Bluray player and sex ads?

javaandjazzJuly 6, 2014

I was watching a bluray rented from Netflix a few nights ago. About half way through the movie a sex ad popped on and it was very graphic. I think the bluray stopped and somehow the player connected to my wi-fi. I had to restart the movie. The bluray player is a sony and it's about 3 weeks old. I called both Netflix and sony and they claim to not have heard of this problem. Can any of you give me some insite into this? Also I went back to the spot on the disc where I think it happened and I could not repeat it.Thanks, Richie

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I have certainly never heard of this. It does not seem like it should be on the disk, especially if it can't be repeated. So that leaves any Internet connection you might have. Does this go through a PC at all? If so, do you run any antivirus software? It's good to have more than one. I run Avast free version all the time, and periodically do a scan with Malwarebytes (also free) to catch adware and stuff that Avast misses. None of them seem to get it all by themselves.

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Run your antivirus programs as well as malware remover ... I use Avira antivirus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

You will also want to run a spyware remover ...

Spybot Search and Destroy will help to kill the spyware ...

Ad-aware is also a good choice for cutting down on the random ads you see online.

All of these programs are FREE to download and use for personal use.

My guess for what happened is pretty simple ... You were watching a movie and some spyware started up and popped the add up on your screen, causing you to stop the movie to deal with the problem.

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I am not running the Netflix through the pc. The disc was in the player. I have antivirus software and run it periodically and have not found any problems. I played a disc last night and there were no problems. It was weird!

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