identify any CRT board failures?

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Pee Wee hasn't been on this forum in about 2 years.

BTW, who sent you here?

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Looking for anyone that can help, I can see pee wee hasn't been on. And I didn't realise this was a private forum...

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I'm not sure what a private forum is. Anyone can join and ask questions and supply answers.

We just get a lot of people with broken Philips and Magnavox TVs on here looking for help. Way, way, more than any other brands. I was curious if someone from another forum sent you this way.

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The magic of google sent me here (among hundreds of other sites)looking to find answers with my TV. It lasted 5 years before it failed...probably not bad, however a big expensice
TV like it I expected to last longer.

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I would suggest calling a repair shop.


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