House for flushing (swelling) cheeks, any reasons for this?

pueb32September 23, 2013

Every time I walk into my house, my cheeks feel flushing and than swelling. Any reason for this, although I can't smell anything.

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It is probably an allergic reaction to something in the house. Have you just moved into the house or been there for a long time.

Check out any new purchases you have made lately, especially furniture. Check for mold in bathrooms, look for leaks, etc. in case it is reaction to mold. Do you have new carpet? Have you changed any chemicals you use in the home for cleaning, etc?

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Krissie gives good places to start...

also - is there any visible redness or swelling, tenderness or dryness? how long does the feeling last?

how long has this been going on?

is there more than a 10 degree difference between indoors and out?

do you use heat or AC? have the filters been changed recently?

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Could be rosacea. It is like having extremely sensitive skin that can flush (turn red), get hot, have mild swelling and sometimes acne-like breakouts. Can be triggered by temp changes, hot or spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, etc.

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My goodness sakes, I know there isn't universal health care in the USA, but it always amazes me how many medical related questions are asked on a homeowners forum. I have even read many a diagnosis over the internet by laypersons, oh my.

Since most of us here missed 7 years or more of medical school you may want to ask a doctor.

You might have skin that enough to get you to someone that can diagnose you in person.

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Good thing I'm not a layperson. I practice dermatology full time. However I did not diagnose this person, just intimated what it could be and listed common symptoms.

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This post is in the correct place since the question was asking about the "house" that might be causing the flushing and swelling of cheeks.

There are many things in our houses that can cause medical problems.

I have rosacea and walking from the cool outside air into a warm house my face will flush.

Health insurance has nothing to do with the question. The new USA health care in dispute now does not only address medical concerns, it has many agendas unrelated to health, taking away citizens rights and paving the way to dictatorship all rolled into one law. I state this only to help others understand what they have regarding healthcare is not the same as what the USA will have.

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