High speed internet access and satellite TV

phytomaniacJuly 3, 2005

I'm moving to the country and will be giving up cable internet access. I'm thinking about getting satellite internet along with satellite TV. What are my options? Do I buy the equipment or lease from a provider? I want HD TV and some type of DVR and want to hook up to 3 or 4 TV's. Anyone else "been there, done that"? Thanks

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Look in the paper for deals from Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. Nowadays you purchase the equiptment but usually there is a hefty rebate with them. DirecTV is what we have and our family room TV has the DVR player built into the receiver. You can purchase more than one DVR receiver, just make sure you tell the guys at the store exactly how you would like to set this up (DVRs in all rooms, you want to watch different channels in different rooms, etc) so they can give you the right equiptment.

Most include installation. You just need to make sure you have a clear southwest exposure for the dish to point to.

As far as the internet goes, you just need to make sure it is available in your area.

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I have Dish Network, installed recently, and there was no charge for installation or for hookup of up to 4 TVs. A DVR costs $150 or so and $5 a month extra.

Before buying equipment from anyone else, such as an electronics store or a third-party installer, I'd suggest calling the satellite company (Dish Network or DirecTV) directly and seeing what they'll offer you. It's a lot like a cell phone: They give liberal incentives to buy your business.

Internet in places where there is no cable modem or DSL available can be a problem. I am in that situation and just use dial-up. Satellite internet from what I've seen is very expensive, and you still need a phone line anyhow, as the satellite only brings data into your computer. What you send out still goes over a phone line.

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While, I do not have satellite internet, I do know that the current version does not require a phone line for outgoing data anymore. I have chosen not to subscribe to satelite internet due to cost. I think it cost $3-400 in installation costs plus $60 per month for service that is slower than most cable or DSL internet, plus you have to deal with the same rain fade issues that you do with satellite TV. I'm holding out for WiMax wireless internet as I think that will be the best us rural surfers can hope for.

You could ask your questions at DBS Forums. There are a lot of knowledgeable folks there.

Here is a link that might be useful: DBS Forums

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Another thing to consider is a wireless internet provider (WISP). After suffering with dial up for years waiting on cable or DSL to reach me, a WISP finally started service in my area. Although I've only had my wireless service for a few days, so far I am very impressed. I appear to get faster service than the LAN at my employer. WISPs use a radio signal to send the data to a small antenna at your house. The WISP will provide a modem and from there is very similar to cable or DSL. WISPs are generally cheaper and more reliable than satellite internet (no rain fade)and can be much faster.

For TV, satellite might be your only option, but both DirecTV and DishNetwork offer competitive plans that should work as long as you have an unobstructed view to the satellite. There are usually plenty of good first time subscriber offers available from both companies in which you can get receivers for up to 4 rooms for free or with one DVR for around $50.

The link below has a lot of good info on WISPs and a link to a list of WISPs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wireless ISP Users Chat

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I have Direcway Satellite Internet service. No phone line is required with the new modems. It cost me $700.00 for the equipment and setup two years ago.It may be less now. The monthly bill is about $79.00. It is not as fast as cable or DSL (not available where we live)but is a lot faster than dial up. It is expensive but to me it is worth the expense to be able to live in the country. The Satellite TV is about the same as cable or maybe a little less and now both DIRECTV and Dish have free or almost free hook ups.

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