My digital converter remote is crazy

catherinetJuly 21, 2009

Everything with my digital converter box/remote, TV, DVD, and VCR had been working fine (other than it being a pain in the arse).

Yesterday, the dig. converter remote wouldn't turn on the TV. I figured out that I had to reprogram it to talk to the TV. Well, shortly after that, it quit working again. I can turn on my TV with my VCR remote, and then change the channels with the converter remote, but I can't turn the TV off and on with it.

So I tried to reprogram it again to talk to the TV, and instead of turning on the TV, it turns on the VCR!!!

What the heck? Is it possessed?

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Make sure you don't have a button stuck in.

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Okay. But I think it needs an exorcism. :)
Seriously though, when it does it again, I'll check out the buttons more closely.
I just can't stand this new digital changeover. It keeps me so busy with remotes that I probably use up a fair number of calories a day, just reaching for different remotes, turning the volume up or down for each different channel, looking for all the remotes, throwing the remotes, etc., etc.

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P.S. jdbillp,
I just remembered that I've tried the other digital converter remotes that I have for other TVs, and the same thing happened on this specific TV/VCR setup. Its like it chooses to communicate with the VCR, but not the TV.

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The benefits of progress...

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