lazy but have a decent, i think, easy- diy - aa to d - adapter

gardurnitJuly 20, 2009

Adapters from AA cells to D cells for 'free' - See if it's worth a read. Thanks


Idea for fun home diy project. You try it and tell us how my idea works. LOL j/k

Well I'm not going to do it myself after all. Again j/k. I only haven't tried it yet.

I get prescription bottles which are about the size in diameter as 'D' Cell batteries.

The apparent diameter unmeasured is about 0.05mm smaller in diameter than a D cell.

The length is longer. The plastic in my bottle is recycling number 5, PP, Polypropylene.

The brand name is Kerr.

It's very resilient and hard to damage intentionally. It's as strong as many of the battery

adapter plastics I've seen at Big Lots.

The base, bottom, looks good for popping through the positive button of a battery. I might be

wrong and here's why. There's an indent which might interfere.

The idea, of this idea, is to adapt a common battery for an uncommon battery. In this case an AA battery

would take the place of a D Cell. This is a good thing especially if you use rechargeable AA batteries

in your D Cell application. D cells are pricy and output only 4x to 5x more power than a NiMH 2200 mah

AA cell. If your D Cell is a cheap or even normal , not expensive, NiMH rechargeable you're likely to

get faked out. The mfg's put , I suppose, an AA cell into a D Cell casing and call it a D cell with 2200mah

of capacity. While those cost about $6 each or $12 for two you're likely to pay up to $30 for a 'real'

D Cell NiMH of 11,000 mah, or greater, capacity. One question is however why waste your money?

Unless you're running a Delta Force Operation and can't risk swapping out a weak AA cell inside a D Cell

adapter, that you bought or made here, why not save the $28 / D cell difference (assuming $2.00 for a

2200mah AA cell?

The only key I can see to making this work is to fit the length of the new D adapter to a real D Cell. Beyond

that it's about making a hole for the button , positive end, and making sure it , the button, touches what

you want it to contact. And now we have a problem. I'm not sure it's that simple. The recessed area

in my bottles might preclude the button being able to touch anything. That's too bad.

You might have to think about the solution. Head hurt? Fever? It's just a plastic tube. Cut it. Melt it.

When you're done make 100 more and give them for presents along with 4 AA batteries. You're a hero.

I got the bottles from Sam's Club pharmacy when I reached over the counter and grabbed as m.. (note the precluding

text is an outright lie) uch stuff as I could pack into my truck and tore outta there with my receipt and the checker

still flapping behind my tailgate.

I've searched the net a little bit. I have not seen any plans for this idea. It's a soundly wasted idea since I'm not

actually making them. Perhaps you'll pull my butt out of the embarrassing place it's at and do one or two and

show us 'How It's Done' (trademark sign) I'll love you in a manly sort of guy way. My dog would too.

Here's some loose ideas in addition to the loose one above.

I liked the idea because the button looked like it would really enjoy going through a hole in the plastic bottom. But

when it was too short I got disinterested. Since it's plastic I think a hot spring could be wound into the area

where the button is supposed to push through. The spring would be long enough to make the entire assembly

the length of a D Cell when the base of the AA cell was showing out the cut off side of your , and my, bottle.

A spring could come from a retractable pen that I took from Sam's club pharmacy where the checker is still flapping...

Now the problem is to secure the AA cell within the center of the bottle. If you make lots of these you can 'afford' to

put them in the charger as is. If you make 4 then you'll be removing the AA cell to charge it while you swap in another

hot AA cell. Now it becomes important to make the centering also a strong mechanical design or you'll be like me

and stop making them. Plastic is hard to work with at it's 'plastic' temperature. The range is so narrow you can't

really work well with it unless you have experience. Don't bother if you don't already know this.

Instead how about trying a piece of PVC pipe or adapter things for $0.05 to see if they will fit and press fit into place?

If one adapter can't be made in 3.36 minutes it's a sucky project.

Done but listening. I'll be back someday soon.

A. is for Absent

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Good luck.

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