Anyone else have a theme bathroom?

CinderellaSeptember 14, 2003

I guess what I mean is do you change your bathroom with the seasons? I do this in my guest bathroom.

I had (for spring and summer) little rub on dragonflies, bee's, butterflies etc scattered on my bathroom walls. When Fall came along I covered those with leaves that I printed out on the computer and put them up to create the illusion of leaves fluttering down.

In the winter the leaves come down and irridescent snowflakes go up and stay up from before Christmas until the end of Jan. I have Polar bears that take over (and Polar Bear towels) when the Christmas decorations get put away but it is still winter. Most of the more expensive things like towels have been purchased at end of season sales.

I also change the hand towels to match the season and the shower liner to an appropriate color. Maroon for or dk orange in the fall, dk green for Christmas, dk pink for Valentine's day, dk green again St. Patricks day, a pastel color for Easter etc. and then back to the summer type colors.

I love to do this because it gives such a change that is not expensive and yet it is pretty.

I have changed to Paper Illusions wall paper this past summer so I don't have the bugs,leaves,snowflakes on the walls but still change everything else in there to match each season including any wall pictures and the light switch covers. DGK's love this!

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UH...I see that I have posted this in the wrong place but I don't know how to move it.

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You can copy and paste the text into a new message for the bathroom or decorating forum (assuming that's what you were aiming for).

I can't imagine having enough time to do something this elaborate! But it must be fun.

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