help choosing a solar hot water heater - Velux or AET???

raroFebruary 28, 2011

The AET is uglier and cheaper and uses a tank. The Velux is spiffier with the pipes hidden, looks more like a skylight. It is pressurized and therefore does not require a tank. I worry about a more complex system (Velux) and its durability. More thinks to go wrong, potentially. Have there been any comparisons? Any experience on the forum to share? I searched the forum but found nothing significant in the archives.

Thanks! The contractor said we had to get this settled in the next few days. Yikes!!

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So, what did you go with?

I'm not sure I get your comparison- they both will have piping around the tank (circulator pump, valves, etc) and some leading to the collector.

I saw the Velux being put in on Ask This Old House recently. As far as skylights go, they're great. I'd be tempted to go with them for the solar hot water just based on long/good track record in the industry. And deep pockets if something goes wrong.

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