cheap lcd vs. expensive lcd

steve_oJuly 28, 2007

Asked this as part of another thread and got no answers, probably because it was buried in that other thread...

So for those of you who know the market better: It used to be you'd buy the fastest, biggest computer you could because upgrading was expensive and limited by the older technology and, so, you wanted to make sure the computer was usable as long as possible.

I don't watch a lot of TV or movies, but, when I do, I want it to look right. I'm still watching my circa-1988 Trinitron and, for what it is, I'm still happy with it. But I know eventually this TV will die or I'll want to buy a (digital) HDTV. Because of where the TV has to fit, it won't be a big one.

Does it make sense to spend $700-800 on a first-class 26" TV and use it for years and years? Or will I find whatever I buy technically-obsolete in just a few years and that I'll have spent money I didn't have to?

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If you buy a TV/Monitor with 1080p support you will be safe for at least as long as the unit is supposed to last. So to answer your question, yes, it makes sense to spend the money.

By the way, I disagree with your computer analogy. You were and ARE always better off buying a computer that could be upgraded. Actually, you're best off building one from scratch.

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Thanks. I guess I've been burned with too many computers which became somewhat obsolete quickly: VESA video standards that disappeared in just a couple of years, "fun" getting new versions of Windows to recognize "legacy" hardware. I don't want to build my own computer any more than I want to harvest my own wheat or forge my own garden tools. I appreciate the info on the TVs, though.

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all LCD panels are made by fewer than 5 global suppliers. i have an olevia 32" 720p. for HD, it is great, it has HDMI input and ATSC tuners. my problem is that it is VERY slow for remote commands. changing inputs is a chore and the delay bothers my wife. i got my dad a viewsonic 37". it has 3 HDMI inputs, but viewsonic doesnt work with most universal remotes like his cable box remote and i had to get him a learning model. if you want future compatibility and overall ease of use, i recommend a name brand or something that you have tried out in the store. i saved $500 by going web order and have to make some compromises. 1080p is nice, but for a 26" tv, you will probably need to be closer that 4 or 5 feet to see the difference. make sure you get 720p minimum and atsc tuner.
this should be under $1000 anyway.

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