Samsung 32' LCD-picture turning dark and red.

jjaazzyJuly 14, 2011

Please excuse the double post if your seeing this 2x I posted last night but now I don't see it and can't find it.

Anyway, we have had this TV since 06 or 07 it hardly gets used maybe 200 hours tops. It sits in a MBR and it had an ok picture on it, not earth shattering. Now the picture is turning dark and faces are turning red. You can adjust it but after the TV heats up after 20 - 30 min it starts turning again. Is it cost effective to fix these TV's now. Can it be done by a DIY'er. My DH is very handy and if he had a clue as to what to replace I think we could figure it out. My guess is that these things are now throw away. This particular TV was over 1000. when purchased and then year before last we purchased a no-name for my son for under 300.00. Anyone have any thoughts, suggestions? TIA

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You did not mention what the source is that you are viewing. Is the television connected directly to an antenna or cable coax, or are you using a STB (set top box), DVD player or other source?

If you are using one of the other sources, a bad cable connection could create similar intermittent problems. Sometimes removing and re-seating the cable can clean off oxidation on the connector pins. Also, cables sometimes themselves do fail.

Please provide a little more detail on your situation.

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Thanks Yose, Well comcast is who is suppling the feed but about 6 months ago they provided a little digital converter for TV's that didn't have a digital box. I did check that the cables were in and tightened but you bring up a good point. I will disconnect it from it's source and try and hook up a computer to it and see what happens. Thanks I will try it this weekend and see if it changes things.

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