help - strange smell in bedroom!

heather74September 6, 2002

We moved into our new condo only 2 weeks ago and have noticed that there is a strange odor in the master bedroom. It smells like vitamins, or medicine, and we smell it primarily in the early morning. We have smelt it vaguely only once in the evening. It is limited to the bedroom only, and does not seem to smell in the walk in closet. The smell is somewhat stronger near the window/ a/c wall unit, but eminates throughout the entire room. It last for about 30 minutes, but then dissapates.

At first we thought it might be coming from a bush outside the window, but when we smell it inside, we go outside and we do not smell anything. The unit above ours has a bathroom directly above our bedroom, and the owners have indicated that they just had it redone.

Before moving in, we replaced the carpet and carpet padding, as well as priming the walls with 2 coats of stain killing primer followed by 2 coats of paint. We are on poured concrete, but we sealed the concrete with masonry concrete sealer. We have replaced all of the electrical sockets as well as removed the electric baseboard heater. We have not yet put in the new baseboard, and we have also cut a hole in the ceiling for a ceiling fan, but haven't put it up yet.

I am baffled because we smell all the outlets, the windows, the a/c unit but cannot determine where the smell is coming from or what it is! PLEASE HELP! What is this smell and where might it be coming from? How do we get rid of it?

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A strange smell that comes during the night and disappears in a half an hour in the one of you sleeping with your mouth open?? I'm laughing my head off as I type this, but it's the first thing that popped into my head when I thought about your question. Let's face it, morning breath is not pleasant for anybody that I know. And the air and the smell have to go somewhere before you get up to brush. Don't hate me, I really am trying to help!

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to "ohforpetesake"

I cannot believe the insensitivity in your message. I thought this forum was for ADULTS who were knowledgeable, who wanted to help others but apparently you have landed in the wrong forum.

By the way, the smell in the room is not my breath. Didn't your mother ever teach you if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? Obviously, you must have been raised in a barn by idiots.

And the next time you decide to make an assumption, think twice because you just made an ASS out of YOURSELF!

Thanks for RUINING my experience in this forum, I hope you are proud of yourself and keep on laugh laugh laughing, you JERKOFF!

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WhAtEvEr!!! I was NOT being insensitive. It happens. My boss at a job I held was notorious for napping in his office. We used to joke aobut how you could tell because when you went in, you could smell whatever he ate for lunch wafting in the air. For one, I am not a male, so J-offIdon'tthinkso. Secondly, an inexplicable smell that creeps up during sleeping hours COULD be exhalation lingering in the air. I apologize if you don't like my suggestion. My next suggestion is that you get a grip on those out of control hormones. With a temper like YOURS, you must have been raised in a ring of Pro wrestler wannabes.

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Whatever, I'll be the ADULT in this and ask you to please STOP responding to my inquiry as you have absolutely no valid information which would answer my question.

I would rather receive information from someone who is interested in the problem, detection and solution; not from someone who immaturely accuses me or my husband of having halitosis.

So please be on your way and stay out of my inquiry!

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lindac posted at a public forum. Sometimes when you do that, you may get an answer you are not happy with.
If the odor is like medicine or vitamins, it COULD very well be you or your husband. Ever smell a baby's breath an hour after they have had their vitamin drops squirted in their mouth?
Linda C

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the smell is after we have both brushed and I highly doubt it is from bad breath

we think we have located the root of the problem; but we are still investigating...

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In an attempt to be helpful--EVERYONE CHILL! Seriously, life is too short. (look at a calendar--think in terms of a year ago plus two days.) NOW as to the smell issue--is there a new rug/carpet in the room? A new comforter? Certain dyes/fibers--both synthetic and natural--can smell REALLY weird. Silk, in particular, if not treated properly before dying and weaving, can have a medicinal odor--THAT NEVER GOES AWAY. My sister had a wool carpet that she finally returned because of an odd smell. One only noticed it when one went into the room after the room had been closed up for a few hours.

Hope you figure this out! (And post what it was!)


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the only thing new in the room is the carpet, but wouldn't the smell linger and not go away?

I got out of my truck today and as I was getting stuff out of the back seat, I noticed the same odor coming from the wheel well that we've been smelling in the bedroom.

This morning, I did not switch on the ceiling fixture and didn't smell the I asked my husband if something could be burning in the ceiling or with the wires as we haven't put up the ceiling fan yet.

As it turns out, the electrician who ran the wires for the ceiling fan left a 189 watt bulb in the fixture....just dangling from the ceiling since we didn't have the fan yet. My husband says this wattage is what they use for outdoor lighting, like street lights etc.

So we are pretty sure that since this is WAY too high of a wattage for indoor use, the bulb is heating up/almost melting the rubber coating on the wires and causing the odor...which I really hope is the problem since that is an EASY fix...

but we're still investigating...

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Well---the electrical thing sounds promising--good luck. As to "wouldn't the smell linger and not go away?"---sometimes smells DO linger and DON'T go away--one just becomes used to them, and one's brain ceases to notice. Think about it--don't you have at least ONE friend with a litterbox odor problem? Which he/she seems blissfully unaware of? ALSO--my sister's rug's odor was only obvious after the room's door had been shut for a number of hours--as it might be at night when one had one's door shut to keep out kitties/small children/or other pouncing annoyances. (Sorry--we have one cat who is a wonderful bed companion and one which thinks running up and down my sleeping torso is a game...)Let us know if the lightbul dealt with it! Melanie

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we found the culprit!
we got home last night and no we turned on the ceiling fixture and sure enough within 10 -15 mins the smell was back!
my husband touched the connections and they were burning up! so we now know that the rubber connector is heating up and giving off the odor. we're not sure if it is the bulb (we first thought it was 189 watts but turns out it is only 89 watts) or if it's the actual wires...

needless to say, we are not going to use that light until we speak to the electrician...and at least I know I'm not going crazy...or have bad breath...

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While you are replacing the ceiling fixture why not call around see if someone can help you locate a decent sense of humor. You really went off on ohforpetesake - without good cause. Your response was really over the top.


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Lucky you didn't have a fire. Have you considered the newer fluorescent bulbs, which are cool and bright, and conventionally shaped?

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Whatever, Denise...

Thanks for the response.

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I'd have to agree with Denise....a sense of humor was in order here.

I actually thought the same thing as petesake. Ever take a vitamin B complex to combat the mosquitos? After a while the smell comes out through your pores!!! I considered this as a possible problem.

Glad you found the culprit.


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Heather, when you've been on the forums for a little while longer, you will learn to "walk away" for a little while to cool down.... if you are not pleased with the responses you get. Most forums operate on respect of others here, so unless someone openly bashes you, all opinions are read and dismissed if needed...

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I didn't see the big deal, frankly. It was honestly an idea I had to offer. I mean- read the post.... medicine or vitamins noticed only in the early morning? I have woke up tasting like a leaking battery before. Morning breath is not some concept I came up with on my own. If you are looking for a complex or technical reason for an odor, you'll ask an expert. I meant no harm or insult, and was a little cyber-hurt by Heather's response. I tried to be tactful but for some reason even the suggestion of the faint possibility of bad breath is taboo. I am relieved that I got some support here, I was beginning to think I must be cruel and heartless and too blind to see it. Ok that's all- I'm never bringing it up again! You can't make me!

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ohforpetesake, don't worry about it, even if your post was tongue-in-cheek, it actually would have been funny, LOL !

My girlfriend had a purse that smelled like a skunk and you should have seen the look of people when she would walk by,
the store eventually gave her another one. I bought a purse recently that smelled like my dog had puked, but the smell went away after a few weeks.... both those purses were expensive ones BTW......

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Toungue in cheek would have been a VERY bad idea in this case! MAYBE YOUR BREATH STINKS, har har har! I pride myself on a decent sense of humor but you just can't win them all. Speaking of smelly handbags, my DH had a backpack that he saved from his camping days. The thing smelled like S%#&. I hope he doesn't ask me where it is- I "accidentally" threw it away!

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When I was a child it rained one Easter and my 9 cousins and I decided to hide Easter eggs in the house (Note to any adults who authorize this: Count the eggs first!) My grandmother's bedroom and closet began to stink about a month later. They cleaned everything and took everything out of the closet but couldn't locate the odor. About 6 months later she opens a shoe box and finds a very obnoxious Easter egg! And if this will help lighten up the bad-breath atmosphere I will confess that when I wear a certain pair of leather sandals, by the end of the day my feet smell like the zoo! Michelle

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I'll side with Pete on this one , so his response was not perfect- so what !!, the man was trying to help and this is the important thing..
He is due an apology.
BTW On these smell problems, I would seek second and third opinion(noses)..

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I'm reminded of our last house. We moved in in Jan, 1991. The kitchen was a concoction of:gray indoor/outdoor carpet, coppertone appliances, lilac painted walls, and cabinets painted a salmon/orange. From the single bulb in the ceiling hung it's on/off string, at the bottom of which hung a toy, stuffed doll witch. (Dubbed the "switch witch"!) Man that kitchen stunk big time, like dead animal stick. WHEN THE LIGHT WAS ON!
(OK, we got a good deal on the place, and planned to remodel from the get-go)

Turns out the light heated up the insulation up and in the ceiling above it. Very pungent, BAD smell. By the time the remodel was done, no more smell. Something about certain light switches, insulation, and witches!

Glad you got to the root of the problem! Now we can all relax, smile, and hope some squirrel doesn't get into the rafters! (They smell like old dirty socks, BTW!)

DH was appalled when I suggested that he put his socks in the laundry! He swore they were clean, but when I would go into his office (a bedroom with the computer in it), he'd be clacking away, and I'd smell the socks. Well, his sense of smell isn't up there with mine! Swore nothing wrong! Finally he got a whiff, near the A/C vent. Went up to the attic, and there you have it, old, dead, squirrel! (Took him 2 weeks to believe me!) OLD, DEAD, ROTTING SQUIRREL!

Oh well, everybody have a laugh, and be thankful for the sense of smell we have isn't as good as Man's best friend's!

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Adrian!! I'm a GIRL! Oh 4 PETE sake....LOL I used to have really stinky feet as a child. My sister and I shared a room and she just went on and on to my mom about how my shoes stank so bad she could barely stand it. And it WAS a godawful smell. So Mom gets the craps of it and says my shoes are going in the trash. She takes a bag and goes up there and lo and behold there was a dead mouse in one of my shoes! I will continue to believe that it chose my shoe as a place to die and NOT that he died from the smell !

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what is a DH?

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DH usually means "Dear Husband"...although once in awhile it could mean "dumb husband"...but more often than not, the "D" means "dear".

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thanks for the info! I wasn't sure and kept seeing the initials...

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