Philips Magnavox 32' Smart Series TV Problem

gelmoreJuly 28, 2005

I have a 32" Smart Series TV(Model# TS3258C101 - 32D700 7570). The other day I was watching tv I got up and went to the other room and came back. The TV was off and the room smelled like burnt plastic or rubber. The tv would not come back on so I unplugged it and took the back off to see if I could see anything burnt. The only thing is (on the back right hand side of the circut board) what I think is a capacitor. Its small, round, and light blue. When I plug the tv in and turn it on, all I get is a faint tick. Every 5th or 6th tick that capacitor flashes and burns a little more of the blue wrapping off. I can't tell what the specifications on the thing are because most of writing is burned off. Other than that, I see nothing at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a great tv and I really don't want to see it go in the trash. I REALLY don't want to buy another tv.

Thanks in advance

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Yes, that is a disc capacitor. You need to get the c #, that is printed on the circuit board and I will get you a value.


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Thanks for helping me out!!!
I've been reading how you helped so many people.
I don't see a "c #" on the board but there are two #'s next to the capacitor. "2633 and 2634"
I don't know if those are the right #'s, but they are the only ones, I believe, for that spot on the board.
If it helps, on the capacitor is writen "HR R" "82IK" "2KV" and the last line is partially burnt but ends with "___80"

Do you think that, by replacing the capacitor alone, the tv will work? I mean, is there something that made this thing burn up that will have to be replaced also?

Thanks again for the help!!!!!!!!!!!

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At times, the line voltage goes up a little, which raises the high voltage and the capacitor voltage being minimal blows. I usually replace these 2kv caps with a 3kv(gives a little more protection).

Replacing the capacitor should get the set going again.

The value of the capacitor is 820pf @ 2kv.

You should remove the old solder from the leads with some "solder-wick", and about a 25 or 30 watt iron(not a gun, as this will burn up the circuit trace). Solder-wick is a copper braid, coated with dry flux. When held against a soldered lead, then heated with a HOT iron, it will absorb the solder and leave the part free to be removed.

After heating up the solder-wick, it will be soaked with old solder, just clip it off and use a fresh piece, untill you have the part free. REMOVE THE HOT IRON FROM THE PART AND THE SOLDER WICK, AS SOON AS THE SOLDER MELTS. If left on the circuit trace too long, it will cause the trace to lift from the circuit board, thereby creating another problem.

You may be able to find a replacement capacitor at one of your local tv shops. They should sell you one for a couple of dollars. Just make sure that it has either 820 or 821,(which are both the same)@ at least 2kv(k stands for 1,000, v stands for volts)or higher. 821 means 82 with 1-0, which 820 is. The value is measured in pico farad, usually listed as pf on a diagram, but not shown on the part that way, it's just understood.

They may even have one that has been scrapped from an old set, which will be ok, even if it looks a little rough. As long as it's not cracked or broken. The physical size is not that important. If they have an old one, it will be larger and maybe even better.

If you can't find one locally, let me know.

Good luck,


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Hey Pee Wee!!!

Just wanted to let you know that I read your post on Saturday. I spent the next 2 days trying to find that capasitor. All the local electronic stores, even the hard core stores, sell up to 1kv. Couldn't find a TV shop willing to part with one without installing and charging a small fortune. Finally found a company on the web and ordered some extra caps. Just in case this happens again. You said you usually change the 2kv for a 3kv so I will try that.

I'll let you know when I get the cap. installed. Hopefully it will be good news.

Thanks again

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Hey Pee Wee!!!

Sorry I didn't post back sooner but I had some pressing issues to deal with.

I replaced that capasitor with a 3kv like you suggested. The tv is working like a charm!!! I can't thank you enough!
I'm just glad I didn't throw it away because of something so small and easy to fix. Most people, like me, don't know about electronics. You can get a pretty good 32" tv for about $300-$400. You are probably going to spend $150-$200 or more taking it to a repair shop. Most people would rather go buy a new tv not knowing it might only take a few dollars and a few minutes to fix it.

Thanks again for your help. You are a God send to electronically illiterate.

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Pee Wee,

I want to thank you for leading this discussion group and providing so much useful information. We got back from vacation a couple of weeks ago and our Philips Magnavox
Model TP3281 C101
Chassis 32D700-7570
was dead. No lights, no clicking or any other response. There was a faint smell of burning electronics. I opened up the TV but couldn't see anything obvious. I then searched the web for a schematic or other information. Almost immediately, I found some of the threads on this site regarding 27" TV's. After going back to the top and looking at all the threads, I checked this one out and it sounded so similar that I had to go look for the capacitor. From the top you couldn't tell that it had anything wrong with it but there was a brown spot on the bottom near one of the legs and it would smoke a little right after the set was plugged in. I also had problems finding a 3k replacement but found it at Digikey. I had to buy 10 but they were only $0.45 each. Of course, there was also a handling fee and shipping but when I replaced the cap, the set worked great.
Again, thanks for your help, you saved me a bundle.
By the way, if I bought a schematic from the link on this site, would it be complete enough to use? I CAN read a schematic.

Best regards, John

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I have a model TP3281 C101. I have had ir for al least 6 years. I constantly get a high pitched ringing from the speakers. Also, whenever I turn the TV on, it goes to ch. 13, not 3 as it should to work with the cable box. Please help.

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Hello Happy Holidays Everyone! I have what I believe to be the same model number in this thread. Some of the numbers on the back sticker are not readable. Phillips Magnavox Smart Series TS325?? C101 Chassis #32D700-7570. My symptoms are the same as well: A faint steady clicking when plugged in. I am unable to locate this capacitor that you guys are talking about. Can you PLEASE HELP?????

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This thread was a godsend. I have the 36" smart series and expereinced the same symptoms. I was able to locate the capacitor by opening up the back of the tv and briefly plugging it in. I saw a few sparks coming from the cap in question. I ordered replacements from digikey, dusted off my soldering kit, and replaced the blown cap. The tv now works like a charm. Thanks Pee Wee.

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Pee Wee:

I've got a 19" Magnavox (Chassis #19X605-00AA) that has floating horizontal lines on cold start but the TV fixes itself and works perfect after a couple minutes. In contrast to the other situations on this forum, my TV does not turn off by itself.

Can you point me to the likely culprit of this?

Thanks in advance!

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I am having the same problems as the original post, TP3281-c101. I have found the bad capacitor/resistor which was labeled on the board as "3610". I can not find any information as to what I need to replace it. Can someone help? Thanks. Ray

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I have a 32inch TP3284 C101-Chassis 32G700 7585. I have the same problem as other threads, but am a tech newbie. My tv click/beeps/chirps--whatever you'd like to call it. But it won't turn on. I'd like to see if the capacitor is the issue, but have no idea where to look. Can anyone tell me how to go about this? I have the case separated, but am not sure which circuit board to look at. Please have patience. Thanks.

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I found this board because of my Magnavox 32" MS3252 TV. It finally died. For several months we would get the horizontal picture issue I have read about on this board. Turning the set on and off would eventually bring the picture up and it would stay on. Once the tube was warmed up everything would be fine. Good picture, sound etc.
Over the last few weeks I noticed the onscreen displays, volume, menu, CC would come on automatically. Sometimes it would stop or it would shutoff the tv or change the video source. Very frustrating.

Anyway it finally gave out yesterday when the wife turned it on. Don't know if she heard anything like a pop. But now nothing works to turn it on, remote or switch. I do hear a faint chirping sound from inside the machine. I opened it up last night and, being a newbie, didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or is the TV toast??


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I have the same tv with the same problem. Have you gotten anywhere with yours?

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Bullwinkle, I have not even messed with it in a month. I bought a new TV and it still sits in the bedroom. I think I may cut my losses and move on. See if anyone want's it and haul it off locally..

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I have a 32inch TP3284 C101-Chassis 32G700 7585, but my problem is different. My television comes on just fine. It has three minor (I think) issues. 1. The picture will go off. I mean the screen goes black, but the sound is still on and you can see the picture tube is still powered up. It is like it lost the video signal. Turn the set off and right back on and all is good. This may work for a long time or repeat frequently. No real pattern to it. 2. I have discoloration in two spots where this television set too close to my surround speakers for about 5 years. I can not seem to get rid of them. They get better as the set plays for a while, but when you turn on for the first time in the day, they are back just as strong as ever. 3. Lastly the picture is tilted. How do I correct all of these problems? Thanks in advance.

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I need the part # of the ceramic capacitor located by loc.
2463 Thanks for any help.

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I just wanted to report the I was able to successfully fix my 32" Smart Series TV (Model# TS3258C101 - 32D700 7570) with the burnt disk capacitor problem. I got the part from DigiKey online and replaced the fried cap. The TV works great! Thanks to all who contributed to this thread. It saved us from upgrading the TV to the HD type. It would also been necessary for us to upgrade our DirecTv box. A replacement TV would have been very expensive. I was VERY glad to fix the TV since it was an extra TV for the bedroom.


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I tried to send a message don't know if it went through, but, I am having a problem w/ my tv Model #27TS54 C101 Chasis 27B800-7562. Every time I hit the power button on the tv, I see the green indicator light pop up and at the same time I hear the click to come on and then immediately it goes back off. Do you know what might be the problem. Please HELP!!!

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Magnavox TV, model RH4340 WA01 & chassis 20B1-02

I know this is for 32" models but I'm wondering if the same problem applies to my TV.

TV developed a spontaneous turn off/back on problem a few years ago. While it was off it could not be turned on with either the power button or remote control. It was annoying but tolerable. Now it does not turn on at all. Some info that may be useful: when the TV came back on the volume was all the way down. Any ideas?
Thanks a lot.

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I have the same tv Model TP3281 C101
Chassis 32D700-7570 can i get the digikey part # for the capacitor.

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I replaced the disk capacitor with a 820pf 3v like suggested. The tv now comes on and has a picture but the picture is black and white. The channel# has color (yellow) but the picture does not. Any suggestions?

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Hello, I own a philips magnavox 32 smart plus tv model TP3281-C101 Chassis 32D700-7570. I don't have the manual and some channels are blocked and I would like to reset...I bought the tv @ a yard sale. Good Tv but can't unblock some channels.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Nothing to add here...just looking to see if it was a spammer that revived a 5+ year old thread. That is often the case.

Carry on.

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I have a 42 Magnavox lcd that just went out on me. Its making that chirping noise just about every 1-2 seconds. I went in the back of the tv to try to hear where the noise is coming and I guess its the power supply cause its by the power cord

Can someone give me some info on what needs to be replaced? Would it be the disc capacitor like the op's problem?

Thanks in advance

PS Does Pee_wee have a email addy?

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I got A Philips Magnavox Smart plus series TV. It wont turn on .When I trun it on the green light come on and it sound like it want to.Then it sound like it turn off and the green light flash off and on.Can I fix It?

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