Diet Pals 7 - 14 June *** Fresh Step Week***

quiltingbunnyJune 7, 2004

Good Day All!

Okay, for those of you who posted last week - go to my member page and send me an email - it's time for me to get posting!

First of all, I would like to take a moment to pass on my most sincere condolences from my heart for the loss of Ronald Regan. I liked Ronald and his wife, Nancy. He had nerves of steel and a heart of gold. G*d Bless.

I think I have seem to have had a whole month of excuses for not doing the greatest on my this week I am taking a fresh step. Looking at my eating habits, walking, moving...small things that add to a whole. Now, I am not one to cry over spilt milk - and I don't fret over yesterday's mistakes...but...time to pull up my socks, take check, re-assess to re-affirm my commitment to myself. Join me. If you are new and just starting - join us!

Yep, got my stepping machine ready, have more things to do around the house after work and need to get moving some more. Did lots of outside work on the weekend but time to stretch, move, get the ol' ticker tocking and deep breathing in action.

Join me! Get those walking shoes on and get out there!

Let's shake it!

Have a fabby day!


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Pulling up my socks, too. I'm very upset with myself, but I WILL get back on track. I think one of my problems --hehe--it that I don't really have a regular schedule. So, I'm going to get busy and make one.

My walking is going to probably be in town at a local park or one of the churches that has an indoor track.

Tonight, I had salad, fish, and some corn. Very little bread. A snackwell cookie.

Take care, all. Hang in there!

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Hi everyone, I certainly could use a fresh step along with the rest of you. Seems that when I'm working on one area of what I know needs to be done I slip in another.

When I eat right and exercise I forget to track my water. If I drink plenty of water I slack in the exercise arena and so on.

We all just need to stay accountable to ourselves. We CAN do this. So I am pulling my socks up right along with you.

Yellowhair, I don't remember what plan you are using to lose weight but unless there is a medical reason you might try regular cookies instead of Snackwells. Find a regular cookie you like that is as low calorie as the Snackwell. It may not apply to you, but when I eat the low-fat treats the extra sugar in them tends to make me snack more. The fat in regular products seems to stave off hunger better for me.

Just make sure the snack or cookies you have around are not your very favorite. I choose things I like but not the ones that drive me out of control. I can eat an oatmeal or chocolate chip cookie for example but I dare not buy a box of vanilla wafers...the whole box would be eaten by me before I got home.

Let's keep on posting and encouraging even without cinnamon toothpicks this week. We are all on the same journey so lets walk the walk as well as talk the talk together.

Here's to a flabbyless week for us all.

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Okay - still waiting for your emailed postal details - those toothpicks are ready to go! LOL
I am hugely relieved today - I did not weigh-in yesterday - too chicken after 3 events with beer last weekend - I actually LOST 2 POUNDS of the weight I gained a couple of weeks back - right back down to 140. I am not large framed, I am 5 ft 3 in - so 140 does not look bad at all but I have rolls of fat on my butt, thighs, tummy - another 5-10 lbs to be in a 'healthy' weight range but as many of you know my progress is at a snails pace.

I don't mind at all.

This is a lifestyle change. I deserve this. I deserve to look forward to my old age - I don't want to have extra weight dragging me down when I get there so I am taking care of myself NOW. I am enjoying life, enjoying my meals a whole lot more. My tastes are changing for the better.

What's the rush? There isn't one. I enjoy your company - love to check in and see how you are doing - say hello! We are putting a fresh step in our stride this week and winning all the way by taking better care of ourselves. How many of us have spent how many years looking after others? Feeding, clothing, cleaning and worried about health? It's time to put ourselves up at the top of the list.

I am enjoying my fruit and tasty yogurt. Bought some lovely fresh rolls for lunch, tasty pasta for dinner, sliced cooked turkey and pastrami (I am a LAZY meat eater...and it has been lacking since DH has gone on hols...). I do have to watch my proteins - I don't eat enough and get run down - so I am taking a short cut with fresh deli meats - basic - nothing fancy.

It is sooooo bright in Scotland this week I was in the garden weeding last night at 10:30 pm. At midnight I caved and took half a sedative to put myself to sleep. Although I am not sleeping well in this light - I feel soooo much better. I survived the week past, weekend and feel encouraged to dust off those cobwebs and get moving!

Yellowhair - I agree with irregular schedules - they wreak havoc and do present a challenge. All I can suggest is try to do some meal planning for yourself ahead of time - so you don't forget and don't have to rush about as much when you are moving.

Wildchild - I agree with those snack low fat cookies - they always seem too sweet to me. I'd rather have one good satisfying cookie instead. I keep trying the news ones out but still prefer my favourites. I relish them. I also don't buy any of them and would rather buy 1 at a time from the baker - because they are a WEAK SPOT of mine. Along with a cold beer - don't keep that in the house either!

C'mon gals, let's get shaking it today!


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McPeg - Hmmm. The beer diet. Come to think of it, the best weight I've been as an adult was back in college--when I sometimes just had beer and cottage cheese for lunch. Maybe that's the secret. LOL!

About cookies and such. Yup, knowing what's safe to keep in the house seems to be a big leap for me. I can have Pringles in the house because they're good, but not great. Same for most cookies. But real potato chips, candy, Cheez-It's, cheese curls, corn chips-forget it. Yesterday I bought one mini York peppermint patty (50 cals) at a convenience store, and I was happy. But if I'd had a whole bag at home--trouble.

Thanks to whoever posted about Applebee's and the Weight Watchers items. DMom and I are trying them for lunch today--saw the shrimp dish on their website and it looks good.


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I'm here! Just very busy this week at the office. Will check in later this week.

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In the sixties I had a little book of "quick" weight loss diets. One was called the "wine and cheese" diet. Yes, nothing but wine and cheese for 2 days. You were supposed to do it over the weekend. The lady I babysat for and I started it (her children were with their Dad for the weekend). Don't recall finishing it LOL. I certainly did not need to diet at the time but like most teens I thought I did.

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DeeMarie - you are one busy girl! Been reading your other thread (and enjoying it immensely). I find the more I participate on this forum and do my online stuff - the better I am at sticking with it!
I hope others feel free to poke around and say hello to our diet pals on other threads too!
The more the merrier!

Well, still fighting insomnia with the light lasting all hours - tonight I am still painting the kitchen at home and have just ordered gravel for some areas in the yard/garden to finish it (hate walking on muddy grass in the rainy season). So I have lots to do before my DH returns home.

Work is a yawn today - nothing exciting and some folk have nothing better to do but 'nit pick' the smallest of details - - -

get a life!

Obviously, I am not one for small detail unless it has to do with quilting or gardening!LOL

Have a wonderful day,


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Hello all, Well, Wednesday is my "official" write-it-down weigh in day. I am down 1.5 lbs. from 2 weeks ago. Last weeks flutuations were so bad I had no idea what I really weighed so ther is a big ? on my calendar.

The good news is I went out and got a new pair of jeans in a size 10. Yes, they are stretch, but the same ones I was wearing a size 14 in, and having to hold my breath, to zip back in February. They're actually looser in the leg than I like but I have a closet full of 501's awaiting me.

McPeg, Good for you for losing those extra pounds. It is so difficult for us shorter ones sometimes. I am 2" less than you and "hide" my weight well. Makes it extra difficult to lose those rolls when everyone is telling us we look fine. Of course they'd run away screaming if they saw me nekkid. LOL

Erica, hope you enjoyed your lunch at Applebees. What did you have? Give us a review please.

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This morning was my weekly weigh-in. Ugh I gained .8 lbs. I am not whining. I know why. I did not get to Curves all week. I did not journal and I did not measure - just took a guess. Also I did not eat my breakfast. I can use this Fresh Step Week too. This week I am going to try harder each day.

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I've been sticking very close to points this week, but I just can't seem to get my water in at the office. I know that's what helps me lose, but I need a nudge to get that water in.......right after I finish this post, I'm gonna get up and have a cup of herbal tea..I'll bring back a cup of plain water with me to start the process.

Got in 2 very good exercise classes in this week, and later this evening I have another circuit class. The Monday stint on the treadmill burned off 320 calories! That should help with the weight loss. The fitness trainer is helping with me with problem areas like my butt and my waist (which I would love to see again). I always had the nicest hour-glass figure. I was always big but my waist always made me look put together. With menopause, I got this round belly and I'm working on making it disappear!

Going out to dinner this evening, but have saved 19 points for this. Should give me plenty of room to have a glass of wine if I order fish and salad! Might still have a few points left over for a bite or two of DH's dessert!

Hope everyone is stepping up with us!

FRESH STEP WEEK--------------YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi everyone,
sorry I haven't been around lately, the weather has been so nice that I haven't been on the computer much. Also I have been painting the inside of most of my house. Talk about exercise lol.
I have also been going to the gym 5 days a week.
It looks like everyone is doing well, keep up the good work.
I have found a new love for fresh fruit this summer. In fact we went to the farmer's market here in our town this evening and loaded up on fresh fruit and vegies. I was worried that I have been eating too many fruits and adding too many calories to my diet, but it hasn't seemed to affect it at all. In fact I am now down 47 pounds, I only have 8 pounds to go before I reach my goal, but I know once I am there I will want to lose another 5. I can definately see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have still been eating healthfully, have not "cheated" once. I have discovered vegie burgers, and think I am now addicted to them lol. It is nice to actually crave healthy food for once. Hope you guys all have a great day.

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Alice, GREAT NEWS on your weight loss! I also found (and LOVE) veggie burgers. Never bothered with them when I was on low-carb, but they work very well into Weight Watchers. I really don't like the taste of hamburgers, but I like the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and the bun....veggie burgers are just the thing for a low-point meal!!!

Make this a wonderful weekend!!!

Do something nice for yourself.

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Re: Applebee's
We enjoyed our lunches very much. I got the shrimp skewers that somebody here had mentioned. I didn't realize you got 2 skewers of 5 large shrimp each. More shrimp at one time than I've ever eaten, I think. We also tried both WW desserts, and liked them. The lemon cheesecake is more like a cheesecake flavored mousse, very fluffy. But good. I'd go again, but for dinner. (There is no special smaller portion for lunches.)

Alice and DeeMarie--any recommendations on the veggie burgers? I'm willing to try them, but there are so many to choose from. Gardenburger or Boca? Which flavor? TIA


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Thanks DeeMarie!
Erica, I like Gardenburger original, so far it is the only one that I have eaten. I figured since I like it so much, why try others lol.

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Erica, the BOCA originals are only 1 point. I love them, so you might give them a try. They are $3.99 for 4 of them at A&P....sometimes there is a $1.00 coupon container near the frozen food section where I shop.

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Great going Alice. You must feel wonderful.

Erica, I'm glad you enjoyed the lunch. I had the shrimp skewers when I was there. Amazing that a meal so tasty could be only 260 calories. I will try the cheesecake "mousse" sometime. I just have a hard time eating dessert after a meal. I prefer to eat it a couple of hours later.

Tonight is my "girl's night out". We will end up at IHOP probably. I thought it would be a challenge to eat there. Found the one we go to quite accommedating though. Very willing to substitute within reason.

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Received those C toothpicks today!! Yayyy! Thanks so much---didn't realize it had to go thru customs and all!

I've been really busy with Bible School---it officially starts tomorrow night---the planning and decorating---whew! I love it, though. Hope we have a good crowd.

Weightwise, I've gained a little, but trying to get back in control. I did find our new park that has a walking trail. I need to get back into walking!

Take care, everybody, and have a great weekend! Thanks again, McPeg!

PS What's happened to Kathy???? Kathyyyyyyyy

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Hi! I just got back from a walk with DH (2 activity points!).

It's already 9pm and I still have about 6 points to eat (not counting activity points...which I dont "eat"). I'm not hungry at all, so I think I'll just eat below points today.

For dinner I had 2 lite english muffins (1 point each) with a Boca burger on each, topped with grilled onions and ketchup; had a salad, and green beans. The entire meal was only 8 points! I am stuffed!

Hope everyone is out enjoying the weekend!

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